One of the biggest developments in handbag trends over the past few seasons has been the return of the reasonably sized handbag, called the “lady-scale” bag by some, in reference to the refined women who once carries purses of a similar size. Marc Jacobs was a major producer of giant, shoulder-aching handbags back when they were having their moment in the sun, but now that the entire spectrum of possible sizes is available retail, he’s downsized a bit with the Marc Jacobs Baroque Ingrid and the slightly more petite Marc Jacobs Baroque Faye. The big question, of course, is do you like them?

Although these bags are probably best suited for someone with a more traditional or professional personal style than yours truly, they’ve grown on me immensely over the course of the past couple of days. Marc Jacobs tends to do texture variation very well, but he so often does it in bags that are too esoteric to appeal to the average consumer who needs a bag to at least mostly sane, so the fact that these bags could potentially work in many wardrobes is something of a boon to the design as a whole. They may not be everyday workhorses, but they’re probably fun enough to bring out on the regular when the sun is shining anyway.

Buy the Marc Jacobs Baroque Ingrid through Barneys for $1350.
Buy the Marc Jacobs Baroque Faye through Barneys for $1195.

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  • Donna C.

    I don’t like the gold clasp with the coloring on the larger bag but I think it blends nicely with the coloring on the smaller. As for the size and shape I love them both!

  • michelle

    if you remove all the details, it would look better as a small clutch rather than a bag.

  • couturecoco

    Maybe better irl, but here they look rather cheap.

  • XXAL

    the pattern looks very tacky.. looks like colored hot glue haha

    • terracotta

      I’d like to see the glue gun you’re referring to, as I’d use it all the time….the fabric is unusual and beautiful. People like you will like it in two years once they’ve seen ten more like it.

  • babi_vanilla

    they remind me of poptarts

  • Bagolicious

    Not hot!

  • 19yearslater

    Hot. I don’t have enough to wear with such a ladylike bag but I love them.

  • Vitta

    Too expensive and tacky.

  • Ellen

    Hot, except for the clasp which looks gaudy.

  • Levina

    Not my cup of tea. They remind me of my grandma’s purse.

  • belle

    I’m kind of in love with them. At times the ‘lady-like’ look feels a bit old to me (or at least, when I tried to work it), but these bags have a hint of whimsy to them, like some great find you’d dig out of a great op-shop or your crazy great, great aunt’s closet.

  • Jo

    Not crazy about it..MJ design team is not stable..sometime they have great design..sometimes they have something like this.

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Not a fan!!!

  • babe

    what a mess

  • Brandy

    So I had to take a second look at them, but nope still ugly. They remind me of a bag that my mom would pick up at the thrift store thinking it was a Chanel. Especially the darker coloured one. It looks like it’s been through 50 different closets as people pick it up after buying it and think what was I thinking. Just my opinion.

  • Candace

    NOT. The one on the left looks like someone melted licorice into a lattice pattern. The one on the right has pretty colours but somehow still manages to look dowdy and tacky. In general, I’m not a fan of MJ’s bags…I haven’t yet found a bag of his that I love.

  • nicole

    want these bags at much lower price. check

  • MizzJ

    I think these are actually pretty cool bags! It would be a fun challenge to style these bags in a way that is more modern and edgy, rather than just opt to style it with a traditional look.

  • edoardo

    The beige one is very cool ,nice, chic and so “bon chic bon genre” that is amazing!

  • Jess!

    I really enjoy the size and the shape, but the strap looks uncomfortable. I also don’t like the gold clasp. I don’t think I would buy this purse.

  • Marianna

    While I think these particular bags need to be seen IRL in order to get a true read on their texture, I’m not loving the look.

  • PurseAdict

    I do like the bags but I am not sure of the size I think the bigger the better ;-)

  • Heav

    Marc Jacobs is losing its appeal to me since more and more of its bags are looking like some serious Chanel knockoffs.

  • Mochababe73

    Went on the site because I was curious about the material. Not a fan of raffia. Especially at this price point.
    I love the shape and size of the Ingrid and would love to have one. However, in a quilted leather, I am sure that the price would astronomical if this is what is being charged for raffia.

  • Autumn

    It makes me want a waffle cone!

  • Sarah

    I love the shape, the pattern, and the size, but would be much happier if the bags were produced in leather or a sturdy fabric. I’ve had raffia – the reason they’re so associated with summer is because most of them never last more than a few months with regular use!

    Especially with the materials, the price is way too high for me.

  • Stylista

    The Faye is much nicer. I like the detailing, and I think it’s unique! I like it.

  • DJ

    I agree with the grandma’s purse comment. I wouldn’t even buy them if they were $5 at the thrift shop.

  • LDJ

    Nooooooo!!!!! Everything is wrong. Please go back to the drawing board. LOL

  • Lynda

    I think they are refined and I love the beige. (ipad)

  • ashtein11


  • Lianne

    Bleh. The rafia looks cheap, and the gold clasp looks like it’s covered in foil.

  • lilobubbletea

    i love them! But one thing is they remind me of one of Gucci’s print’s classic/vintage prints.

  • Jelita78

    isn’t this like the CHANEL ones?
    or is marc jacob designing for chanel?

  • AW

    I agree – a very traditional take by MJ which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but not quite my style. Still the beige one is marginally better than the dowdy pruple.