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  • I quite admire the brand’s carefully considered approach to their products, design, and expansion, so I really hope this restock is a smoother, better experience for their customers. It’s unfortunate that they have lost customers over the issues they encounter trying to purchase from MG’s site.

  • shopper

    I’m boycotting. Such snob attitude for cheap boring bags. No thanks. These generic bags are NOT worth fighting for.

    • anamilajon
    • Sparkletastic

      + 1. I won’t “fight” for any bag. Too many options to be held hostage by any bag’s whims. It’s a privilege to sell to me and other potential loyal customers. Not a privilege to twist into a pretzel to buy your bag.

    • dela

      Every company’s goal is to find a business model that works and leads to maximum long-term profit and growth. This one works for Mansur Gavriel. If they are friendly, personable with great customer service, I wouldn’t call them snobs.

    • DMS

      When you work in a conservative business, one has to fly under the radar. Otherwise every Tom, Dick, and Harrietta, gets jeleous and your clients think your charging them too much and your boss and co works think your making too much money. So you carry your cheap bag and let’s us handbag lovers buy quality.

  • Smithy

    Hey Mom, I got a modeling gig. I’ve got flowers hiding my face, but I swear that’s really me.

    The anonymous modeling of the bags represents the lemming like following very well. Sorry, just don’t see the point of fighting for a bag that has become as mass appeal as trying to get the latest beanie baby.

    • Sparkletastic


    • whatever

      Good point. Probably not models but employees. Maybe they are too cheap to hire real models!

    • Stina Sias

      But… but… new! Shiny!

  • Confused

    I have no opinion one way or another about MG bags — they’re not on my radar — but I don’t get these photos. They’re for Autumn 2015, right? So why are we seeing spring and summer flowers (daffodils! roses!), lightweight clothes and pastels? Are they targeting customers Down Under, for whom Fall 2015 is really spring?

  • NET-A-PORTER has some available right now if anyone is interested!

  • Luisa

    Please help me! I want to buy a Mansur bag. I save money every year to buy a good bag
    for my birthday. I already bought a couple of LV, one Prada Saffiano
    leather tote and one Fendi petit 2 jours. I don’t use the Prada too
    much because it turns out to be an heavy bag and although it has a
    shoulder strap it doesn’t look that good when I wear it on my shoulder. The one I wear the most is my
    Fendi. I use the shoulder strap every day because I have to carry all my books
    to college and if I want to go out at night I take out the strap and it becomes
    the cutest chic bag ever. I told you my mini collection of bags and now
    I need help to decide if I should buy a Mansur Gavriel or
    not.. It’s a bad thing not to be able to touch and try the bag before buy
    it.. And I’m 1,67 cm (5,7) so i don’t know if the shoulder strap is too
    big for me.. And as i wear the bags every day to college I don’t know if
    the leather will become ugly with time. On the other hand it has a good
    price compared to Prada and Fendi. It’s a beautiful bag too. Please help me!
    What do you think I should do? (and i’m sorry for my bad English)

  • Lisa

    For a simple, classic bag that will last forever (more expensive than MG but they have sales around Christmas and in the spring) I’d go with Mulberry.

    • priscilla.hu


  • dela

    I like their tote and bucket styles, but everything else is meh. IMO Sophie Hulme and Clare V. are better options within this price point.

  • Aoedele

    Bucket bags are my least favorite, and I see what the big deal is w/ MG’s. The only bag I like is #8.

  • Irene

    Amen! Thank you for saying it!

  • Mei

    I feel like their lady bag takes a lot of inspiration from the Her bag.

  • Nicole

    I love the last bag but it looks very similar to the Givanchy Pure bag that I just purchased. It also looks similar to the LV Volta bag. I have a MG tote and honestly I get the minimalist thing but not by any means my favorite bag.

  • Nicole

    Lady bag*

  • Lisa

    These designs are heavily reminiscent of Gucci in my view.

    Gucci’s bamboo bucket bag is the ultimate bucket, incredibly light and well made!
    So if you miss out with MG, try Gucci!

  • Jen

    I’m so over this brand. After multiple attempts to give them my business (which at every turn has been unsuccessful due to being unavailable) I finally gave up. I’ve moved on and now I feel they’ve become so over-saturated that they’ve lost their appeal. It just became a big turn off.