Shoppers, start your engines. We broke this news on National Handbag Day, and now it’s time to open Mansur Gavriel’s website in a browser tab at work and set an alarm for 10:55; the restock will be live at 11 a.m. EST!

The restock is for the Fall 2015 collection and will include all of the bags that have been listed on the site in the past few weeks. Our advice for those hoping to score a bag is to decide exactly what you want (including size and color) well in advance, have your credit card ready try to dodge your boss until 11:15. You’ll want to be heading to checkout as close to the 11 a.m. launch as possible.

When the sale launches, let us know what you scored! If you miss out this time around, check back here soon for a full survey of which Mansur Gavriel bags our favorite retailers have in stock and on pre-order for fall and holiday.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Kali

    Great tips! After trying and failing during 3 consecutive restocks, I finally figured out some tricks to successfully purchase a bag. I wrote a blog post about what worked for me. Hopefully those looking to try and score a bag today will find it helpful:

  • laura

    I think my order just went thru. I finally got the mini bucket I wanted, I can’t believe it.

  • TexasST

    I was online at 11:01 and missed out on the Peony Lady bag again, so sad!!

    • laura

      I don’t think anybody could get that one. I tried and couldn’t get it either :( but I got the mini bucket, which also was on my wish list.

  • mschubbs

    missed out on the large tote in marina, but got the bucket in flama, i should have gotten the tote first!!

  • pinkngreenpurse

    It’s a shame that they refuse to re-stock the smaller ladybag in the Brandy/Brick combination. It is never available. I asked CS about this during the last re-stock and they indeed did not restock it and it just displays as sold out even if you are on the site at 11AM on the dot.

  • Monica Jamali

    just got the mini in brandy cleo – 3 restocks later! yay!

  • Irene

    I got on at 11 sharp. Black lady bag added to cart. Success! Proceeded to check out and it was removed from my cart “due to inventory issues.” I give up.

  • Megan

    I got my mini buckets in black/flamma and camello/rosa! Today’s a great day! :D

  • Lisa

    I love this bags!! It is so sexy and cute like this

  • Olivia J.

    I got nothing………. :(

  • Sandy

    Hmmmm, I just do not get it????

  • erin

    Got the black flamma bucket bag at 11 and my confirmation at 11:02. Thank you so much purseblog for the info on the time! i am so thankful and so happy i finally got my hands on this bag!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Thanks for the heads up! I purchased the mini mini bucket black/flamma in August and the mini mini cabello/orange today. It is so curious how they market this line or rather how they really do not do much to market this line. I like the low key, Goyard like, following.

    I’ve only run into one person that recognized my bag in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have Barney’s but I’ve not seen one reach the store. Are they a lot more common on the streets of NYC?

    • K_Elizabeth

      Funny you should mention Scottsdale! I was getting my hair done at a salon near Fashion Square and another girl in the waiting area and I had matching black/flamma buckets!

      • Scottsdale Kim

        Kindred spirits. Id love to know more people in my area that have a shared love of handbags.

  • swirl123

    First time trying my luck at the relaunch today and went to the website by 10:55am, refreshed until they launched and got the Lady Bag in Navy checked out by 11:05am! By then, I tried to get other bags and I was surprised to still see the Bucket Bag in Black/Flamma still available at check out!! Couldn’t afford a second one though but it doesn’t seem as crazy as some people say if they use the right method of snatching it!

  • Smithy

    If I have to post something that says, “I got it” or “Ugh I missed it.” Then I don’t want the bag.

  • Sara

    The only bucket bag which has successfully seduced me is the LV Petit Noe. In fact it seduced me and my credit card twice! I never thought another bucket bag could have the same power. Until now: Damn you Mansur Gavriel! Your bucket bags are gorgeous.

  • Eva

    Seems what makes the bucket bag appealing is the contrast lining. When I see the same color lining, the bag can look pretty generic…on the photos at least. Have not actually seen one live. Does anyone have the moss or blu? I was interested in those but looks a bit plain without the contrast color inside.