louis vuitton damier geant

When it comes to man bags I very partial to Louis Vuitton. This preference may be blamed on the LV Dersou being my very first high-end bag ever, but I think it’s also due to the simple fact that Vuitton manages to create such wonderful, irresistible pieces. While being in the market for a new addition to the slowly growing collection, I have been eyeballing the Louis Vuitton Loup (bottom picture) and the Belier (top), both from the Damier Geant line. While the Loup could function as a smaller daily messenger, the Belier would do really well with my Nikon D70S I got mid-last year (even though it is lacking inside compartments for lenses and other accessories). Both range around $750-900 in price and while I have a crush on both, I could use your opinion on which one to get. By the way, I am mildly confused why LV lists these two bags in the women’s bag section, they have masculine written all over them.

Regardless, both Vuittons can be bought through eLuxury’s exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

Leave me a comment or respond to my thread on the forum. Merci! :cool:

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  • Elizabeth

    Not a bad bag…

  • 3degree

    :mrgreen: love it. maybe gonna get one myself. Personal . I’d go for the damier geant yack bag

  • st

    What a waste of money.

  • alex

    I’m feeling them both fer sure, however I thnk the loup is most practical for everyday use. And yes, I do thnk it is strnge that the bags are posted in the womens section, but tht is because they are supposed to be unisex bags.

  • Nirodha

    I just grabbed a Damier Geant Messager in Terre. I love this line of LV bags. I’m usually not a huge fan of LV because of their outrageous prices – which I can afford, but, generally, refuse to pay. However, there’s something about these Damier Geant bags that I couldn’t resist.

  • k.d

    i have 2 say id go wiv teh bottom one -its larger sumhow and i dont no why more atractive and i just like it more than the above which looks rather square boxy and not my type.but. at teh ne dof the day its your opinion and your payin for it sooo just chhose …cyall soon bye

  • Naggy

    I think the SO would be fine with this. (ipad)

  • baid

    i have bought 2 for my husband from eonyes.com this site,but i find their color is queer?