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  • no ma’am

  • pixiegirlie

    I’m kind of disappointed by this, maybe I’ll like the wavy items better.

  • Kevinkim2010

    ………………. dots, all the way down to the bag, 
    can i just get some rich leather? 

    wtf LV? higher me, I could do better, and im in the medical field, (people who actually use LV)
    what we need is the north south lockit it customizable leather, 

    • What?!

      seriously? “Higher me”? and your’re a doctor? 

      • Nhi-tran

        LOL “higher me” … lets hope you’re not my doctor. 

    • Ravmorena

      “higher” you? why? are you lower?

  • OMG…SHOCK !!!!! WTH is LV thinking… the clothing look so LOW end.. Especially the combination of the polka dot blouse which have LV monogram as base it look so low end.. Speechless…

  • Lvj2011

    Well, I kinda expected this result. Everyone knows Kusama’s Dot and it is represent very much her personal life journey. But please LV, thought you could use her dot in quite different way and more innovative style. As for me, this collaboration piece doesn’t speak much and just same as thing Kusama done with other Japanese companies for years!!! I personally think Salvatore Ferragamo x Yayoi Kusama collection is the best so far. Wish MJ done this project more innovative ways with Kusama.
    But hey no matter what we think LV will sell those items as hot cakes!!!

  • You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!

  • FashionableLena

    So I read somewhere that Louis Vuitton wanted to be like Hermes.  Not happening with this collection.
    Not impressed.

  • Confused Viewer

    I love the shoes….. but uh….

  • 414

    I honestly like it. Though the styling of the set leaves little to be desired, being so incredibly loud and typical that it looks quite bland, each individual piece is a magnificently creative turn for Louis Vuitton. It shows how the brand is quick to adapt and occasionally diverts from it’s beloved and well renowned elegance and plunge into a world of absolute aesthetic freedom. 

    Be it Takashi Murakami, Marc Jacobs, Stephen Sprouse or Yayoi Kasuma Louis Vuitton has always expressed an artistic right to challenge the norm and impress it’s ever loyal fan base. Hermes might hold the crown for the highest quality leather and the most sought after silhouette but Louis Vuitton still remains as the proud king of innovation.

  • Rashida

    Who would buy any of this?  It is just TERRIBLE!!!!!

    • Jason

      Agree to your comment!! It is so realistic and can’t this is innovative idea. Any of us can come up with the same ideas, but we all wanted to see something fresh and far different from exiting design!!!

  • Lulu

    Being a great fan of Yayoi Kusama art..this was totally expected from her. I cant wait to get my hands on anything from her collection even if its a keychain. 

  • 19yearslater

    So, I kind of love it. My style occasionally edges upon twee, so I would shamelessly own any of this.

  • bir

    go back to Murakami L.V.this collection is no way near my expectations. they bringdown the brand in all honesty and i have to say having seen the genius of Sprouse and Takashi i cant like this !!!

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    Umm..NO. UGLY.

  • ugly

  • Bryan

    Mmmmm, I like the one Yayoi holding bag which I believe she gave it to MJ.
    Each side of bag has two different pattern. I expect more for up- coming the second collection in
    Oct. And hopefully it will blow my mind away!!!

  • Jelin

    It really look very commer,nothing special.

  • So So……

  • lexlou

    I really, really love it. Kusama is an iconic artist – and spots and dots never go out of fashion. Kusama FTW!