When you’re a brand with a rabid, slavish following like French leathergoods giant Hermes, it’s important to think outside the box in order to both maximize profits and cater to your very particular customer’s every need. With quarterly growth in the double digits since time immemorial, Hermes has taken a page out of the Louis Vuitton book and now brands everything under the sun, including the simplest of writing implements: the pencil.

Fancy-pants pens have long been a hallmark of the luxury industry, but the leather-wrapped Hermes Arlequin H Pencil is something different entirely. Pens can be refilled with fine ink and passed down from generation to generation; pencils, on the other hand, are meant to be used up in short order by virtue of their very construction.

When I first came across this…pencil (there are no fancy words for pencil), my immediate thought was, “Well, I bet Louis Vuitton makes one too.” Hermes and Louis Vuitton are alike in a lot of ways (and LVMH seems to be hell-bent on making them part of the same whole), and they are perhaps the only two fashion brands with clients rabid enough to buy pencils from them. Chanel might also make that list, but I have yet to find a pencil from that particular set of Frenchies, so we’ll leave ’em out for a moment.

Louis Vuitton Golden Agenda Pencil, $245 via Louis Vuitton

Vuitton does, in fact, make a pencil. It comes in both silver and gold and retails for $175 or $245, respectively. The Vuitton pencil, though, appears to be a refillable implement intended for longterm use, so while it’s still a little silly, at least you won’t have to throw it away after a few months of using it in one of the brand’s agendas.

On the other hand, unless I’m mistaken, the Hermes pencil is just a normal, wooden writing implement wrapped in a thin layer of woven leather and meant to be sharpened. At this point in my nearly unending leather goods ennui, I’m merely surprised that Hermes doesn’t also offer a matching leather-covered pencil sharpener. Maybe next season. Buy through Hermes for $85.

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  • W.B.

    Chanel in fact does. There’s a set complete wit pencil case being sold at Portero.

  • KellyX

    Do you mean it’s $85 for A PENCIL?

  • rose60610

    I like to collect pens and mechanical pencils from Cartier, Montblanc, Tiffany etc, but this pencil will not make its way into my collection.

  • lintmag

    Oh dahling, it’s my graphite writing instrument! And not even a fancy eraser on the end of it? I guess we who buy leather wrapped Hermes pencils nevvah make any mistakes.

    • Rasheedah

      Hilarious, thanks for the morning pick me up, lol…

  • D

    example of everything thats wrong in this world

  • Veryberry

    Just one question… how the hell can you sharp it, if theres leather around?!? peel it off or what?

    • I am pretty sure you ought to cut it right off. Don’t think you can peel it back, as it’s tightly wound (or even glued) to the pencil.

      • irugnotmis i

        leather covered pencil is just wasteful!

      • Jerri R

        Whittling the leather off an Hermes pencil is tantamount to human sacrifice.

  • Laura

    expensive pens are one thing but leather-wrapped pencils is simple ridiculous. I would never buy a pencil for that price and lintmag is right -pencils should come with an eraser…

  • resham

    great!!! Now wth that pencil I will get EVERYTHING right when I write…No mistakes!!! How can I make mistake?? I wrote with a Premium Brand Leather wrapped Pencil!!!


  • Musette

    Oh……oh, for Pete’s sake.  You’re kidding, right?  Hermes must be laughing up their bespoke sleeve…

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