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  • zebra

    I really like them. Maybe Capucine not that much, seems kind of boring, but the other ones are beautiful.

  • Amanda


  • Cara M

    I love them all truthfully. I love the direction they are going, but not thrilled about the prices.

  • HfromT

    Michelle has made me want to do two things I’ve never done before…lop off my hair, and buy an LV bag!! She is a wonderful choice for their print campaign.

    • Monie

      I so agree

  • Love it! She’s the epitome of modern sophistication and I’m buying everything she’s selling.

  • KMoya

    So excited for this season! Everything looks so sophisticated and elegant

  • KMoya

    Does anybody know the name of the grey bag with large gussets on the side? So far its my favorite!

  • Chantal McCulligh

    She is looking absolutely phenomenal! Great pick for the brand.

  • shueaddict

    she’s just a wonderful choice for elevating LV to modern cool sophistication. She made me want the Capucine bag … after seeing it on Charlene, Princess of Monaco also (with the flap over the logo) – I took my first trip ever to the LV store. It happened to be in Vienna and on the way there I have seen 3 Capucines on tacky Russian retail princesses and my enthusiasm got shot down.

  • wackadoodle

    Hmmm – the only LV I have is the Suhali all leather, no logo, which I love. I have always avoided the logo. The leather is wonderful, the all leathers, no logo ones are so substantial. It’s surprising how the feel just makes one fall in love with the LV bags!

    But, I am sick of bare feet – would’ve loved to see more LV shoes on her than her bare feet. I am not thrilled with any of the shots – I love the magazine train/period shots much better. But I can see how these shots of her will appeal to more masses.

  • Lana

    The price online for the Capucine MM is $5,400, priced between a Chanel and a Hermes Birkin. Lovely, but expensive.

  • Understated elegance. Two “Woofs”.

  • wickiedee


  • wickiedee

    I would love to see her wear the bags, not look worn by them. Honestly the bags look like a bit of a burden, so much so that she forgot her shoes! She is a good model with a rather evocative face, and moreover, she’s not 15 years old. I take that as a good sign.

  • Bipasha

    Love, love,the simplicity and style of the bags even though I could never afford them. I agree with the barefoot thing some have mentioned. Maybe the sexiness would have been there if only she had a nice polish on them or something. I mean really bare toes? Seriously?

  • Rashida

    Very well done…

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