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  • missarewa

    I miss Marc Jacobs already. Second to the last bag, what in the Chanel copying heck is that? I’m sticking to their classics in old fashioned epileather.

  • Liza

    Why is everyone trying to copy the Boy bag? Ridiculous.

    • Edia

      what are you even talking about…srsly

      • Liza

        What are YOU even talking about with your comment? lol Pls. Do you not see the blatant resemblances at all?

      • Amy

        None of the bags look like a boy bag… Maybe you mean a Chanel flap bag?

    • LVGurl

      I totally see the similarities…but I’d rather have the Louis. :) https://fashionloud.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/chanel-boy-velvet.jpg

  • ECooper

    These are hybrid bags: part Chanel and part LV. Only a couple are pretty.

  • Moneytruck

    Nicolas Ghesquiere should be embarrassed for his blatant copying of Chanel and lack of originality!

  • Stephanie

    I really like the black and red monogram

    • PJGambler

      I like that one too. Wonder what the price is. The LV Brown monogram doesn’t go with that many of my clothes, but the black one would suit me fine.
      Whenever I see a Chanel knock-off I think, “Why not just buy a Chanel, then you have the real thing.”

  • Fiona

    Uninspired little bags!I will save my money for better looking itens.

  • Jemima

    I’m happy to know that it’s not just me who misses Marc Jacobs… I expected more from Nicolas, due to his remarkable tenure at Balenciaga but so far his designs have been a dissapointment.

  • FashionableLena

    Coming into his own? More like coming into his own and bringing Chanel along for the ride.

  • Edia

    …i feel that people dont know what theyre talking about. get your facts straight before you call murder

    • Guest

      Thank you, but I feel it’s pointless to even argue with them.

  • seres

    Not a fan of the new LV logo and his best bag, the petite-Malle looks weird soft.

  • klynneann

    These are definitely not for me.

  • Michelle Lim

    Too many Chanel Boy Bag copies. And LV is not the only guilty label this spring-summer 2015. But the other bags are quite interesting.

  • Monsieur Gougou

    I would have to say that these bags make the experience of LV a travesty. I am not a fn of any of these bags. The reworked logo looks cheap and clunky. I feel that NG feels he does not have to “try”. Sad, considering I loved his work at Balenciaga.

    I have seen the fruits of his labour and have been left nothing short of totally underwhelmed!

    Sorry, I cannot say anything else.

  • Hierophilic

    THOSE BLACK AND RED LOGOS THOOO! Stars in my eyes! Love it!

  • Hierophilic

    Also, chanel smehmel, I’m mostly bored by everyone looking to them as the most original. Overpriced, overhyped, boring, and backed by a fataphobic, racist, obnoxious lump of a person. Everyone can continue having a wank over chanel as they rachet up their prices, I’m gonna have to move on and say I’m done.

  • The Jade green bag is gorgeous.

  • ahhhsoneo

    wow…just wow. These are all ugly.

  • Aurora

    I feel I would like some of the newer bags more if they didn’t have that massive LV metal logo on the front. I understand a brand’s desire to put their signature label where it can be seen, but these look gaudy.

    Aside from that, I don’t mind the Chanel influence. I think many of the bags are quite striking.

  • Bags are forever

    This is just chanel-like and not Louis Vuitton!!!

  • iris

    I would say inspired instead of copying. Tho the similarity is just too much, at least few of the bags are prettier. Im also happy to see that i have more choices when to come buying a flap bag. Everyone seems to own a Chanel bag nowdays and it really getting boring now. Its somehow loses it appeal and class.

    If i saw someone on the street with one of this LV bag, i bet it will make me turn head compare to seeing someone with Chanel flap.

  • Hmmm not really liking anything from Louis Vuitton this year..

  • Lina Lee

    The last bag is the only bag I really love.

  • Jamie

    I like Coach bags better.

  • Juliet

    Everyone has their likes and dislikes… I am definitely not a fan of anything Ghesquiere has created for LV. I miss Marc Jacobs too. I find most of these purses unattractive. :(

  • Queensqn

    Flap bag.. Boy bag – who cares!! Their not very original Chanel look alikes!

  • meh

    Wow, I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought it’s ‘Too-Chanel-Boy-ish’
    The rotating “L” was definitely interesting and bags are pretty but a brand like LV shouldn’t be copycat.

  • Fwilkos

    DISGUSTED!!!!! The Louis Vuitton shopper is special and we deserve the treatment that Marc Jacobs has grown us, accustomed to. In fact the executives should demand that we get some mind blowing designs ASAP not these cheap mock monogram logos and these cut out bird embellishments. I saw one show bag that had salt and pepper shakers on it. REALLY??? I would have fired Nicholas on the spot. He has NO VISION, not now, not in the future, not ever. He is not Louis Vuitton material. How many more disasters is it going to take before the executives Say, “AU REVOiR Nicholas!!!”.

  • Eliza Knight

    I really want to buy 1 “box” bag, it looks so cool, and so expensive too :(