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  • Bubbled

    The emperor has no clothes.

  • C

    This collaboration is genius. Whether the collection is aesthetically pleasing or worth the money is up for debate of course, and it’s a matter of personal taste. I like it, despite it being nothing like my personal style; I’d totally buy and use the heck out of the Supreme logo duffel bag.

    But the young and moneyed (and older hip people like Pharrell) are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS over this partnership, a perfect intersection of streetwear and high fashion. And I predict a TON of frenzied copycats and knockoffs, like with the LV Multicolore monogram in the 00’s.

    • ladyet

      i agree. i’m liking some of these pieces despite not really caring for Supreme or LV. it’s gonna sell F A S T.

  • Rama

    Gah, what eyesores!

  • Passerine

    The color and style of the bag is great. The word “supreme” stamped on it ruins the bag. Crass. Total misfire. Yes, it will probably sell, but I wouldn’t want to be seen with a man who thinks it cool to carry such a tacky bag (my husband has LV, Fendi, and Burberry messenger bags, so I’ve got nothing against man bags)

    • Passerine

      Sorry, referring to the bag in photo 5

    • Sparky

      I agree. Again the “lets slap something on top and call it new” design approach. Dreadful. And what’s the point of a gigantic S-U-P-R-E-M-E??

  • Charlie

    OMG, cheaper looking than ever! Why don’t they team up with TOPSHOP then? Goodness

  • Rama

    They hurt my eyes.

  • Gigi

    Love! A breath of fresh air for younger shoppers and different demographics.

  • M Green

    It’s not my taste but I appreciate the fact that this collaboration will be very popular with some elite shoppers. It shows great confidence for two iconic fashion empires to merge so boldly in one collection. Aside from the Supreme collaboration, the runway show also featured amazing bags and accessories made of epi leather and monogram canvas. Those looked phenomenal! Kim Jones is really an artist!

  • Sparky

    Bad feeling Disney is next.

    • Jerri R

      I actually think Disney will be a better pairing than Supreme

  • psny15

    are the supreme folks louis vuitton customers because i sure am not buying any of this tacky crap?

  • Joshua

    Photo #7
    Those camo pieces with vachetta look like they could be part of the Dooney & Bourke men’s collection!

  • girlscoutnocookie

    I love it! This collab transcends basic aesthetics and delves into the question of cultural value. What makes things newsworthy? What is the price tag for desire? I was about to consign Nicolas Ghesquiere’s LV to a disciplined tasteful high fashion era, but he knows how to be provocative too.

    • M Green

      This is not from Nicolas Ghesquiere but from Kim Jones.

      • girlscoutnocookie

        Oohhh, thanks for the clarification. I’m now interested in Kim Jones’s work.

  • Boss Lady

    This is for sure geared towards a younger audience. Anyone familiar with the brand Supreme is aware that it is a highly sought after street brand with demand so high that it’s a business just finding it and reselling it. This collab is genius and a money making dream. Getting any Supreme item at retail is tough. Getting a hand on one of these items will take money, a plan, and luck.

  • Jerri R

    Perfect for those boys dying to flaunt “wealth”

  • susan b

    Maybe we will see their next collection at Target…!!

  • Stan Stap

    No way. It’s look to me just a kitsch .Nothing more.What gone be next collaboration? Old Navy? Yellow colors with large OLD NAVY logo? After green with some other logo? It looks like Kim Jones does not have any of his own ideas and taking easy way. One more collection like tat will kill LV ,man’s line at list. As someone write before ” next collection at Target”
    Complete CRAP.

  • M

    Heard the trunk was gonna be priced at 60k…