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  • Smithy

    Photo 10 !!!!!!

  • Gigi

    Tacky :(

    • Amandajarellano1

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    • Cara White

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  • Prim

    The bags look so bizarrely out of place in the videos with Lightning. This collaboration with Square Enix is certainly interesting, I’ve played and loved all the Final Fantasy games but I don’t know if I like this pairing. The videos just seem so random with her striking battle poses with a bag; they couldn’t have given her a more natural moveset?

  • Ruby

    Actually, I’m enjoying the styling, but I expected something else from Ghesquiere. Except for the mini-suitcase-like ones, these are seem so Birkin’ish and Chanel -ish?

    • Knows

      I love the mini trunk

    • twoturntables

      I came here to say the exact same thing. it seems LV is trying way to hard to put itself in the ranks of Chanel, and it isn’t working for me. I would hope for some more innovative pieces.

      • Ruby

        I love my two Balenciaga motorcycle bags. I’d just thought, I’d see more tactile use of leather and edgier styling? They look like knock-off bags? Like someone mashed up references to other famous bags? That chain motif is like an Hemes wannabe. Sorry. Maybe next season.

  • jadzia

    So we’re not even pretending anymore that these clothes are for grown women, right? Because nothing says “Hey, that will look great on me” like having the clothes modeled by a skinny teenage boy.

    • Edia

      …i dont know how old you are, but you sound 100 yo

      • Jadzia

        Wow, that’s super classy. I’m not 100 years old; however, I have gone through puberty, leaving me with breasts and hips, which apparently are not trendy this year.

      • Tidus

        Not sure if this isn’t blatantly obvious but the ad campaign seems to be pretty Asian-centric…so… yah… Nothing says classy like insulting Asian body types.

      • Jadzia

        Jaden Smith is Asian? Wow, The More You Know. If Louis Vuitton’s target market is teenage boys, intersex people, and the super, super oppressed model-tall and skinny demographic, more power to them. I’m sure that they are not going to miss my business, with my apparently ugly, elderly, and non-Asian self(*) that all you open-minded folks are so eager to insult.

        I should have known better than to comment here; this kind of bullshit is why I peaced out of the Hermes forum.

        (*)Also: Where did you find my picture? How do you know what I look like, my race, my face, my height?

      • Future reference

        The reason you are receiving so much hate is that your first comment reads close minded and like you are targeting the androgynous side of this ad campaign. Whether men wear women’s clothing or women wear men’s clothing it may not be considered the “norm” there are a lot more people who dress that way and/or know people who dress that way.

        This perhaps was not your intent however the following comments you posted did not clarify this which comes off as you being defensive and defending these notions that men and women should stick to wearing clothes that was made for their “gender”. Gender is a very fluid thing and even people who are assigned with certain reproductive organs they do not always identify with this as their gender.

        In the future maybe just comment that you don’t like the style, cut, lines or colours as opposed to singling out race, gender, age or sexuality and you won’t get so much hate and won’t require you to have to “peaced out” of forums and/or discussion threads.


        Be mindful of the others who may read your comments on here.

      • Edia

        I hope your anger wont consume you any further. Bless you <3

      • Guest

        IMO there is nothing wrong in your original post. Yes they are not using average, ordinary and everyday female body types to sell female clothing. All designers are guilty of this. You had enough (like most of us) and voiced your opinion. You were not trying to be political or offensive to any group of people. I am sorry you were faced with nastiness.

      • Rotunda

        Just curious, what brand do you think DOESNT use super model-tall skinny women? As a feminist, this reeks of skinny shaming.

        Also, its a fashion blog, relax.

      • Skinny is FEMININE

        My neice is 6′. And size 4. She’s all woman despite your obscenely skewed view of ‘feminine’.

      • Finem Lauda

        Yeah! Fuck trans and intersex women, we don’t exist and we’re not “real” women. Fuck off.

      • Yoshi1296

        These clothes are not made just for you. They are for anyone and everyone. I think that is the main message the Nicolas is trying to express. He wants to show that anyone regardless of age, gender, race, and sex can wear his clothes.

      • Rotunda

        HAhahahahahhaaahahaha YAASSSS

      • Seashells

        See my post above. Stop skinny/fat shaming!

    • Skinny is womanly too

      They are real women.

    • Seashells

      Why would it not be for grown women? Just because they are showing it in a way, different than what you are used to? It’s a fashion campaign for goodness sake. If you have to depend on these photos in the literal sense to see if you can wear them or not, then you have a problem. I am a grown woman and I see it as them pushing the envelope, which I like. Furthuring the discourse on gender.

      Oh and by the way, I don’t appreciate you skinny shaming me. I don’t starve myself either, just naturally skinny. I don’t fat shame other people either.


      A skinny woman who’s not angry

  • Oh dear…

  • Sara

    It is too Japanese Manga inspired. Should have no place in high end fashion.
    Are they targeting audiences in the virtual world? Underage gamers? I’m puzzled.

    • Knows

      Japan is a massive market for LV.

      • Sara

        Correct. I’m a Japanese teacher and I visit once a year and LV bags are absolutely everywhere.
        I read in a finance journal that 85% of Japanese women own at least one LV. This figure doesn’t even include men who carry LV. In a country of 127 million people, that is a lot of handbags. So LV has already concurred the Japanese market (and the rest of Asia to some extent). I wonder why LV is not trying to
        win back customers from the rest of the world. My theory is that LV is frightened of Céline ’s momentum in Asia. Last September in Japan I noticed a lot of mini Céline luggage on arms of young women not to mention the long cue outside the Céline store. I also noticed that many international students I teach (from mainland China) wanted a Céline Trio bag for Xmas. Suddenly the LV campaign makes sense.

    • Jadzia

      Guess what? Apparently you just don’t understand and you’re probably prejudiced against the oppressed virtual and underaged-gaming people that LV is embracing with this campaign. (/sarc)

      • Sara


  • The makeup they used to make her look “anime” is impressive

  • Sparky

    Bags are dumb.
    Loving the overall fashion look because it’s cohesive and the accent pieces are wearable. The trick is to figure out which pieces you can absorb into your wardrobe. I’m over 50 and I’d TOTALLY wear the rainbow jacket in #5 and tone it down with black jeans + ballet flats and I would not look like a fashion victim. (also loving the pants in #13).

    • Future reference

      Love that idea with the jacket! I also love the idea of a fitted black top with those colourful trousers and some pillages!

  • seres

    Serious question – is Lightning a computer generated image “wearing” the clothes and “holding” the bag or is she a real-life model dressed up as a character who is then photoshopped to look computer generated?

    On a side note, the model in 5 wearing the same out fit as Lightning in 3 has ripped abdominals and hips that look a million times better than the plastic, formless tube that forms Lightning’s midriff. It just looks like bad photoshop.

    • Yoshi1296

      Computer generated by the developers that produced the game. They worked directly with Louis Vuitton and Nicolas for the ad.

  • Finem Lauda

    YEEEEEEEEES JADEN! So glad to see LV taking their marketing towards gender non conforming people, way excited because it feels like, holy shit, someone recognizes clothes don’t have to be gendered!

  • Yoshi1296

    This collection was really good and the ad campaigns made me love it even more. Nicolas always knows how to push the bar higher. You guys failed to mention that Bae Doona is starring in the campaign too. She’s one of the stars of the Netflix series SENSE8.

  • Future reference

    I feel like Ghesquire has done N amazing job at revitalising Louis Vuitton image for a fashion house as opposed to just accessories.

    Under Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton was putting out amazing bags but their clothing line never attracted me to it. I find Ghesquire has done the complete opposite where I am attracted to the clothing (particularly LVs shoes!) I haven’t been drawn in by their bags.

    Having said that I love the new steamer bag and I loved the lockit tote! Was surprised I’ve seen more people carry the capucine bags and that new chunky Louis Vuitton logo chain bag (I think it’s called the twist?)

  • Lisa

    I find the campaign stunning and interesting, and there are a couple of pieces I’d wear — toned down, since I’m “of a certain age” (i.e. 55+) and look stupid if I’m trying too hard :-). That said, I feel there’s a disconnect between the overall styling/youthful look of the campaign and the bags themselves — which has nothing to do with gender/nationality/age.

  • TexasST

    The city steamer bag is growing on me…

  • Immodest Goddess

    Final Fantasy influence? Yes.

    Jaden Smith as muse? No.

    Spending my money on these bags? No way!

  • Giselle

    I see where LV is heading, young Asian generation. These bags don’t appeal to me, I’m not in the target market either.

  • Stina Sias

    YEAH Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite game, Lightning is my favorite character, and I want to go spend all my yen on these bags just because she is holding them. This definitely is effective with me, the highly underrepresented basement-dwelling nerd/handbag enthusiast demographic.

  • Dwightinha

    Loved what Ghesquire did at Balenciaga, but with his first attempt at LV I am left with the Twist and the Petit Malle. I didn’t like his latest runway show either. Too experimental and too far off from the LV DNA.