As you might have noticed, Megs and I are absolutely spring-obsessed lately. Not only did the season just officially begin yesterday, but the weather in New York has been so sunny and perfect, so archetypically spring-like, that it’s hard to think about anything else when the windows are open and a gentle breeze is teasing us every few minutes. To be inside working is positively unfair on days like the ones that we’ve been having, but such is life, I guess. We all have to make rent.

Right now, though, I’m considering skipping April’s payment, getting myself evicted and living in Central Park for the next two months. Naturally, I’d put that rent check toward the Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag PM in this amazing shade of turquoise. Who needs a roof over your head when you’ve got perfect weather and a perfect bag? I’m probably going to need my apartment back come June, though. Air conditioning is important to me.

I’ve always loved the Sofia Coppola bags because of their excellent leather and subtle design, but I had previously thought of them as more of an option for fall. (Or an option for people who carry black bags no matter the season. A lot of you live in New York.) I had completely overlooked this amazing color, right along with the gorgeous coral below. Either of these options is obviously perfect for spring and summer, and the convenient shoulder strap gives a note of casualness to a shape that can otherwise look a bit businesslike. I bet I’m not the only person doing handbag math right now. Buy through Louis Vuitton for $3950.

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  • drspock7


  • Marie Martell

    omg I’m in love with these BAGS!! Gorgeous!

  • Fashiondoesntexist


  • Jess

    The coral is gorgeous! And they actually look like they are made well enough to almost
    justify the price…almost.

  • Jenny in Jacquard

    The turquoise color is absolutely divine!

  • susan

    This is my UHG and I will some day have one but for now I will look and wish

  • Louch

    Stunning.  Would like both :)

  • I may just cave for this one!! Maybe if I swear not to buy another bag for an entire year!! 

  • Julie

    Ugh!! So gorgeous! This is definitely and HG bag for me!! I have always adored LV SC!

  • I love these and love your blogs, but really…$4k for a bag!  Not exactly for the regular person.

  • Karin bag4bag

    There is no doubt in my mind that the LV Sophia Coppola bag is beautiful. The finish and attention to detail is exquisite.  Even the padlock has its own little leather cover ! (Possibly the padlock cover is all most people can afford ! )  I think removable straps can tend to get a bit ruined from attaching on and off but I would want the choice it allows. 
    The calf suede interior lining is fittingly robust and practical for a bag of such substance.    

  • klynneann

    Oh my god, I can’t even breathe.  I LOVE the turquoise!! Definitely out of my price range though.  :(

  • Daphs

    Absolutely gorgeous colours!

  • Lula

    Do you ladies find this bag a tad boring? I absolutely love this bag (for the quality and construction) and I’m thinking of getting a large size. the only thing holding me back is just a little excitement that’s missing..

  • Love at the first sight!!!

  • Distantmask
  • Callalily

    DROOOOL… did the math too…

  • So excited ~ I just bought an almost identical bag from Celine and I am in love with it!  I’ve been dreaming about this bag for months, and the Celine is so satisfying.  To be honest, I think the Celine is better quality too (for more than half the price!)

    • N Alshuwehdy

      I love it

  • alexa89

       it give an unbelievably shock! i support it!
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  • Celebrate spring with Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola, gorgeous!!!