Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Galliera
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Galliera

The countdown has officially begun for those on the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy list! Luckily I am on the list and I am quite excited to get my Speedy and use it for summer. The only unfortunate part is that it arrives in stores on May 1st, and I fly out May 1st for my trip to Spain. Oh well, I can wait 11 days to get back and get the bag! The other bag that is highly coveted and newly arrived to eLuxury is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Galliera. This is a new addition to the Monogram Canvas line for LV and the perfect touch for spring and summer. This bag features the monogram canvas that we all are very familiar with, shiny golden brass hardware, and a LV inventeur plate on the front. The shape will give this bag the perfect slouch, with an adjustable belted leather should strap. The inside is lined with microfiber and there are ample pockets for storage. The PM is already out of stock but the GM, 18.7″x 14.8″x 5.3″, is still readily available on eLuxury for $1,360.

If you are hoping for a Watercolor Speedy make sure to call your local LV! My LV of choice is the fabulous Bal Harbour shops!

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  • pjh

    Is LV making a comeback? The last couple of bags they’ve been putting out have been amazing! I’m not normally a fan, but there is something pleasing about this shape! It wreaks of trend and will never be a classic, but it’s a lovely bag. :) Still saving my money for hermes though!

  • Jahpson

    I wish that came in epi leather, I would so get it.

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I agree with Jahpson about epi. I like epi some much better. A friend actually has the bag and I just saw it today. I think it’s just like any other LV monogram totes. :neutral:

  • windowshopping

    I love the epi too, but it’s much too stiff for a bag like this.

    Also, it’s not just like any other LV monogram bag because the vast majority of their bags are handheld, and this one is a shoulder bag, so it’s a nice trend for those who prefer to carry a shoulder bag, or for those who need the free hand.

    I think it’s a welcome change.

  • joan

    i just bought this bag today, in PM. I love it!!! They only had 2 left at LV in Seattle. One was made in the USA, but i got the one that was made in France. It’s very roomy and luxurious inside. And the canvas is really soft and supple. I know i’ll be using it this spring and summer.

    • Michelle

      For LV Monogram canvas Galliera, would you recommend GM or PM. I’m 5 feet tall. Thanks!

      • Pepper

        hi Michelle, I am also 5 ft. tall but if you really want big bags (like I do), then go for the GM. I returned my Galliera PM for a GM, just added around $200. Hope this helps. :)

  • Kelly

    Where can I get it?

  • ohnini

    I quite like this bag. I think the shape is great for my casual lifestyle.

  • ally

    I am a huge LV fan was slightly disappointed with this one when I went in to get it. It was well, ordinary. Perhaps I was a bit carried away with the ads and catalogue photos.

    • Fran

      Hi Ally,

      I am interested to get it as a used unit, please let me know if you would like to let it go. You can reach me by email, ding_fran@hotmail.com

      Thank you. :grin:

  • devlo

    I love the shape of it not as slouchy (and sloppy) as a hobo and a bit more put together when paired with a simple outfit for a day-around-town look.

  • Maria

    I saw it at the LV boutique here in Australia…they only had about 3 in the store and already sold 2…I tried it…it’s really soft and comfy like the Neverfull but the PM is already quite big for me…the size of the Neverfull MM is just nice….and the GM is really big….was told that in HK…this may take over Neverfull…

  • Patty

    I just got one of these (it came today) in the PM size from eluxury and I LOVE IT. It’s a perfect style for me personally, I don’t like to carry hand held bags because I have too much going on. This is a perfect year-round style of bag and because of being the coated canvas will be very durable. It’s gorgeous.

  • melekalikimaka

    OMG I put a picture of this beautiful bag on my computer desktop for my hubby as a BIG reminder that mother’s day was coming up….he brought it home to me on Friday! I love it, it’s beautiful and more than I expected. I’m especially excited because this is my first. :smile:

    • Moni

      Im not very sure to buy this one or the montergueil. Do you still thinking the same after two years? How’s the interior? because is not a color who helps to keep it clean. Please help me, it’s my first one too!

  • cyan

    I love this bag!! It has a nice shape and size – not too big, not too small for my lifestyle. I like that my hands are free wearing it. It’s very light and very roomy. You’re not bothered by zippers. Great everyday, functional yet luxurious bag!! Check it out!! :razz:

  • cyan

    Oh btw, the brass rings on the straps have the louis vuitton inscribed on them. Nice touch! Love the simple :wink: details!

  • BagLadythePurseGoddess

    I love it!

  • Susana

    OMG LOVE IT! I REALLY want to buy the Galliera – BUT, I already have the Batignolles, which is a lot like this bag in concept…. what should I do??!! OMG! :oops: Maybe I should refrain myself from getting more bags that look too much alike, ha ha!

  • Nor E

    I got it today as and it is my first LV. Had been wanting to own an LV but as Patty commented most of it are hand-held while this Galliera can be held on shoulders. :razz: :razz:

  • Holly

    I was thinking of renting a Galliera from bag borrow or steal. But I was looking at the picture and it didn’t look right. The LV don’t seemed to be lined up right. Those of you who are lucky enough to own one, are any of the LV cut off on the front? I usually rent from http://www.borrowmyhandbag.com because but they don’t have the Galliera in yet.

  • I am a huge fan of LV. I got my Galleria last Monday at Via Condotti, Rome. Its my second LV bag. I really love it. To all LV Fan, you shld have this kind of Masterpiece.

  • lorleejane sagala mandi

    I am a huge fan of LV. I got my Galleria last Monday at Via Condotti, Rome. Its my second LV bag. I really love it. To all LV Fan, you shld have this kind of Masterpiece. :wink:

    • tarlac

      Good for you!

  • Cochon

    I FINALLY got this about a month ago after waiting for weeks from being on the order list. :razz: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BAG and it is SO CLASSY yet hip & very trendy!!! :mrgreen:
    I’m NOT a fan of huge hobo- diaper bag looking like bags (I think they are so ugly) but THIS bag is something I’m totally in love with! I look at it and I fall in love over and over again!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • kkel

    I’ve been lusting over this bag ever since i saw it on eluxury
    My brother is going to get this for me when I graduate my RN program!! Cant wait!!

  • Gotta have it!

  • I felt in love with GALLIERA at first sight! Just want to jump ahead to buy it, but still have to be a little patient… :neutral:

  • gina

    Hi Michelle,

    I suggest you get the galliera gm even if you are 5 feet tall, because the trend right now is oversized bags.

    or you can try putting the contents of your bag in either the gm or pm, and from decide which you will buy. but if you ask me, the difference in price between the pm & gm are too small, that it is more practical to buy the gm, if you want to maximize for the price you bought it.

  • gigi

    I bought my galliera pm last june and it’s my firsy LV bag and really loved it but it was giving me heartache everytime i used it. The brass rings on the strap was causing black stain on the leather strap and upper leather sides of bag. I guess bec. the rings were in contact with another brass holding the brass rings. I was so disappointed that I had to clean the stain on the leather with a soft cloth every single time!! Maybe I’m just a perfectionist but I’ve saved so many months to get this bag and it was always giving me heartache!!! I just want to thank the manager in LV Vancouver store for helping me out and he gave me a store credit and so I chose the Neverfull GM and the port-tresor international (wallet) in exchange for my Galliera PM!
    I still miss my Galliera but no regrets in exchanging it! Did anybody experience this problem, too with Galliera? and how are you coping up?

    • lJADE31

      GIGI YES!

      You are right!! Its not patina, its dirt! The brass attracts the dirt and the fact that its brass ring on brass doesn’t help the situation. I cleaned my black spots (blackened spots on my vachetta leather) with Mr.Clean sponge but I really don’t want to constantly clean it with that (I’m afraid it will eventually turn and ruin the leather)- IS THERE ANY ADVICE OUT THERE ON HOW TO KEEP THE BRASS FROM CATCHING DIRT AND DIRTYING MY BAG????? HELP!!!

      • Moni

        I want to buy one of this and I also like the Monterhueil, which one do you think is better?, after two years on the market the problem hasn’t been fixed?

    • Samantha

      Hi gig,
      I got my LV Galliera GM through a friend from Frankfurt….i am from Malaysia and is also experiencing the same heartache with the stains….unfortunately, i am not so lucky as you to be able so exchange it…i hope LV should verify this…

      • sugabritches

        Hi, i bought the azur galliera of ebay ( which may have been a mistake) and some of the hardware is black. dose this happen to authentic galliera bags or is it a knock off? thanks!

  • Magdalene

    I have been on the market for a tote like bag for the last 12 months and when I saw the Galliera, I felt compelled to check it out. It is everything I had imagined it to be.

    The PM is the right size for everyday use esp for work and the adjustable one stap design is fantastic esp for those of us with narrow shoulders!

  • gigi

    can anybody reply if u had d same experience as i had? pls. read note dated 9/15/08

    • Mek-Mek

      Hi Gigi,

      I just received my Galliera PM handbag for Christmas and I am experiencing the straps of my bag having black dirty spots on the straps and around the rim at the front and back of the handbag. I love the bag and have not seen one to replace with, but I will be returning it to the store next weekend.

  • Hi everyone!
    I finally got my GALLIERA in PM!
    My boyfriend and me had a 5-days trip to Paris, and that’s where I bought this lovely bag! I LOVE it! :)


  • saltigastella

    I juz got my Galliera PM and i really love it! its my first LV and i took more than a month to decide what i wanted and even went to the boutique to try on few diff bags for many times but nothing seems to connect except with Galliera PM its indeed a bag of class! elegant!

  • cutieerica


    I own this purse and I’ve noticed a little bit of dark staining under the arm…I think it may be from my clothing tho and not from the brass rings. I know what you mean about the heartache.

    I may be the odd ball of the bunch, but I like the light color of the LV purse so I treat this purse like a baby! I have the PM version and it’s perfect for me. I have my cell phone, my LV wallet and accessories pouch and that’s about all I carry. I still have room for more!

  • Lucy

    Has anybody ever heard of Grabcart.com? If so, are they legitimate?

  • PiPPiLongStockng

    Ohhhh.. Too bad abt the leather staining! I’m in love with Galliera and the GM lOOks like it’ll make a perfect nappy bag, which I so need. I wonder if leather care products will prevent this problem. Read Shining Monkey works wonders!

  • Australian in Spain

    I too bought my gm from Paris a couple of weeks ago and love it.

    I love shoulder bags and although I love this bag so much – it would be great if it was a bit longer in the strap like my burberry hobo.

    There is staining on mine under the arms also.

    I think I will always stick to LV now and was hoping someone could clairfy what I have been reading about the leather changing colour.

  • saltigastella

    Hi Australian in Spain , gigi
    Its been a mth i wearing my Galliera PM and YES! there is a black staining on my bag under the arms also! how to make it dissapper. It looked dirty.

  • tex

    Australian in Spain, the color change on the leather is called patina. It is a process in which something changes color overtime, ie. copper changing from a copper color to a blue-green color. Since the leather in the monogram canvas, damier azur, monogram multicolore and some of the vernis lines are untreated, the leather is affected by different conditions causing it to change color. These conditions include exposure to sunlight, oil, dirt, water, heat, hot steam and oxygen. The more the leather is exposed to these condition, the faster the leather changes from a light beige color to a light honey to dark honey color. When you get really dark gray color area, this is excess exposure to dirt. Don’t get the leather anywhere close to hot steam (like from an iron, a streamer, boiling water pot, etc.) or from a direct heat source because the leather will turn to a honey color immediately at the spot it was exposed to while the surrounding leather remain the beige color. The excess heat will also harden the leather, shrink it and make it brittle and easy to crack. I hope this information helps you.

  • Gigi

    thx for the info and I’m very familiar with the ‘patina’ but the black stain on the leather on both sides of the bag was from the brass rings (metal to metal)! That’s why when I returned this fab galleria pm, the saleslady agreed that it was a manufacturer’s defect.

  • tex

    Gigi, my response was directed to Australian in Spain. She wanted some clarification about the “leather changing colour” under post 11-1-08 in the last sentence. It was in no way intended to imply the problem you had was a patina problem. I just wanted Australian in Spain to have some answers about the patina.

  • nicky

    Could somebody say me how much is monogram canvas speedy 30?

    • Cindy

      you can check on the LV site :)

  • Wendi

    …back to the black rubbing from the brass rings…Gigi, have you since found a way to repair and stop this? I also have it and am so ocd that it bugs me! Am seriously considering going to LV in Houston to exchange. I am considering a clear plastic coating to put on the rings to see if it stops it. This is something i’ve found that protects cell phones etc. It is 2mm thick, and once it adheres, is virtually invisible.
    Also, maybe a leather protector???

    • lJADE31



  • JC

    I just bought mine from an LV store in auckland and its my first LV bag. is it true that all LV bags have a production date stamped inside the bag? if so, can anyone tell me where it is in the galliera pm? i can seem to find it in my bag.

  • gigi

    hi wendi,
    I didn’t have anymore problem with the galliera because I’ve exchanged it to Berkeley damier and no regrets!!

  • Staci

    I purchased galliera last june, had trouble with black marks where metal hits the purse. I had houston, texas galleria location change out rings and it still happened. very sadly exchanged it and picked another model. I truly love the galliera model, but LV is aware of the problem, but has not corrected it as of yet!

  • yvonne rodriguez

    I purchased this purse yesterday. It is fabulous!!! It is my first LV, but I know, it will not be my last!!!

  • nelly, KL

    hi.. anyone here has any idea whether there are certain conditions that enable us to exchange the bag? I purchased galliera last august, n like some others, mine is also spoilt with the black stain, appeared (on both end sides of the shoulder straps & leather trimming) after few weeks carrying it. really dissapointed since i really like the shape. n the price is quite hi too..

  • Jackie

    Oh no! I just bought the Galliera PM last week but have not noticed any staining. What a bummer if that happens, but glad to know LV stands by its products and allows exchanges if the metal stains the leather and clothes.

  • jONEs

    I will go to a local LV store and check out the damier galliera PM. I think it looks really classy, I just hope they have the one made in France.


  • Marcella

    It is sooo pretty!

  • jackylee

    i love louis vuitton monogram canvas galliera…hope i can shop online in a cheaper prize of this!i really love it….

  • wyne


  • jackie in honolulu

    I just had a terrible experience with the Galliera PM and would definitely recommend not buying it, unless you don’t mind taking it for repair at a later date. The LV in Hawaii will not let you exchange the purse.

    I also had a horrible experience with the 1-866 customer service when I asked if LV’s policy is to allow exchanges if the bag has an obvious defect – like the leather staining on its own. The rep was really stuck up and acted like I should be grateful that LV would even offer to fix the straps for me. And I thought LV would give world class customer service since you’re paying so much for a purse. Obviously I’m very disappointed at LV. I hope those bad feelings don’t taint the Galliera when it comes back from being repaired.

    • jackie in honolulu

      Sigh… picked up the bag late December 2009 (took two months for repair) and wore it two times when I noticed the tarnishing from the two brass rings came back. And this is after the local LV store sent the bag to have the brass rings replaced with the new coated ones. I brought the bag back to the store last week and was told there is nothing they can do and that the tarnishing on the vachetta is expected and that’s just how the bag is. LV offered to clean the stains every time it happens again, which they will do without charge. I don’t want to have to keep bringing the bag in and waiting for it to come back from repairs, especially since it’s a relatively new bag (purchased in May 2009) and it’s been in repairs longer than I’ve been able to wear it. Unfortunately my recommendation will have to be : do not purchase the Galliera even if LV says the brass ring problem has been fixed. Luckily, I own a lot of other LV’s and this is the first time I’ve had problems.

  • Shamiliah

    Bought it at SGD1930. No regrets. Love it..!!

  • Cindy

    is this a good replica of the Louis Vuitton Damier azur GM?


    I want to buy the real one, but a friend picked up this bag for me oversea im pretty sure its a replica, but if its a crappy replica i dont want to carry a crappy replica id rather just carry one of my other bags LOL, sorry if that sounds bad, but im sure one you ladies know what im talking about! :)

  • Adeline

    Has the stain problem being solve? Thinking of buying Galliera or Thames, like the galliera design more but got worried after reading complaint!!!Did LV do something to rectify the problem?

    • Mek-Mek

      I just received my Galliera PM handbag for Christmas and I am experiencing the straps of my bag having black dirty spots on the straps and around the rim at the front and back of the handbag. I love the bag and have not seen one to replace with, but I will be returning it to the store next weekend. I wish I had read the comments about the bag before my husband purchased it.

  • Morning Star

    Hi all, I am seriously considering to purchase this bag but am really worried about the staining problem. Does it happen to all Galliera bags or just some of them??
    Thanks a lot for your info!!

  • beeecky

    hi there, i have a question… i got my galliera in May of 2008 and my sisters each just got one the other day. Well I noticed on the buckle of theirs, it says Louis Vuitton whereas mine does not. I got mine from the LV store in Houston. Also the interior is a little different fabric …. does anyone know if they have changed them at all since they first came out in 2008?

    A reply is greatly appreciated!!


  • montana

    I just received the Galliera PM and Love it! It is the perfect size for someone 5’3 the GM is way too big ( leave that to Nicole Richie) that is one Trend that will be gone in a year or so. One more thing.. if you have to save for a bag you really shouldn’t buy one. Get someone to buy it for you !

    • She’s Brantastic

      Wow. There is absolutely nothing with being independent and buying your own bag, whether you have to save up to buy one or if you can buy one outright. It’s better to save up over time to make a pricey purchase instead of buying one up front that you can’t afford and getting into financial trouble. My hubby has bought me handbags but I also purchase them with my own money. You sound clueless and like someone that should NOT be giving out advice.

  • adeline

    I emailed LV to ask whether they have rectify the staining problem in January & they said will get back to me,but up to today I haven’t received any answer. Got the Artsy MM instead of Galliera,very happy with it as definately no staining problem by brass ring.

  • Welch

    According to the LV store in New Jersey, the Galliera bags are now made with pre-coated rings. I have had my bag for a month now and no problems. For other dirt stains, you can try a white eraser.

  • chris

    Considering buying a LV Galleria PM, but worried about the staining, has problem been solved, any other suggestions, thnx.

  • Liz

    I’m about to purchase the LV Galleria PM but not sure if it’s authentic. What can I look for to make sure I don’t purchase the fake one. They have this serial # TH1017 .

  • Amanda S.

    This is my 1st LV bag!! Loves it so much!! I bought it last month!!

  • Dawn L. Sherman

    Yes, this is soooooooooooo nice……. Obviously its expensive. I brought mine from http://www.designerdowned.com/ my friend paid $1200 for hers. I didn’t pay anything near that price. The purses were identical in quality, size, and material. Its was amazing….. Everybody in the world use your intelligence when shopping for bags as evidenced.

  • Natalie Sztern

    I need help to decide between GM Galliera or the GM Delightful…which is the least heaviest to carry? I hope someone can email me and let me know … I need a big bag: BUT not so heavy

  • crene

    I actually have both the GM and the PM, GM very large the PM would be great if the rings didnt continously loosen up, I have taken it twice to be repaired and they continue to loosen up,does not recommend this bag. But love LV

  • Cathyaguero

    my puppy chewed my strap and one of the buckles on my louis vuitton purse?? where can i have my purse repaired? i live in lakewood colorado.

  • Bagaholic TV

    Galliera is a very cool bag! I was torn between Delightfula and Galliera at some point but I chose Galliera. It’s the best city bag, very spacious and beautiful <3
    Here's the review of Galliera PM vs Delightful PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liYfurSSTtE