louis vuitton mini lin croisette speedy 30smWelcome to a slightly delayed Edition of Tuesdays with Twiggers! Cruise season is officially upon us! Although if you are like me you are merely thinking of turkey dinner and trying to finish up your holiday shopping. However, the idea of taking off on a cruise to a faraway island and leaving the husband to finish his own holiday shopping, decorate the tree, hang the decorations, and cook the Christmas dinner (all while toting a fabulous new Louis Vuitton bag) somehow appeals to me! The cruise season also makes me think of sun and fun;and the dreary Midwest is not going to be providing any of that for at least another 5-6 months!

Even though I’m not escaping to any distant islands this year, Louis Vuitton has still released some beautiful new bags that will help get me through the dreary winter months. The new Mini Lin Croisette line was released on November 1 and contains a great selection of handbags and accessories sure to please everyone. The Mini Lin Croisette is a variation of the traditional Mini Lin line, part of the permanent collection; however, for the cruise collection the bags now come in two new colors, red and blue, and are subtly striped. When I picture red and white stripes I automatically think of candy canes, but not so with these new bags! The bags are trimmed in a gorgeous white pebbled leather. I am very impressed with this new collection and am curious to find out what you think too!

Items released and prices in USD:

Louis Vuitton Marina PM $1,290
louis vuitton mini lin croisette marina pm

Louis Vuitton Marina GM $1,610
louis vuitton mini lin croisette marina gm

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 $805
louis vuitton mini lin croisette speedy 30

Louis Vuitton French Purse (Wallet) $645
louis vuitton mini lin croisette french purse

Louis Vuitton Keychain $450
louis vuitton mini lin croisette keychain

To purchase yours today please visit: www.eluxury.com or call 1-866-VUITTON. Visit this forum thread for more images and information on this new line.

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  • susan

    i think it’s pretty! :grin:
    i’m going to paris, should i get it over there?

    • Marissa

      Of course you should :roll:

    • andrea mascarello

      … i just bought it in germany with the bijou de sac croisette.
      it looks gorgerous. the perfect summer bag.

  • labellabonita

    i already have the blue speedy and the ball keychain in blue also…really nice but i don’t like the marina…

    • ann


  • Fendishgirl

    Material reminds me of a mattress. :lol:

  • Jahpson

    I am really feeling the Marina GM

  • ohnini

    I recently tried these on at my local LV store. The Red looks pink in person, and I think the blue is more attractive. The Marina GM is Huge, and the strap is very long…to be worn across the body, but I don’t wear my bags that way. I didn’t like the Marina PM at first, but when I tried it on it was SO CUTE! I’m not a speedy fan, because I like a shoulder strap. I want to get one for Christmas, but my husband thinks it will get too dirty. I might have some convincing to do. Do any of you have a light bag? Like the White Damier? And did you have problems showing dirt? I’d like opinions before I commit :lol:

  • tinkie

    I just came back from the LV store today and bought this:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    I love it!

  • tinkie

    Just realized you can’t click on the link… Well, it’s a link to the new Mini Lin Croisette French Purse (in red). Soooo cute!

  • dollbag

    is there a pochette in it?

  • hns4ever

    Yup, I have the blue speedy as well. It looks even better than the picture…I am loving it!

    • ohnini

      How long have you been using it? Let us know how it holds up against dirt.

      • hns4ever

        I’ve only had it for about a week. The blue speedy seems to be running out fast at the LV stores. I’d imagine that it would hold up against dirt as in my experience, designer bags that are in the lighter colors seem to do well over time.

  • Christina

    i love the marina! im so getting myself one!

  • anji

    Girls… how much does an Original speedy LV costs from the store?? I dont have an LV yet, and i wana get one….. :cry:

  • zarsophia

    Hey..I just got the blue speedy 30 as a birthday present this morning!!! My bf bought the bag at LV online store and it took about 3 days to arrive. I was gonna pick the red one but thought that it won’t go well with some colours. All in all, I really love the bag sooo much. It has plenty of spaces and look gorgeous with any clothes you’re wearing. UK price- GBP 385

  • anji

    I got my first LV bag today :grin: its very classy… im very happy…….

  • anji

    Thank you zarsophia for answering my question.. I got the brown speedy 30… and it is amazing:)

  • syndy

    buy in London is cheaper or buy from eluxury, im from singapore. :eek:

  • andrea mascarello

    … i just bought my new speedy mini lin croisette rouge with the bijou de sac croisette. This bag is amazing!!!
    I thougt my other LV bag ( the perfo speedy fuchsia) is the greatest bag i’ve ever seen but know…

  • Brit

    Just went and got the Speedy in the blue and the vernis sunset blvd yesterday, just took them out of boxes and super cute. Has your speedy’s from nov. held up?

  • I have cream coloured. I fell in love with it at the first time I saw. I agree with @ohnini,, it just fit with a teenage girl body. Especially because i am a uni student,, LV marina just suits!!
    i love it,, but it easily get dirty.. hum ='[

  • ebay

    hi can somebody tell me how to spot a fake speedy like this item no in ebay?

  • cintia

    i would like to have the gm marina in red and blue and also spedy they are amazing handbags.

  • mavis

    where can I buy this range of bags now?? pls advise.

  • Megan

    I absolutely love this line of bags. I have the Marina GM in blue and it was big but it held so much of my stuff. It was a great bday present, as i bought it november 2007 =). if anyones still looking to buy one, i know they’re not selling them in stores or online anymore but im selling mine on ebay so i can put that towards getting a new one =). Just in case anyone wanted to get one, now’s the time.

    • Allison

      OMG, I have been searching for this bag for forever! Do you still have it and do you want to sell it?? ahfessenden@gmail.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  • Hazel

    Hi Megan, I’m quite interested. Any pics of it for the Marina GM in blue?