Louis Vuitton Mahina
Louis Vuitton Mahina

Louis Vuitton has done it again. They have made a bag that is pricey and highly sought after. Last time I was in Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour I ran into a member of Purse Forum. She was desperately looking for the Mahina, but they were out, as have been many Louis Vuitton boutiques. We reported on the Louis Vuitton Mahina when it was first released (dubbed the Louis Vuitton XL and XXL) and since then there has been Mahina mayhem. But the bags, both in XL and XXL are available in eLuxury right now. The XL costs $3100 while the XXL costs $3900. Told you, expensive, yet understated with the monogram LV and the large slouch. Grab it while you can!

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  • nadia

    Love it love it love it!! But why sooo expensive?? Every season the price of bags is jumping. Why? Why? Enough!

    • pinkfashion

      why are the prices so high? Because Louis Vuitton is owned by a multinational corporation, which only wants your money :evil: . With the exception of Chanel and Hermes, all of the big name luxury brands are now owned by Multinational companies, and worse than that, all of these bags are made in China, with extremely minimal labor done in Italy, sometimes the only thing done in Italy is to place the Made in Italy label. How do I know this? Read
      Deluxe, how luxury lost its luster. The author was a fashion writer for years, and explains exactly where and why your Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc were made. For myself, I try to stick to Channel now, thank God for Karl Lagerfeld

    • ricci

      Preach Nadia

      why I dont understand is every year LV bags are more and more expensive. Then you wonder why people (myself included) buy fakes. I am so sorry I can’t see myself buying a 3,000 bag just because. What gets me is when people on their high horse that wants to scream bloody murder because you are buying fakes. Like I say, they will be alright, because as long as LV and all the others continue to increase on there bags, it will always be someone in the wings that is willing to sell the knock-off

  • mette

    This bag is too pussy,too baggy for my taste and the price is too high too.

  • abilicious

    Reminds me of the Jimmy choo Alex. This is just a little bit mroe slouchy.

  • Susu

    I like this bag ( in black only) but I still prefer the Nimbus GM.

  • jillyb

    Waay over my price range, but I wish it weren’t. I love it in the white, it shows the pattern much better. But I’d take either one if I had that kind of money.

    • Kaly

      I love the white too.

  • Jaime

    I bought both Mahina white XL and Mahina XXL from Beubag.com which were very good qaultiy absolutely love them!!!

    • Marissa

      Here at The Purse Blog all of us :evil: HATE :evil: fakes or as Beubag says replicas :roll: , so next time, please dont post anything about you buying fakes.

  • Amie

    Mette, I think YOU are queer! :razz: Why do you find it necessary to make a negative comment on all of the bag listed? Why would you describe a bag as “pussy”? BTW: English isn’t my native language either but I don’t find it necessary to describe a bag as “queer” or “pussy.”

  • Dominique

    Yeah – don’t get the “pussy” comment. Gross. Love the bag. Really, really pricey.

  • Allie

    I like this bag but the black seems really boring for the price and the white reminds me of a dingy hospital white. Personally, I think that it isnt unique enough for the price but the black could be a good basic.

  • karry kasim

    love this bag, but i wish they would make one smaller…

  • Kelley

    Love it alot! Wish I had one in both colors. :mrgreen:

  • mette

    Amie: Maybe I just have not seen many nice bags on this site. I know there are lots of beautiful ones,but only few reach this blog-in my opinion. The word pussy is one of my own,just trying to be creative; merely trying to describe it. Use your imagination: a pussycat who has curled herself/himself for a lazy nap.

  • mette

    Amie: One more thing. I have understood that we are here changing opinions on bags,fashion. I think it is far more insulting to comment on people. I might be queer in some ways,but I don´t think that it is your right to judge me based only by one comment of mine,where I wrote that a bag looks queer. I think you own me an apology,that is if you are mature enough for it.

  • mizztissa

    Very nice. Still prefer a theda or a petite noe.
    But that would look great with the right heels!

  • Jackie

    Saw it several times. Caught my attention just because it had a new look, and was LV. However, i find it too slouchy for my taste. Waaaay too expensive also! :roll:

  • mette

    Amie: Still waiting for your apology for insulting me in your comment!

  • Anna

    Marissa, thanks for voicing this for us.
    Why buy fakes and think something is real when it’s not, why support people that make counterfeit goods- sad!

  • guili

    As gorgeous as expensive!

  • Ms. Diamondz

    i love the bag but its really pricey

  • jennzpurseblog

    i absolutely looooove this bag!!! it’s a trendy shape and is comfortable to hold… and even though you can’t see the LV clearly, it’s still the bomb bag cause u know it’s LV and it’s great quality :mrgreen:

  • danielle

    I don’t really like the bag… look unwieldy to me and the colours are drab.

  • Catch

    love it from the very first time! thought about it for weeks cause it’s so pricey. finally i bought the white XL. it’s such a classic beauty!! the XXL is way too big unless you have the size of a giant.

  • blondecat

    I have fallen deeply in love with this bag. :wink: Went to a Vuitton store today to fondle one, but they were out of stock. :sad: They will be getting one in shipped next week with my name on it. :cool: PRICEY? Yes, very… But I must have this one or I will perish, I know it.

  • duducute

    lovvvv it!!! but way to expensive :cry:

  • NAtalie

    Hi everyone. I have finally decided to buy a Mahina, but am debating the colour. I absolutely adore the white, but worry about how dirty it is going to get. Does anyone have the white and how has it been for you? How often do you use it?


  • Steph

    Hey there, have u bought the bag? I m getting one n m facing the same problem as u. I find that both colours are nice, in fact white may stand out more than the black? but the difficulty in maintaining the white is holding me back. Got a feeling i may go for black in the end. Coz i cant afford to get bags at tis sorta price range often and so it is a bag that i wld use for a some time…so guess black may be a wiser choice for me. Good ting is that either can be easily matched :P

  • lj

    i have a black mahina xl abd i so so so LOVE it!!!its worth the price!im planning to purchase the ivory one soon too.

  • jerry

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  • ggrenouille

    I was never a big fan of LV but personally I LOVE big bags. This one is absolutely amazing and subtle without it screaming hey I’m an LV bag. I cracked bought the XL in bronze which goes with almost everything in my closet. It’s super soft, eye catching, and not too overwhelming even if I’m 4’11”. My new all purpose ‘MOM/IT’ bag. YAY!!!

  • fab01

    Replicas are not the same as fakes, in that they aren’t illegal to sale or own. Replicas are just that, replicas. Fakes and couterfeits are items that are being passed off as being the real thing when they are not. So get over it.

  • I don’t know who or what CHANNEL is (I guess Mette likes fake Chanels *cough*), but the queer/pussy is obviously mette. It’s so pathetic to call an inanimate object such insulting names. What a retard. Mette, you’re a queer. Go cry in the corner idiot.

  • tracy

    OK, does anyone know about beubag? How is the quality. I hate knock-offs, but with purse prices the way they are going..UP, and the number of fabulous bags out there, I have no choice. Please, anyone, let me know. Thanks. Please, I want honest answers. Thanks

  • ky

    mahina is my frens name (:

  • MQ

    oh my gosh! my name is mahina :O

  • Suzie

    On eluxury.com, it shows Mahina L, Biscute colour. I am so in love with the bag but too pricey…. LV should not market their product merely for the super rich but for ppl like us too, who is willing to buy more bags with reasonable price… I hope they are reading all these post

  • confused

    I am a petite person..don’t know if I should get the Mahina L in Elephant Grey or the Surya XL in Grey.

  • Wowseriously?

    It’s a nice bag, but $3000? Anyone who buys this is a ridiculous person!
    You can buy five/six years worth of textbooks with that kind of money.
    Or pay half your tuition fees!
    And never have to worry about car insurance for your shitty used vehicle for a long time!
    Wow, wish I had $3000 I could throw away on a handbag.
    People are crazy. Before anybody buys this bag, I encourage them to think about people who could really use $3000. Like, really.
    Haha, go sponsor a local, starving college student instead!
    HA HA HA HA.
    The world is a sad place indeed.

  • tia

    Anyone want to let go their pre-loved mahina?? I would love to buy it :)

  • Anna74

    About a month ago I was grappling between the purchase of the Mahina XL bronze or Biscuit (I was inclined to go for the bronze) and the Gucci sukey large tote brown python. Please see the link for an image of the gucci


    Which should I have picked?

  • Anna74

    I guess you should have the benefit of viewing the Mahina bronze as well before deciding. here is the link.


  • Anna74

    Don’t mean to direct you to the LV website but that bag looks best in their site. just type ‘mahina bronze’ in the search bar of their site you should see it.

  • Anna74

    by the way wowseriously, i happen to sponsor a child through World vision and donate groceries to a home for orphaned girls every month. I also happen to love my handbags. You can do both you know! You might be in a tough place right now but if you had the money I think you might want to indulge in something that makes you feel good as well.

  • Lieu

    Ana74- I have the Mahina L- Mordore (bronze) & I love her to death! I’d pick it over Gucci anyday!! By the way, howcome so much negative energy here? I was reading thru the comments and some people aren’t very nice. Good luck Ana74!

  • Anna

    Lieu – Appreciate the advice and I can so see why you went with the Mahina. It is awesome. I think the bronze is something else but I went with the Gucci. Thus far no regrets. It is GORGEOUS! enjoy your Mahina.

  • Kat

    Ok, I just saw the cognac color in Mahina in large at the store and I am totally obsessing over this bag. The color is goregous with the gold hardware.

  • Lovebag100

    LOVE LOVE LOVE….had to grab one of the last XL Bisquit color ones.
    The color was seasonal so no more…..
    The color is so “warm” perfect for all seasons
    I agree, the price is OUCH! but the leather is soooooo soft…LOVE IT

  • shopgirl647

    Just bought the Mahina L in Chocolate, it’s fabulous!!! I use this bag now even more than the other LVs as I can also use it as a mommy bag when going out with my kids.

  • Reez

    I have one, the biscuit colour…It’s the most beautiful non-monogram LV EVAAA!!!

  • Roxy

    I LOVE SO MUCH THIS BAG, I own Mahina Gris L….is the best purse of my personal collection…the price is high but it worth it!

  • Keekee

    Cant find these bags anymore… sob.. i checked on LV website France, UK, Germany and Italy… i’d love to buy one in any color.. but it’s no longer available..
    I live in Indonesia, they still have it in LV Boutiques in Indonesia but the price for this bag here is like 50%-60% more than the price in Europe… sigh… i hope LV will produce another model soon from Mahina line that can replace this bag from my No.1 wishlists…

    • TIa

      Are you sure KeeKee? Cuz last time I checked (this morning) still available. The colour are seasonal but if u after black, according to the SA it is permanent collection. So if they sold out, they might be able to put u on the waiting list. However, if u after colour one (chocolate or white) its only seasonal.
      How much rupiah anyway? I used to live in indo :)

      • Keekee

        Hi Tia.. I checked in LV Boutique in Jakarta, they only have the balck one. They just shipped it from LV Boutique in Surabaya aperantly.. Its IDR30.950.000,- (price for this week, as they keep changing the price weekly depend on the USD rate) today’s rate is IDR 8.900,- per USD. Soo.. it costs around USD3.500,-
        I think im gonna get it. I was after the chocolate actually… You are right, its seasonal .. they dont have it anymore. Not even in Singapore :(
        Im not willing to wait until i go to europe myself to buy the black one coz im afraid it’ll be discountinue by the time i get to europe. Though i know it’ll cost a lot cheaper in Paris… also with the 12% tax refund… They no longer put this bag on the catalogue on LV website in US.. so that worries me..
        Sadly I dont live in Jakarta, so hopefully by the time i get to Jakarta this bag is still available as it is the only one they have left in the stock…

      • Keekee

        Tia.. do u live in europe? in which boutique did u see this bag exactly..? Maybe i can ask a friend of mine who lives in Europe to check this bag for me in the Boutique. Im sure they no longer have this bag in UK though..
        What color did u see?

  • TIa

    KeeKee, I lives in Melbourne. I only checked thru website the other day cuz my aunty is going to europe, so I was checking what colour is available. But sometimes even u checked the website and it said available, by the time u got there it probably sold out :(
    I’m after black. so I can easily get in any country since black is permanent colour for mahina collection.
    I’m not sure if the chocolate colour available in melb or syd. The price here is AU$4530 and 10% refund if u go overseas. Hope u get the chocolate keekee, its such a beautiful bag :)

    • Keekee

      Hi Tia, thanx for the info… Ouch.. it costs more in Australia than Indonesia?
      AU$4350 is for the Mahina L right? Back in December when the dollar was IDR12.000,- against Rupiah, Mahina costs like IDR55.000.000,- around USD4.600,- CRAZYYH!! that was unbelievable considering the price for Mahina L in Paris is below EUR2,000,-
      I believe the price for Mahina L in Paris right now (if they still have it in stock that is) would be EUR1.840,- and u’ll get 12% tax refund..
      Are you sure that black is still available in most country Tia? Coz I’ve actually emailed LV UK and Germany and they told me they no longer have it. All colors sold out except for white. Then i asked a friend of mine in Milan to check it in LV Boutique in Milan and Austria.. same thing.. all colors sold out!
      Then i called LV Singapore and they told me they only have the white and burgundy left in their stock.. no black.. no chocolate.. the price in Singapore is SGD4.300,- for L and SGD5.100,- for XL..
      I’m going to Jakarta end of this month, so hopefully….. by the time i get there they still have Mahina L in black in their stock.. otherwise… i’ll be very very broken hearted indeed!
      FYI.. if u’re after the black or chocolate, they still have it in stock in LV Dubai though.. (yup! I called LV Dubai too!) it cost 10.600,- Dirham.. so if u have friends there u could ask them to save it for u…
      If by end of this month my pretty Mahina L bag is gone from the boutique in Jakarta, i’ll ask a friend of my friend who live in Dubai to get me the chocolate one…
      I am that desperate! :(
      Hope your aunty can get u the black one Tia.. you are right… its such a beautiful bag :)

      • Tia

        Hi KeeKee

        I was talking about MAHINA XL :) LOL….little bit of misunderstanding here. I’m thinking just little bit different it terms of $$ so might get the XL. i love BIG bags.
        Hopefully by the time my aunty got there (Europe) the bag still there. The flight has been cancelled due to this volcanic thingy somewhere around Europe…so i can only pray that they still have the Black Mahina XL.
        Well good luck to you…can’t wait to see and feel the bag….

      • Keekee

        Hi Tia.. a friend of mine is traveling to Moscow tonight and then to Edinburgh and London, i’ll ask him if he can check in LV store for Mahina L and XL in black. You’re looking for XL Black right? the brown one is definetly out of stock.. so there’s no chance for me to get my hands on the brown one in europe… i’ll let u know when he’s back around 2 weeks from now.. ok..

  • Tia

    Keekee, Thanks for that. I went to sydney yesterday and went to LV store there and found XL in chocolate (acajou) ? . I dont think they have the L size though. i guess the L maybe more popular than the XL size.

  • Tia

    keekee…sorry just realised that chocolate and acajou are different colour…cuz acajou colour looks like chocolate to me but in fact it is bit lighter than chocolate. :)

    • Keekee

      Tia, yea acajou is lighter than chocolate.. thnax for tellin me though.. btw.. my friend just left LV Boutique in Edinburgh.. no Mahina L or XL at all.. not in any color!
      He’s going to London end of this week.. He’s going to check LV boutique in Harrods and Sloane Street..
      To what country in europe is your aunty going? I heard they lifted the flight ban in europe, so she’ll be able to travel now.. Good luck on that ok.. i’ll keep you posted about LV London..

  • Keekee

    Tia.. the only Mahina left in U.K is in white color.. only available in London in LV Knightsbridge boutique :(
    I finally bought mine in Jakarta.. Mahina L in Black… the very last one!!!
    its alot more expensive than Europe but well.. everywhere else is sold out.. had no choice!
    Im Loving my Mahina… :)

    • Tia

      Hi Keekee, just wondering if u still loving ur Mahina. I haven’t buy the bag yet cuz I’ve been so naughty and bought other bag instead. Now I have to really focus to try getting my mahina :)

  • Tia

    Hi KeeKee…so happy that u got ur mahina. I went to the store and had a look the acajou colour….i love that colour now….so confuse now..black or acajou :(sold out everywhere :( hiks hiks

  • Sylvia

    Hi, i have the mahina xxl in white. The handle started to look dirty. Can anybody help me how to clean it?

    • Tia


      U van just bring the bag to ur nearest LV boutique, they should be able to clean ur bag. Not sure if they can get rid of the dirty handle if that permanent stain, but the I normally bring my monogram bags and get them to clean it. It’s like a yearly service for ur car :)

  • carven

    LV MAHINA how much in malaysia RM…(Ringgit)
    is’t new arrival?

  • angel

    i got this one LV Mahina XL white color
    bought from SG 4950SGD
    i hope can sell out
    who r interest price can be discuss
    pls email me : bbangel_0501@hotmail.com

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