Louis Vuitton Venice Italy

Finally back in the swing of things, Vlad and I wanted to share a little bit of our Italian vacation with all of you. Between Milan, Venice, and Florence, I must admit that my favorite city was indeed Venice. It may have been the 5 Star hotel or the gorgeous people, the stunning weather or the breeze of the water, the delectable food or just spending time in an amazing place with amazing people. Either way, Venice topped my list as my favorite city. Situated a mere few hundred feet from Piazza San Marco, the Louis Vuitton Venice location boasted a stunning location in a quaint three floor layout. Vlad was tempted to buy a pair of shoes, but decided to pass and splurge on Tod’s shoes instead, while I made my way up the spiral staircase to check out some gorgeous travel gear and the LV Onatah GM. The Onatah line sports supple calfskin leather which is dyed and then softened by being drummed. The LV monogram is intricately perforated into the bag. Vlad and I really fell in love with this Louis Vuitton location, but found better bags at other designer stores while in Venice. Stay tuned for more of our trip in the upcoming days! As always, shop for authentic Louis Vuitton via eLuxury.

louis vuitton onatah gm

Picture of stunning Piazza San Marco below!

Piazza San Marco

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  • Tina

    I am drooling…… :shock:
    I wish I could go to lovely Venice. The pics are beautiful.

  • Alice

    Tina, I live near Venice and you are not loosing anything special! It has a bad smell, there is so damn cold in the windy winter. Maybe Venice it’s ok for 1 day holiday, but if you have to work there or go there for work it’s your nightmire, believe me!!! :sad:

    • Tina

      Awww, I guess it’s appeal is only short lasted, unless you have tons of money to not care about the elements. :???:
      I feel this way about Las Vegas, NV. I only like to be there for a few days and no more. I used to live there and know what it is like day in and day out. The traffic is awful and it’s soooooo hot.
      Well, I’ll have to remember when I plan a trip to Venice, I will only stay a few days, or bring tons of money. :smile:

  • Alice- that is such a negative view on a stunning city!!!! I thought it was just beautiful :grin:

  • cosmofunshop

    wish I were there… gorgeous view.

    Love the onatah white…

  • A-T-G

    I spent nearly two weeks there in the early spring. Still cold, but, so lovely! I want to go back! It’s gorgeous and the people are so friendly–if I could live there, I would do it in a minute! Even with the Aqua Alta and freezing rain (I know cold rain! I lived in SF for nearly 12 years!).

    Thanks Megs for posting pics! It makes me smile whenever I see pictures of Venice!

  • llson

    ‘They say’ you either love Venice or hate Venice, that there is no inbetween, I’ve been there 3 times and love it. Venice has it’s own unique charm. I think the key is to look at the beauty and overlook the negatives, it truly is like no other place. Glad you had a great vacation!!

  • Negin

    Alice, where do you live near Venice? I was in Treviso for a short period of time, when we accidentally missed our flight out of Venice to Paris :). Treviso was a nice change from Venice – a semi-normal, not so touristy town.

  • Brina

    I live in Treviso. I don’t want to sound too “local proud” but I really think our town is very nice, small and fashinating, with a medieval city center (where I’m lucky enough to live) where we don’t miss anything: breath taking views, churches, shops and all our favourite brands. I don’t have to shop online: I have any brand I desider in the stores ’round my house.
    We live well, in a safe and clean environment, altough we don’t have the millons NYC opportunities or London’s open mind. But if I want that I just catch a plane…
    Venice and the seaside is 30 minutes by car and Cortina D’Ampezzo (mountain) in 1 hour.
    Last: I agree Venice’s hinterland (Mestre, Marghera, etc. ) as any industrial site is not interesting at all, but Venice Island…I’ll never get used to its beauty.
    Nice pics, Megs

  • Alice

    Meg, it’s probably because I’m used to Venice since I was a little child. Last winter a pigeon did …. on my coat and another time on my Gucci favourite bag so… :evil:

    I live close to Treviso!! :eek: Yes, I agree, Treviso is beautiful! :)
    Negin, Treviso has its tourist attractions but they are not famous abroad like Venice! :wink:

    Brina, I live close to Montebelluna!!

  • zhandra

    hi! would u mind if i ask how much is the louis vuitton speedy25 and 30 in venice? also the pochette accessoires mono canvas? :smile:

  • vixen_1013

    I’ve never been, but the picture of Venice sure looks lovely. Wish I could go see it this summer..and all of Italy wouldn’t hurt either;)

  • Alice

    The speedy 25 is 420 euro. The pochette should be about 200.

  • Lisete

    i wish i could be 1 in the crowd.
    perhaps if i was taller, at least i could see where i was going. :cool:
    but seriously i would love 2 go 2 famous Venice.i plan 2 do so when i became rich.

  • angel

    where i can buy this handbag ? Can i buy at MALAYSIA KULA LUMPUR BRANCH?

  • Sherelle

    i luv da purse n maybe i’ll consider visiting Venice one day :cool:

  • Jann

    i luv dat bag. its so nice. hope i can go to venice by end of the year… and i will be shopping like mad then…

  • jawda

    dude i friggin hate luis vuitton :evil:

  • Emma

    Im going 2 Venice in August 4 my bday.It looks beautiful i dont want to be let down!!
    Cant wait 2 shop in Louis Vuitton!

  • fashionista

    belle, bella :grin:

  • Rhonda

    I’m in Marcon which is just a short distance from Venice. It is still considered part of Venenzia (I think I spelled that right). Here on business. Was here in Nov and the weather was not too bad. Folks here acted like it was freezing with long coats, gloves, scarves and all bundled up. To me it was nice, all I needed most days was a long sleeve shirt to be comfy. I’m here again in January and it is cold. The fog is so thick that you cannot see more than a few feet in front of you. I like the area, folks are friendly, great shopping, but I must agree about Venice Island. Not sure, now that I’ve been here that I would spend my own money to come back for vacation.

  • Shameme Adams

    Well it really looks a beautiful place and i am due to visit Venice next month with my Mum, it’s both our dream!!. We visited Pisa, last year (as i love landmarks and wanted to see The Leaning Tower)! and so it’s Italy again. If anyone fancies making a new British friend who lives there then feel free to email me (Italians are so adorable)! email shameme.adams@gmail.com. I think itt looks a really unique place.

    Shameme x

    P.S. Can’t wait to get in a Gondola!.

  • Marsha


  • jere stuckey

    We were in your beautiful store on June 2, 2010. We priced your “Never Full” bag but were unable to get back to the store to order. Is it possible to order from the United States? We were interested in the mediuim size in the light color. Thank you, Jere Stuckey

  • Naggy

    It looks extremely boring. (ipad)

  • Riamar19

    I am visiting soon…can’t wait to own my first LV :). I hope to find the location easily.