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Louis Vuitton Hops on the Pillow Trend with New LV Pillow Bags

Run, don't walk, these bags are sure to sell out fast!

For his Spring/Summer 2021 show, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière introduced an emblematic shoe, the Pillow Boot, which instantly became a hit. Now, inspired by the Pillow Boot itself, Louis Vuitton introduces a new line of handbags, outfitting some of its most iconic silhouettes in pillowy, puffy nylon.

New Pillow Bags, New Sustainable Material

The line expands upon the House’s continued efforts of environmental responsibility. Each piece is crafted from ECONYL®, a recycled Nylon fiber, furthering the House’s commitment to a sustainable creative strategy. This unique material is environmentally friendly, but it also provides durability and enhanced comfort due to its incredible lightness.

For this collection, Louis Vuitton chose some of its most beloved silhouettes, like the Onthego, Speedy, and Multi-Pochette, plus a pillow-style backpack. A new classic for the brand, the Twist, appears with a recycled nylon strap. In keeping with the line’s spirit of sustainability, a leather patch, sewn from existing stocks, is sewn inside each model, bearing a signature LV logo. As a whole, the four nylon silhouettes contain 90% sustainably sourced materials, which is a notable accomplishment for the House. Additionally, the Monogram canvas details are made from a pattern that minimizes offcuts.

The collection consists of mostly earth tones, complimenting the puffy nylon material, which is embroidered with the brand’s iconic LV logo and classic Monogram flowers. However, if you’re looking for a bag that pops, there’s also the bright pink Multi-Pochette version. These fun, on-trend iterations of Louis Vuitton’s fan-favorite silhouettes are sure to be a big hit.

Pricing and Availability

  • Onthego GM – $3,250
  • Speedy Bandouliere – $2,100
  • Maxi Multi-Pochette – $2,430
  • Backpack – $2,930

LV Pillow launched in stores on October 29th, and is coming soon to Discover below.


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  1. JaimeG Avatar

    Those prices and Nylon…this can’t be equivalent to fine leather. I’ll pass.

    1. Sandy Avatar


    2. KatherineS16 Avatar

      exactly what I said lol only a dummy would buy this

    3. Kimberly Eley Avatar
      Kimberly Eley

      i’m with you

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Yikes leave it to LV to make the ugliest version of a trend

    1. MickeyDs Avatar


    2. Jeffers Avatar

      My thoughts exactly. It’s hideous.

  3. Anika Avatar

    They must be having a laugh at LV HQ!

  4. Alyssa Avatar

    Not a fan!!!!

  5. Jasmine Brown Avatar
    Jasmine Brown

    I will stick to Prada Nylon

  6. LaToshia Avatar


  7. Renée B Avatar
    Renée B

    😀 No thanks. Rather save up for some real leather that looks fab.

  8. KatherineS16 Avatar

    its NYLON, people! one of the cheapest materials out there. regardless who stamps their name/logo on it. Dont be an idi0t and buy actual LEATHER. they are laughing all the way to the bank on this because the COST to make 1 bag was about $20 lol

    1. Amazona Avatar

      If you want a nylon bag and not leather, then buy nylon. Just don’t be silly and pay 50 times the price of what a sensible person will pay for a nylon bag…

  9. CrystalD Avatar


  10. Tr tr Avatar
    Tr tr

    These bags are truly hideously ugly! That tan crap looks like something that came out of a baby bottom!! And they are really not going sustainable. If they really were they would be ramping up canvas production and ramping down leather production and they’re going in the other direction. It’s too bad because LV will never be H when it comes to leather bags. I’m really disappointed they’re not doing a sustainable thing they already excel out more often. This collection is an epic fail as far as I’m concerned🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  11. Valvanuz Garcia-oliva Avatar
    Valvanuz Garcia-oliva

    I love it. We want sustainable options of luxury trends. Besides, I avoid leather for the ethical aspect of it. No need to use animals to look good. Bravo to LV

    1. K D Avatar
      K D

      Can they make it sustainable and nice looking?

    2. Pat Avatar

      I see reasons with you, it mustn’t always be what it has ever been.

  12. Laura C Jacobs Avatar
    Laura C Jacobs

    I actually like the Speedy 25 in khaki. Yes, it leans toward the tacky side but for some reason — earthy tones? — it appeals to me. But I definitely NOT like the price point.

  13. Ed B Avatar
    Ed B

    I actually have no obsession with buying leather – I’ll happily support more sustainable materials. And in regards to nylon costing less – even if ethical nylon was dirt cheap, we never pay the actual price for these luxury items anyway. You telling me a leather bag of theirs costs thousands of dollars just cause of the leather cost? Of course not.

    that said, these are ugly, sorry LV.

  14. bwize Avatar

    It looks like inflatables. Ridiculous and not practical to buy for LV. Very disappointing and for the price point no way I will buy this even I have millions and billions of money. How could they allow those ugly pieces.

  15. Charlotte Avatar

    I agree with sustainability, but the price needs to be “sustainable” too!

  16. rufiny Avatar

    They successfully caught eyeballs for being the newest most expensive hideous bag out there (after BV). Seldom had bags stir up emotions like some politicians do.

  17. PAMELA WALTER Avatar


  18. Eryn Lasgalen Avatar
    Eryn Lasgalen

    That looks like a pair of pantyhose got mangled around an old pillow in the dryer.

  19. CJ WOODS Avatar

    I purchased the speedy in black and really like
    the feel and weight of the bag. I don’t always require leather and like something different. Besides, Prada has convinced customers to purchase this material for years. Just because it’s LV is why so many harsh comments.

    1. DenaliR16 Avatar

      yes, the uneducated public has been “convinced” to buy nylon from Prada for years lol and they keep making it. What’s next, PVC or burlap that costs the same as diamonds?

  20. Jasmine Avatar

    How do you expect people to be sustainable if they can’t afford it, or don’t get their money’s worth. Sigh.

  21. Saga Avatar

    The greed that LV is displaying is on another level. Frequent price increases for poorer and poorer quality.
    Wretched rubbish at astronomical prices.

  22. Taetae Avatar

    Just the fact it will get dirty so easily makes it a no for me

  23. Aspen Avatar


  24. Passerine Avatar

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bag so universally disliked here on PB. I hope somebody from LV gets the message!

  25. Courtney Sides Avatar
    Courtney Sides

    Do you think there is anywhere that these are or will be available to purchase??

  26. Lia Avatar

    “No sank you!”, as we say here in Japan.

  27. Lisa Brady Avatar
    Lisa Brady

    Looking at this bag in person and it is really cute. Convertible and easy to carry. I love it!

    1. Maples Avatar

      I agree. I was able to take a look of the bag last weekend….. I ended up buying the bag. I love it.

      1. J C Avatar
        J C

        I LOVE it and can’t get my hands on it!

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