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Louis Vuitton Goes Digital Once Again With the VIA Tile Trunk

Add to your digital collection for just 6000€...

Fashion and the digital asset world collide with Louis Vuitton’s latest venture, and if you’re an NFT collector, listen up because stock is limited.

Envisioned by Nicolas Ghesquière, Artistic Director of Women’s Collections, the VIA Tile Trunk represents a significant milestone in the brand’s digital space – a journey that transcends the ordinary. For the first time, Ghesquière has contributed to the brand’s digital offerings.

An Unprecedented Adventure

Serving as a starting point for the adventure of the VIA Tile Trunk, the iconic Champs-Élysées, home to Louis Vuitton’s flagship, is part of the digital asset’s unique story. The mini trunk itself appears in the brand’s classic Damier motif, instantly recognizable as Louis Vuitton. Fans of the brand will recall the physical version from the Spring/Summer 2024 runway.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 27

Surrounded by an orange glow, similar to how the bag was presented on the runway, the VIA Tile Trunk is a transferrable digital collectible that embraces the Maison’s commitment to innovation while pushing the boundaries of luxury. Choosing a trunk for his first foray into the digital world makes sense for Ghesquière, as it embodies Louis Vuitton’s DNA, an ode to the spirit of travel, done in a way different than ever before.

Accessible exclusively to VIA Tile Trunk owners, this NFT is an extremely limited edition. With only 200 units available, digital collectors and Louis Vuitton fans alike will be clamoring to get their hands (trackpads?) on one.

It is priced at 6000€. Claim for the VIA Tile Trunk begins in March, and you can purchase via Louis Vuitton with your digital wallet.


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