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Even if you missed the initial photos from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 runway show in Paris, you’ve probably seen chatter around the fashion Internet concerning the show’s most buzz-worthy piece: the Louis Vuitton Etui iPhone 7 Case, inspired by the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Clutch. Solid information has been scarce, but we’ve scoured fashion sites, social media and message boards to find all the details available, including prices, pics and when the already sought-after cases might be available for purchase.

The Petite Malle was one of creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first bag debuts when he took the helm at Louis Vuitton in 2013, and its tiny, trunk-like shape has proved a strong canvas for a variety of leathers, prints and embellishments. For Spring 2017, many of those key details, including the Petite Malle’s trim and lock, have been reimagined in the form of the Etui Case, which will be available for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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So far, we know both sizes will be available in several of LV’s printed canvases, as well as crocodile. In the US, the canvas versions are priced at $1,155 for the 7 and $1,230 for the 7 Plus, according to quotes given to one of our PurseForum members by her sales associate at Vuitton. We don’t know US prices for exotics yet, but we’ll update this post when we find out. For the Eurozone market, a Malaysian Louis Vuitton sales associate on Instagram has quoted those prices as €800 and €859 for the 7 and 7 Plus in canvas, while she says crocodile will be approximately €3,500 and €3,800.

We’ve found no specific release dates for the cases yet, and our tPFers have been told several different things by their sales associates at Louis Vuitton; one shopper had heard the Etui will hit stores as early as late November (in time for holiday gifts!), while others have heard it’ll be January at the earliest. Either way, if you think you’ll be wanting on of these cases, it would be wise to contact your local Louis Vuitton boutique and put an order in now–we’ve seen enough chatter to think that these cases will generate a considerable wait list, and based on their prominent position on the runway and their pre-show tease on Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Instagram, Vuitton seems confident that demand will be high when they hit stores.

Even though four figures for an iPhone case was enough to make plenty of Vuitton-obsessed tPFers feel skeptical, the cases are far more detailed than the ones you see similar brands selling in the mid-three figures. Not only do many of the Petite Malle’s finishes make the transition from bag to case, but the Etui cases also come with a clochette to store the wireless earbuds that will now be necessary without the previous iPhones’ audio jack. It looks like the brand went to pains to ensure using the Etui case would be a luxury experience on par with that of its bags, which so far doesn’t really exist on the designer phone case market–designers have long been keen on making mini bags or folios for phones, but none of them have gotten particularly serious about creating luxe hard-shell cases, which are preferred by most consumers on the wider market.

Are you in love with the Etui or will you stick with something less expensive? Check out all the runway pieces below.

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  • mzri

    I don’t think it’s going to work for the iPhone 7 plus. The camera cut out isn’t large enough.

    • The video shows that it is for a 7. I’m going to check for more info with a LV boutique as well!

    • All the demos I’ve seen have been with versions for the 7, so I’m betting the 7 Plus model will be altered a bit.

  • FashionableLena

    Cool look, but I’m sure that it will probably cost more that the phone!

  • gt66

    This is going to be great for LV’s bottom line.. A really easy way to show off bling. and can appeal to men also.. I’m not into LV that much but I wonder if the other fashion houses will jump on board.

  • psny15

    <3 but i dont keep my phone for more than a year or two so cant justify it especially for my 7

  • Passerine

    I still have an iPhone 5, so I’m safe from temptation ;-) Although, to be honest, these cases look a bit heavy and boxy to me. A friend recently bought a beautiful new iPhone case from Dolce & Gabbana at their store in Milan. At 125 euros, it was a bargain in comparison!

  • Slim

    Love the red version, still just too expensive for me.

  • Lily

    I normally don’t like branded iPhone cases and think they’re cheesy, but this definitely caught my eye in a good way. I like the trunk detailing of it. I think it will be a good piece of bling for those that don’t like to carry much except their phone and ID/CC. It would be great if it had an ID card pocket somewhere. All that said, I still wouldn’t buy it for myself.

  • Louislover

    I’d rather just get a petit Malle!

    • Alex575

      I agree.

  • Yoshi1296

    Wayy too expensive! A Speedy or Neverfull is cheaper than the case! A WHOLE NEW bag!!!

  • Jimmy Lin

    Dear Purseblog … here is the price for croc version Etui iphone 7 $4900 , Etui iphone 7+ $ 5320 … i hope that help ^^

  • Jade Manalac

    Love the case but I hate the iphone 7 and beside I’m not that rich to fork out that amount just to make my phone look fancy AF. Count to think about it, even I have a unlimited source of money I won’t waste it for something will become obsolete after few months.

    • I never go for crazy phone cases – all of mine are practical that Vlad picks out. This is prob the first time I really considered getting something so expensive for my phone!

  • Pamela

    I would love one but paying over $1,000 for a phone case is RICH. I am not lol

  • Sparky

    For a person who is not into phone cases; WOW!! These are SO COOL! I’d LOVE to buy one but I can’t afford $1000+ for a phone case. I’d rather put the money towards a bag. For the women who can afford it, enjoy!

  • sophstress

    I called LV’s toll free number this past Sunday inquiring about these phone cases. The LV rep said they will be $1250 and $1500 (depending on which case you choose). She also said they will come out in January or February, which is too bad because it would make a nice Holiday gift (to myself! ??)

  • Imgoingbroke

    Thank God I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 or I’d be purchasing on of these bad boys. I love the trunk look.

    • Rumbabird

      Me too, lol. I prefer my Galaxy Note over the iPhone. Hopefully LV won’t make a Galaxy Etui case so I won’t be tempted.

  • Kelly

    What happens when the iPhone 8, 9, etc. is released and you won’t be able to use this?

  • Jerri R

    To be honest they are cute, but I would rather not make my phone any bulkier than it actually is. I like having my phone fit perfectly into my tiny little WOCs

  • Teresa

    I love these, but the problem is, Iphones changes such as the camera, side buttons placements. So, you can’t really use this for your next iphone upgrade if it’s not exact the same iphone size & design. So, it’s not worth it for me, i’d rather get a bag.

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