louis vuitton epi alma
Louis Vuitton Epi Alma

I have never denied or hidden the fact that I am a huge fan of Louis Vuitton. While the monogram line does not always tickle my fancy, I find Louis Vuitton to be one of the longstanding luxury brands left designing bags. Not every bag is a homerun, but there are plenty of great options every season. But if you do not want the glitz and glam, opt for the Louis Vuitton Epi Line. I have brought up the Epi line often, speaking of its ease of cleaning, lack of logos, and overall likability. The Alma comes in a classic shape, is light-weight, and available in an array of colors from the Epi line. Cassis, Ivoire, Black, Red, and Grenade are the colors available in the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma, the textured hand-held carryall which is a staple of the house. The bag is named after the Place de l’Alma, the grand Paris square at the end of Avenue Montaigne. The Alma features textured leather and is trimmed with smooth leather. The inside is lined with Alcantara lining (which is precisely what Vlad goes gaga over in his favorite luxury cars). Buy through eLuxury for $1,240.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Epi has always been my fave LV line. Great choices!!

  • lauren

    that purple is gorgeous, not really into the black epi, but wow love it!

  • Miss_white_lily

    This is sooo nice, really want one!! :razz:

  • Suki

    I’m not crazy on the small stiff handles – they look like they’d tire your hands after a while. But I like the way the zip seems to go all the way to the ground so it’d open up quite wide. I can see the logical appeal of the Epi leather – no logos, yet the same craftsmanship – but I think it’s too plain for me. It’s almost masculine.

  • PJH

    The epi and damier prints have always been my favorite. I liked the logo in the beginning when I didn’t see it everywhere, but now I’m over it. These colors are really fun. Remember like in th elate nineties when they had blue and green? The Alma is a great bag too. It’s a little on the BOLIDE side for me, which makes me wonder, which came first, the Bolide or the Alma?

  • Ana

    love the alma! will be my next bag<3

  • mette

    These bags are too business like and look as if they have been licked. I just don´t like them.Sorry.

  • Aisha

    These are very beautiful bags. I usually don’t like Louis Vuitton because I hate seeing the designer’s name splashed across every inch of space, but these look quite professional, not garish. To the person who said they look too masculine: I think the fact that they are slightly rounded on the top gives it a feminine aspect. When I think of “masculine” bags, I think of ones that are very squarish and reminiscent of a briefcase. These bags are perfect for a woman who wants something understated and not too showy.

  • Peter Belisi


  • Forint

    Always liked the Epi for a more understated look when I have purchased it in Black. May have to buy something in that Cassis and have some fun.

  • gotracey

    I have an old black Epi Alma with brass hardware and I still love it very much. I have almost sold it a couple of times, but my heart won’t let me. It is a true classic. Now, if I could just get my hands on a red one and a Mandarin, my life would be complete!

  • Berenice

    i’ve never been a fan of epi, way too boring, and a bit on the masculine side. the alma always looked like it belonged on an old lady (no offense) and it’s a Bolide knockoff for people who can’t afford Hermès…

  • inga

    I was not familiar with the Hermes Bolide, but I do have to say that the Alma’s shape is similar. The Bolide (originally named Bugatti for the car) came out in 1923. The Alma came out in the 1930s. I like them both.

  • nvie

    I was hesitant to get an Epi because I thought it would be boring. Recently, I purchased a Black Madeleine PM and I grew to love it. However, I wouldn’t go for the Alma although it is a classis. Maybe I will when I hit 50. :wink:

  • nvie

    I was hesitant to get an Epi because I thought it would be boring. Recently, I purchased a Black Madeleine PM and I grew to love it. However, I wouldn’t go for the Alma although it is a classic. Maybe I will when I hit 50. :wink:

  • Angie

    I own three Almas, one in Multicolore, one in Damier and one in Epi. I love all three because of it’s shape and how the zipper opens all the way. I am not an old lady. I think this bag is very classy and will always be along side with the Speedy. :grin:

    • michelle

      Hey Angie,

      I’m planning to get an Alma too, still deciding between Damier and Cassis. Ahhh tough decision!

  • Ina Sehwani

    I love the Epi line too! It’s purely understated elegance. From among your choices, I like the Epi Alma Cassis or Ivory. :smile: By the way, do you have any idea when LV will be coming out with new colors for the Epi line? (after the Cassis and Grenade) I’m hoping for a light gray shade. Thanks!

  • Ina Sehwani

    The Epi line’s one of my all-time favorites from LV. It’s purely understated elegance. From your choices, I like the Cassis or Ivory. By the way, have you heard anything about when LV will be coming out with new colors for the EPI? (after Cassis et al) I’m hoping for an Epi in a light grey shade. Thanks!

  • Sabrina

    I Love love the EPI line. Just because there aren’t any logos on the bag except or one… There are so many fake LV bags with Logos on it… But I will be purchasing the Ivoire Alma, It will match well with everything I wear.. ^_^

  • Heather

    A little too plain for me to invest in, but I do enjoy the black model.

  • cakebaker

    The Grenade is beautiful. I think the Alma is a nice classic bag. Sure it’s a bit “mature” looking, but classic is never bad.

  • freespirit

    I have the EPI ALMA in blue and its great and very pretty!

  • Patricia Briden

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  • poohhunny

    i agreed it is a little too plain.. purple color is very nice though..

  • celeste

    i sooo lovin my epi alma red!! :)

  • KP

    I have the epi alma in black. it is my faborite because of its light weight. not too much space though. overall classy looking and not everybody carries it, unlike the speedy monogram!

  • petitenoe

    my first LV was a fake! and at the time i felt i still paid a lot of money for it and it was a yellow epi alma. i carried it around for a few days and in less than a week the handle of the fake broke cause the screw came off. my bestfriend fixed the bag by putting this tightly rolled piece of paper to replace the screw.
    haha and this is the rudest part of the story, i had the nerve to ask my friend at LV if it looked real!!! hahaha, u dont want to know what he had to say. anyway he started me off with the petite noe epi in black.
    im still waiting for that day to make things right by getting an alma in epi in YELLOW! if they ever come out with another yellow color.

  • Nico

    I just want to say that after I bought it to my wife she told me that was a sophisticated and elegant bag. I don´t know much about women accesories, but Im glad mi wife like it, so I want to thank to fashion designers that work on a nice bag like this.
    I would like to share with you the online store where I bought it, because I found new trends that (just like my wife experienced) makes women feel great: http://celebboutique.com/

  • acwdaisy

    I just got the ALMA MM in black for Christmas and I love it! For the first few days, however, I was disheartened by how easily the smoother leather on the bottom got scuffed. There were a few small, white scuffs after the first couple of days of using it! So I quickly changed purses in order to preserve my beautiful, black Alma. Then I tried something that actually worked well to remove the scuffs. Mind you, it has to be done exceedingly lightly and carefully, but if you slightly dampen the corner of an SOS pad with water and rub the scuffs EVER SO GENTLY, the scuffs come right off!!! I recommend treating your ALMA afterward with a leather moisturizer but this really works well, so long as you do it VERY CAREFULLY!