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scarlett louis vuitton denim neo cabby

A new ad campaign, a new denim color, and a hot new handbag! Fall is going to be great! I recently stumbled upon the new Scarlett Johansson ad campaign and after tearing my eyes away from the gorgeous ScarJo I immediately started assessing the bag and imagining the potential damage to my already fragile bank account. The verdict: Louis Vuitton has done it again;.released yet another bag that I cannot live without, the Denim Neo Cabby! The Denim Neo Cabby also heralds the introduction of a new denim color to replace the discontinued Lichen and Fuschia. A subtle black that has just the right amount of distressing, they look like the perfect pair of worn in jeans. The black will look great with just about any outfit, the black leather handles mean I don’t have to worry about getting any vachetta dirty, and the bag comes in two sizes (MM & GM) to please everyone! Like I said, the perfect bag! Stay tuned next Tuesday for more information on the newest Fall/Winter bags.

Neo Cabby also available in blue. $1500 for MM, and $1720 for the GM.

Visit www.eluxury.com or call 1-866-VUITTON to get yours today!

louis vuitton neo cabby

louis vuitton neo cabby1
Images via Louis Vuitton

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  • Otter

    Looooooooooove. Must have. Gimme gimme!

  • Michelle

    Now THAT is a bag that I LOVE from LV. Good move by them to make it black so that it’s not painfully obvious that it’s denim.

  • tiha

    oh woooooow i am shocked. what a bag! i think that is the best looking bag that i have seen so far from LV…SHOCKED!!! Very nice!!!

  • J


    • kk

      do you have the gm or the mm? Is there a huge difference. my hubby bought me the mm but i think it may be too big. anxious to see it

  • ML

    hmm definitely love this bag. is it just me though…that i find this bag and the marc by marc jacobs delancy bag rather similar? i know you said the miu miu tote was similar to the delancy bag but i think that those two bags rather resemble one another. either way love both bags.

  • jay

    i looooooove the bag. I want it.

  • z

    i WANT THAT BAG! marc jacobs has done it again.

  • aiyaya

    bought it a few days ago, really goes well with any outfit, from suit to jeans.

  • ivy

    :shock: i soooooooooo want that bag!!!
    that is sooooooo my next purchase (When i get the money)
    *darty jealous eyes*

  • dlynnburden

    I love the style of this new denim bag! I have been saving to buy a multi-speedy. Now, Im not so sure. Cant decide???? Help!

  • brittany

    my mom got one from the louis vuitton at newyork, and the lady said it was a limted edition but i don’t really believe her. is it true?

  • val

    awww, i just bought the lv neverfull gm, i should’ve bought this one!!!!
    i want it, i want it, i want it!!!!

  • val

    awww, i just bought the lv neverfull gm, i should’ve bought this one!!!!
    i want it, i want it, i want it!!!! :roll:

  • Diana

    I think it might be limited because is already not available on eLuury.com… I have it thou :smile:

  • Diana

    It might be limited edition :shock: becuase the week I bought it :shock: :shock: was available on eLuxury and now that I am checking IS NOT! :???:

  • valerie

    i just checked and the purse is still available on eluxury

  • OhNini

    My husband bought this for me in black and I LOVE IT! I happen to love the denim line because I am a casual California girl. I was also told by the sales girl at South Coast that the black was limited, but she didn’t say if the blue denim Neo Cabby was also limited. I have seen the blue on e-luxury but not the black. Also they had blue available at both South Coast store & Fashion Island Saks, but the black was wait listed at both.

  • iheartpurse

    I just bought the Black GM – I looked + tried the MM but felt like the strap wasnt long enough to go across the body, did anyone else notice this? I love this bag though and can’t wait to use it.

    • moon

      yea, I’m 5.10 and GM is perfect size for me, i love it…

    • Jade

      I agree. I tried wearing across but didn’t go too well.
      Anyway, still LOVE the bag and use it almost everyday. Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of compliment on this bag….. You won’t be disappointed!

    • lani

      thus the GM strap okay to go across your body? :?:

  • val

    eluxury never sold the black version online. so, maybe you’re right OhNini, the regular denim might be a permanent while the black one is limited edition. i should hurry and buy it then!!!! (still longing to get it ;d)

  • OhNini

    I would if I were you! I have the MM and it is big. I am only 5’4 so any larger dwarfs me. iheartpurse said the strap was too short, but I don’t wear it across my chest. The handle straps are big enough for me to wear them on my shoulder too. Let us know if you buy it :wink:

    • Jellibeans

      MM cannot be worn across but its nice when you had it shoulder or just handcarry it . Now that would depends how much you put in your purse :lol:

  • val

    I was eying the MM too :wink:
    i don’t mind about the strap, I wasn’t planning to wear it on my shoulders.
    how is the inside though? because on the pics, it looks really flashy, with that yellowish color….
    also, there aren’t any matching wallets yet, huh?

    • ohnini

      The yellow inside is more golden, it isn’t that bright. All 3 of my Denim Louis (blue,pink & new black)have this same color. The inside is large with a cell phone slot and a pocket. It’s a great bag.

  • Maxylle

    I gotta have this even with my getting lesser and lesser bank account :mrgreen:

  • val

    i called the louis vuitton stores to get the MM neo cabby and they’re out of stock in LA. argh!!!!! btw, it’s not a limited edition.

  • Nat

    Picked up this bag today… and i loveeeeeee it already more than my blue denim speedy!
    The black is limited edition and i bought mine in canada and am told there is very limited in both sizes coming in black but the blue will become a staple

  • Chi

    i generally hate big bags (think they look rediculous) but this is a really classy one :D i think its just gorgeous really

  • Treck

    i just went crazzzy :lol: shopping at the H&H store today and unfortunately they don’t have this on MM so i have to be on the wait list :sad: ..the GM is too big for me, i am only 5’2.
    I was also informed that the BLACK color is not limited edition, so for those who are hunting for a seasonal collection, the Monogram Olympe Nimbus PM is a must!!! I just got mine and i am lovin it!!!

  • yaya

    i have to have it.. its beautiful. :mrgreen:

  • Joanie

    I love this bag… I think it’s gonna be my next!!

  • Eriphant

    Does the denim look faded after a while? If so… how often and long after using it? thx!

  • shirley


  • Shawn Whales

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  • kmberly joei paredes

    ‘ i love it ! this is my favorite bag ever im so glad having it .. im taking care of it so much .. love my new bag ..

  • SweetCarol

    This bag is absolutely fantastic. I just rented it for a month at http://www.poshbags4rent.de.

  • Lilian

    Olá, quero saber se enho como conseguir o authentic card de minha bolsa, quero vende-la e não consigo encontra-lo. Denim Cabby

  • Lavendermimosa

    I am looking to buy just the strap. My sister in law gave me the bag without it’s strap.