First off, apologies for such a late post on such an amazing initiative. Louis Vuitton is honoring the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, giving 10% of all sales purchased on their website today to Global Green USA. This 10% donation to Global Green will help support their Green Schools initiative, which will help turn K-12 schools in select cities across the United States turn more green.

Along with this Louis Vuitton is sharing messages on both their website and twitter page on how to they try to help protect the environment.

Why does this matter? A large corporation like Louis Vuitton is in the spotlight with consumers and other industry people following what it is the company is doing. To see a focus on bringing awareness to protecting the environment and planet is not only refreshing but also responsible.

What do you do to help the environment?

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  • Shine

    10% they are offering on their website, and i saw that last evening.. Louis Vuitton care for mother Earth and so am I, and so we have to love and take care of the planet we live.. We only have one Earth, lets love it and care for it.. (fb)

  • Pat

    This is so great to know that LV is doing their part for Earth Day. Over the years I’ve gradually made the switch to go green and contribute little by little. I’ve changed most of the lights in my house to CFL’s, use a low-flow showerhead in the bath, switched to using environmentally friendly cleaning products around my home-Method is a good one as it’s safe for use around my cats, when buying produce I buy what’s in season and shop farmer’s markets, and recycle my cans. It may not be much, but I try. Happy Earth Day :)

  • Pat

    I forgot to add that I use the reusable cloth grocery bags. (fb)

  • Shine

    It is every evident that we are affected, bigtime by Global Warming, and this will not be good for our health and environment. We have to start within our selves if we want care for the world we live in, i want to start by carefully segregating my garbage, practice recyling and learn to do compos(natural fertilizer) dig a pit and throw in all waste that decomposes. I also would like to join organization that plant trees, tress sort of act like air purifier they take carbondioxide thats why when you are in a place sorrounded by trees the are is fresher, Trees are good for mother Earth and good for our health too. Lastly conserving electrical energy, the more we consume electricity the more we need oil, gasses to produce electricity, the more oil converted/fueled the more carbondioxide produce to harm our environment. We all need to sacrifice not only for ourselves but for the new generation, that will be your child, nephew, niece, etc. they deserve a healthy Planet Earth to live.. We should all learn in our simple ways to help mother Earth.(fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I think it is great that LV are giving back to the earth. They aren’t forced to do it so well done to them. Primary schools in Aust. really teach the recycle, reuse and reduce message to the children, which means as they grow up there is hope for the future. (fb)

  • Stacy

    Happy Earth Day! (fb)

  • marian t

    what a great way to celebrate earth day! (fb)

  • Kate

    Good for Louis Vuitton to set an example, hopefully more companies will follow (fb)

    • Volcano Vaporizers

      What a great day, then.

  • Kayla

    This is a great example for everyone else, hopefully others will follow suit and be more respectful of the earth! (fb)

  • Lisa

    It would be great if more companies would do something like this! I think it is wonderful that they are making an effort. (fb)

  • Rosni

    Happy Earth Day

  • Amanda

    I think it’s awesome Louis Vuitton’s joining in to make a difference on Earth Day.

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I love when you can shop for something really like and know you are doing something good at the same time! Happy Earth Day Indeed! :-)

  • Jacqueline

    Happy Earth Day (fb)

  • Sally

    Go Vuitton! Makes me feel better knowing that I shop from a company that cares.

  • Cheryl

    I think LV is setting a good example for other corporations to follow. It is one way corporations can reward their societies. Good for LV!

  • Cheryl

    Forgot to say, Happy Earth Day (fb)

  • annabelle

    oh i wish i was home for this… :(

  • Valentina

    Happy Earth daaay!! Good to let the world know that Fashion cares for many many things. (fb)

  • Jane

    I always recycle, turn off lights when not in use, disconnect the microwave and coffee machine when not using because the clock uses electricity, and use reusable bags. Any little bit counts. I always use earth friendly cleaning products to clean my house and wash my clothes. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Happy Earth day (fb)

  • iguccihandbags

    Happy Earth day!

  • Tiff Chao

    I use reuseable bags, use energy efficient light bulbs, recycling is a must-sometimes when I don’t see a recycling bin around me when I’m out, I’ll just keep it in my purse and throw it out later, walk as much as I can instead of driving and turn off the faucet when brushing my teeth. Make every day an Earth day! (fb)

  • stefaniewhite

    That’s why LV is so welcomed by the public. Besides some second-line interesting designs, LV is willing to do some goods and meaningful activities, which is very rare indeed…

  • Leslie

    I think it was really great for them to do something like that. What I do to be more environmentally friendly is changed the light bulbs, don’t leave unnecessary things plugged in, bring my own grocery bags, and don’t be wasteful with energy. Lots of times my bf and I will say “babe turn off the light (in the other room), you’re killing polar bears” or something like that as a joke/friendly reminder. (fb)

  • Kori

    Oh no! I wish I had seen this before today! 10% off on LV is amazing! (fb)

  • Tracy P

    ha when I first read this, I read it as 10% off all online purchases and I got really excited. But alas, no luck…but congrats on them for stepping up to help out Mother Earth. I have noticed too that they no longer give out boxes unless it’s around the holidays or at least my stores don’t. They say they are trying to cut back on waste but who really knows why. (fb)

  • Brenda Cervantes

    I also thought it said 10% off! But it says 10% of sales went to Global Green USA. Props to LV for doing that! Next time they should give us 10%off! (fb)

  • Fatima

    cool initiative to help the Earth… (fb)

  • Joyce

    This was nice of them!
    Wish I’d known sooner!!

  • kim

    I’m very surprised at this! Very nice LV (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Good for the Earth! Good for Us! (fb)

  • faith24

    nice to see large corporations giving back (fb)

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  • Jocelyn

    Happy Belated Earth Day! (fb)

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