Louis Vuitton Batignolles HandbagI sincerely doubt there is any other company with as many shapes and variations of their own signature canvas as Louis Vuitton. As we’re approaching mid-summer, the frenchmen’s creative force pops out the Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal. The Batignolles is meant as a versatile daily shopper or briefcase, with enough room to carry a laptop around, and yet still sport Vuitton’s elegance and luxury. The classic monogram canvas is finished with shiny golden hardware and sumptuous natural cowhide trim, while its inside is lined in canvas with an interior key ring, and holds zipped and cell phone pockets for storage. The side gussets are adjustable for when you feel like you need to carry around half the office with you around. The spacy 13.4″ x 11.8″ x 5.4″ tote goes immediately for a reasonable $750. Reasonable for LV, anyway.

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  • Mary Lee Simmons

    I love the Louis Vuitton Bags but, have not been able to aford one. But, I’m working on getting one.

    • Delicious–

      If I cannot afford one right now is it bad to sport a fake? will anyone know?

  • Kim

    This is a great bag. I have been looking at the LV briefcases, but this is the perfect bag for work and play! And you are right, the price is very reasonable for LV, my small bucket was almost the same price. But worth every penny!

  • Jori

    I love your handbags!!!!!!!

  • Kimmi

    I LOVE Louis Vuitton bags. They are timeless and will never go out of style so it’s worth it to get at least one in your lifetime!

  • your bags are really nice! and i would rock them any time!

  • The Batignolles Horizontal already is sold out on eluxury. I hope this means that LV realizes this shape is going to be a classic – and will make the bag in Damier canvas!

  • Noriko

    I just got this bag for next semester :) It can fit my laptop and a few small books.

  • Giulia

    Lucky me, just got one of this in Paris last week. Good one that fit everything. Cheers!

  • Len

    just how exactly do you pronounce Batignolles ?

  • Vlad

    You pronounce it like “batiñol” — since it’s french. I don’t know the phonetic representation, but that should be pretty close (assuming you know the spanish ‘ñ’).

  • billyjoe


  • pinkmartian

    I got this bag 2 days ago and I love it ! Best bag I have ever owned worth 750$ plus tax :)

  • Tina

    Does this bag have the date code on a plain leather tab, or a tab with a ring on it?

  • Holly

    The date code is located in the inside zippered pocket on a small leather tab. If located anywhere else it is simply a fake.

    • Alison

      Hmmm…the one I have is on a key ring tab…sure it can’t be there too? :???:

  • Sylvia

    Someone gave me this exact bag, Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal, and I do not want it. It is Authentic. I went to store to have it exchanged but did not find anything that i liked. I would rather get a Gucci bag that i have had my eye on for awhile. Please if anyone want or knows someone that wants this bag. I am willing to sell it for $700 (includes shipping and no tax). It has the original box and dust bag.

    • dholly


      Does it comes with Paper Bag, box, dust bag, etc?

      Can email more pics (front and back, left and right side, top and bottom, incl th einterior). Thanks.

  • Sylvia

    By the way,,, that is shipping within the United States that is included. Please email me at sylly76@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thank you

  • Jenny

    Hi, may I know how much is this bag in Europe now?

  • Noelle

    My fiance purchased this bag for me (and a wallet) a few days ago off of Eluxury.com. I got it 2 days ago in the mail, and I can’t get my hands off of it. This is my first Vuitton bag too! The only downfall is that it only has ONE open pocket inside (aside from the zip pocket), and that’s for a cell phone. I’m in love with this bag, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

  • preppygurl

    some one said that it was sold out on eluxury i got the last one hahaaha that stinks i love i have 44 lv purses all for eluxury and the lv stores

  • Kate

    I adore your bags
    i took the LV luggage away on a work holiday and it was just so fitting also i think every woman needs a Vuitton handbag i have 5 and they have never gone out of fashion and i must say go with every outfit

  • Karen

    When do you first notice the oxidation process on the leather straps? I have a batignolles from LV and it’s my first. I’ve had it for approximately 3 mos and wondered when I should start noticing it.

    • lulu

      after 2 weeks i start noticing on my bag , batignoller verticale

  • crystal

    On the date code, is it true for all three bags the date is in the pocket?

  • Feity

    Anyone has the vertical one ? It looks nicer to me.
    The downside is just no zipper closure on it.


    i have the vertical one. I love it, the only downside to it is that it’s a tad on the larger side. but i carried a tote bag as a purse for about a year, so i have no room to talk. i love it, and it’s my first lv!

  • cammy

    I love love love this bag!! Bought it two months ago and the bag is still in great condition. Great versatility for work and play and it is such roomy bag! I am hoping that they will make this same shape in the Damier canvas since the leather on the orginial tend to stain and not look very pretty after a while. Terrific bag.. great price.. I highly reccommend!

    • Jellibeans

      Almost the same style in damier is the Hampstead PM , MM and GM .
      I have the Vertical Batignolles and the Damier Hampstead PM and I ohh so love them both !

  • kerry

    I love this bag! My husband bought it for me at LV in Galleria Dallas and its perfect as an everyday tote. I highly recommend this bag if you are wanting a shoulder Vuitton.

  • Julia

    This bag is awesome. This was actually my first Louis Vuitton bag, and it is perfect for teachers, business women, or anybody who has a lot to carry!

  • Florence

    I have the vertical, just bought it two weeks ago from Holt Renfrew in Toronto. It is my first LV and I love it. I am used to larger handbags so the size is perfect for me even though at first I was concerned that it would not be big enough. Classic styling that will never go out of fashion, and my 18 year old daughter loves it.

  • Melissa

    This was my first LV bag and I love it, and its really convenient. Too bad, this girl in my class saw me with it and ordered it by phone a few weeks later. LoL i guess she couldn’t deceide on another one.

  • Grosse Pointe, MI

    I LOVE this purse, I have the BH and it is AWESOME! I can’t wait for the leather to darker into a rich patina! I get so many comliments and people wishing they owned this bag! It is truly a classy LV tote! If you can, buy it – price now $815.00 ~ prices increased!!!

  • Celeste

    I purchased this bag two weeks ago and I love it! I have several LV pieces and this is my first tote. While I was considering the Babylone, Large Bucket and the Gavin…for my needs as a teacher and everyday shopper, the versatility and unstructured adjustable style won me over. I purchased mine at the LV store in Chicago for $710…a very reasonable price.

  • Lily

    I have this bag and I must say I love it. It’s the perfect size for everyday. It’s also lovely enough to use as a going-out-bag too I think. It just makes your life so much more convenient. I feel that the only downfall about this bag is that there is no zipper. I like to know that if I accidentally drop my bag or suddenly stop on the road that all my things won’t be spilling out everywhere and I have to do the check constantly.

  • Boston, MA

    I paid $815 for the BH in the LV Boston store in Feb 2007. Is it really only $710 now?!

  • Celeste

    Hi Boston,
    Yes, as I mentioned in my earlier post I purchased the bag here in the Chicago LV store on Michigan Avenue for $710 this past April. I have several LV items and am in the habit of pricing them on eluxury.com before I make a purchase. The prices of all items in the Chicago LV store are the same as what is listed on eluxury.com.

  • Zoe_Purple

    :lol: This LV bag is the best bag for people who are always on the go, and for people who are constantly changing bags. Its size is just right for all these things to fit, large wallet, 2 cellphones, a game-boy, i-pod video,and your make-up kit, and there’s still room for more! :cool:

  • susannah

    Can’t decide between the horizontal and vertical. Which is smaller??

  • aby

    cheers everybody!
    i love this bag!
    LV is divine!

  • Teresa

    :smile: I just bought this bag and the LV Boutique at Ala Moana, only $695+tax!!! Woohoo!!! Lower than on eLuxury…luckily I check the store first before I ordered it from eLuxury!

  • Tammie

    Just got mine today and LOVE IT!!!!!! Paid $801. with tax.

  • Tammie

    Just got mine today and LOVE IT!!!!!! It’s my first so I am very excited, perfect for everthing… even a laptop!!! Paid $801. with tax at Saks in Beverly Hills.

  • Snow Flakes

    Just bought this bag at SGD1,220 at takashimaya last week. The size is perfect. I am starting to appreciate and will be collecting LV bags from now

  • Luciana

    Love it,

    My hubby gave me that for X-mas.
    Yep, the only downside is the lack of a zipper. I live in NYC and I am always paranoid that someone is going to pickpocket me… :shock:
    The solution was to put my wallet in the zippered pocket (tiny pocket) and get a big makeup case and stuff anything important in there.
    I think that for that price, a zipper or more pockets should have been mandatory!

    Gorgeous though… :!:

  • carol

    I just purchased this bag, my first one and I love it. I think the vertical – length wise was a little big. The horizontal purse fits much better under the arm. Love the purse.
    LV fan!

  • A

    The BH in the monogram dentelle is my first LV, a gift for my birthday, and I absolutely adore it! hooray for the $100 less than e-luxury price tag at ala moana….though I have yet to figure out why hawaii is cheaper. I haven’t yet decided if not having a zipper is a plus or minus….but either way, I love this bag.

    • LV lover

      Can I buy from Ala Moana LV store online? I would like to pay the price you paid but I don’t live in Hawaii.

  • hanis

    i just bought this one too! very roomy and stylish!

  • sue

    I got mine at SGD$1320 in late 2006.. Surprise that Price is going down..Snow Flakes mentioned she got it at SGD$1,220 this year??

  • cLVaire

    YUp..I just bought my 2 days ago..it’s SGD$1220.

  • Charlie

    Are you out of your minds? Why on earth would anyone buy a bag worth US $700? And why would anyone need 5 bags of similar size? Hmmm, bad, bad girls…. you need to be spanked!! :twisted:

    • GG

      I’ll be spanked as long as the belt is LV.

  • I just bought a used unit with date code# TH0708 on the D-Ring. Is it real ?

  • Sorry I mentioned abt BH. It come w/receipt but there’s no date code printed on it. Is it normal ? Thanks to reply & give yr comment.

  • me blurr queen .. the date code should be TH0078 (typo error) 7th week of YR2008

  • shelle

    Is there ALWAYS a date code on the LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM BATIGNOLLES. I was thinking about bidding on ebay 260314524939. When I asked what the date code was, I was told there is NOT one on it. Do they ever not put a date code on it. It looks real but now I am having second thoughts and do not want to be scammed again. Thank you.

  • LV newbie

    my date code reads CA2098 and is in the zipped pocket on a leather tab. Can somebody tell me when my bag was made? What does CA stands for?

  • wawa_Msia

    I love this LV Batignolleis Horizontal. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who would like to sell this hand bag, please dont hesitate to email me. My email add is wawa_shoppe@yahoo.com. Thanks

  • CAM23

    My husband just got me the vertical one, my very first LV bag. I am thrilled to have it! I was just wondering if anybody knows what exactly the numbers on the date code means? Thanks!

    • Mekinfrance

      Louis Vuitton Date Code: The two letters correspond with the country of production
      France: A0, A1, A2, AA, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, CT, DU, ET, FL, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SD, SL, SN, SP, SR, TH, VI
      USA: FC, FH, LA, OS, SD
      Spain: CA, LO, LB, LM, LW
      Italy: CE, SA
      Germany: LP
      The numbers correspond to a Week of the Year and Year formula.

  • sizuka

    i just bought my first lv yesterday…it’s BH..still need to get used to non zipper bag………

  • daisyp.

    i got mine two years ako and its my first LV bag and i still love love it ….going to singapore next month and planning to purchase another LV bag.

  • Jeni

    Do you still love this bag? I am thinking of purchase, and would appreciate any current feedback. Is it roomy and easy to access? Thank you!!

  • Mona jm

    My hubby jst bought me ths BH..and Loving it so much :-)

  • Nadie

    Which monogram LV purse would you get for carrying papers, etc. I normally carry a lot with me on a daiy basis….Thx!

  • Nadie

    Which monogram LV purse would you get for carrying papers, etc. I normally carry a lot with me on a daiy basis….Thx!

  • Naggy

    It looks like your basic everyday workbag. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice LV! (ipad)

  • aileen

    how can i destinguish if my LOUIS VUITTONBATIGNOLLES is really original?coz i have one theres a code inside AROOO3 kindly pls explain it to me send me n my email……..thank you

  • Doris

    I am interested in buying a BAtignolles horizontal, but I am also interested in a Neverfull Damier MM.
    What you suggest me? Which bag is more practical and stylish for years? Please help me :)
    I cannot decide whic bag is the better. I like both but only will buy one.. So the question is:

  • GG

    Love this bag! It holds everything you could possibly need. iPad fits perfectly along with wallet, make-up bag, etc.

  • Im selling mine now with make up bag.It was given as a gift to help with my surgery costs. Im selling for 350$ with make up bag. My sis in law did not give me reciept nor did she have it!!! Or dust bag. But I have the numbers inside pockets and except for a cou[ple ink stains both are in great shape.Contact at supershawda@gmail.com

  • Jody Nuxoll

    I bought a used LV batignolles handbag from a friend that is local. She said she purchased it directly from the LV store. I trust her, but I am not able to locate the date code. I know she would take it back if I would like her to, but I really would like to keep it if I don’t have problems reselling it in the future. It is made in the USA with no date code though. Please help by letting me know if there are some that don’t have that. Thank you, Jody

  • Lee Lee Russell

    This was my first LV I bought her in 2011 at the LV Boutique In the Dallas. I am taking her next week to the spa to get her some new straps and piping. This is a great bag.

    • Joan Tracy

      How much did you pay for re piping? And how much were the straps?