Yesterday I brought you news of Louis Vuitton advertising on the big screen. Many of you were not over-joyed by the idea. Well now you can really give your opinion because we have the clip ready to watch. The advertisement is not even known to be Louis Vuitton until the end, keeping it simple and classic during the run. But some are saying it is boring, and if this is so, Louis Vuitton has lost your interest before they even show that it is their commercial. A special thanks to our very own art0fwar for putting the video up for us all to enjoy! Watch it and tell us what you think.

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  • abi

    IMHO – I didn’t feel LV – at all..

  • Kaytey

    Please allow me to explain exactly why I dislike this ad:

    As an advert in and of itself, it’s lovely. The problem lies in brand identification. What does Louis Vuitton have to do with self-discovery? There is nothing positive about defining yourself based on your material possessions, and least of all on luxury goods. This kind of snob appeal – you will find your true self by spending much money on LV purses! only very special people can do that! – is a big turn off. Basically, it rings hollow. Louis Vuitton should be focusing on other things in their advertisements, not on cheesy pseudo-philosophical messages that have no place in a world of rampant materialism. The two, while not necessarily good or bad, are mutually exclusive.

    In my opinion.

    • PurseFanatic

      I love it. Louis Vuitton was started off as a luggage company and I love the fact that they consistently pay homage to that fact. I love how the ad shows you can travel to the ends of the world to discover yourself and still have good sturdy luggage to go with you. LV really takes a beating, and they have been known for years to be carried by people on safaris and traveling to not so glamorous places, I think that’s the whole point. Lovely ad.

  • Nat_CAN

    I am not sure what the ads trying to say. But the ads itself and the music is beautiful.

  • Elizabeth

    I thought the ad was lovely and compelling to watch. I think it is trying to reposition LV — away from the nouveau riche, eurotrash image it has gotten in this age of accessible luxury. The ad is trying to go back to the history of LV as a luggage company. I actually like the LV monogram, but am embarassed to buy or use it, because it looks so nouveau riche and mall culture. I actually thought the ad was sensitive and had a nice message. I don’t mind that there is no brand identification. All the brand ID that LV needs is their signoff at the end. Very classy.

  • PhotoGirl

    What a beautiful little film.
    Thought provoking. Fabulous cinematography. And just enough images of the product to remind you that you really want to make that “journey” with a bit of Vuitton by your side. Love, love, love…

  • misswhitelily

    First i have to wonder about “Kaytey” and her comment above…what on earth are you doing on this site, if you dislike tis “snob appeal” so much??? Did you end up here by mistake?
    I think the ad i absolutely beautiful, and shows a reality i actually can relate to, instead of all the superglamour.
    And as Elizabeth said, it goes back to LV history. Like Hermes and the saddle. 10 out of 10 from me!!

    • Kaytey

      Actually, I don’t have a problem with luxury goods (or I wouldn’t be here), but I don’t like the message this ad seems to be sending – that you are what you wear. Really, what makes life’s journey is more than the instant gratification of handbags. That’s lovely, but it’s not a philosophical truth as the ad says.
      I just feel like LV could have found a less cheesy way of doing this. It’s an ad I would associate with a car or tourist-site rather than a handbag.

  • dela

    It is nicely filmed even though it meanders a bit but those captions on screen are cheesey.
    Who wrote these lines- “journey is not a trip or process,” “journey brings face to face with ourselves.”

  • hawaii2484

    i felt the commercial was a failed attempt at creating true human emotion on the silver screen. don’t get me wrong – i enjoy reading – but i think the commercial would have been more personal if a soft, french voice was reading the commercial to us, rather than us trying to relate our emotions to little white words.

  • mette

    Actually I was very suspecious for starters. But the film surprised me in a pleasent way. The LV monograms were there, naturally, but this time in a hinting, very elegant way. In my opinion this ad succeeded well, I´m impressed.

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry… I didn’t like it at all…. I like the message, but it’s way too long for what they actually want to say, which makes the whole thing totally boring…
    Has anyone seen the Chanel Teasers for their fashion shows… the Paris London Collection and last Years Santa Monica collection…!?!?! That’s advertising a luxury brand….!
    Sorry…. I’ll still keep on buying my LV items…. :-)

  • M

    I agree with Kaytey.

  • my new bag

    One nice video clip does not make an image change.
    Granted it is good, very nice feeling film, nice small LV images, but all
    I can think of is that very famous actress laying around showing off her
    LV handbags.

    Nice start though

  • Needanotherbag

    It’s a nice ad, just not for a high end luxury item unless mercedes or something that can actually take you on a journey. I think the fact that LV was once a luggage designer is lost on the average viewer of this – the feeling of zen and peacefulness is not something I get when using an LV bag…

  • Sartre

    The visual elements of the advertisement were melodramatic and saccharine. The music made it worse. And the prose was cliched. Overall, it was a failed attempt to sell a romanticized lifestyle–especially since it came off as a superficial and shameless appropriation of various cultures and locales.

  • Bonnie

    WHY must LV keep pushing the brand to “normal” and “everyday” people? It is no longer an exclusive brand. LVs don’t even catch a second glance these days, it’s depressing.

    • anti-fashionist

      That’s because LV, along with every other design house, has to make a buck in order to survive. And, how does it do that? Marketing, marketing, marketing!

      Also, LV is not longer going for exclusivity. They are going for world domination. If one wants something truly exclusive one has to get it custom designed and made just for one (i.e. haute couture).

  • addicted2chanel

    I think that the ad doesn’t really have a point. I mean..OK, Louis Vuitton sells traveling gear, so the commercial made sense in that aspect, but it has nothing to do with “self discovery” or anything like that. The commercial is great, I don’t think it will be aired in its entirety because it’s kind of long, but the traveling part makes sense, the words don’t. I don’t really understand…fact is. Not everyone can afford LV. And they’re trying to make it seem so. It’s not ordinary, and I don’t think it’s going to make people run out and use their credit cards. I think it’s going to make some people seem indifferent. You don’t see Chanel or Prada advertising on TV. It’s because they’re NOT normal. Not made for everyone. Idk. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s a waste of money.

  • saira

    I think it was a bit poncey. Lots of deep, meaningful quotes with gorgeous pictures; although none of it actually relates to LV. I think an old brand like LV should stick to what they do best and why people buy them. They buy them because they are well made, have a history and are stylish (according to your taste).

  • anna

    I like it and it makes all the sense imo. Was watching “The Darjeeling Limited” the other day – the movie is all about such a journey, trains, suitcases, selfdiscovery ect and LV plays his role in it. It fits perfectly with the adv.

    as somebody said here – he is going back to the all good past and i like the idea. those kind of meanigful sentences – well i like to see them from time to time and i dont mind LV uses them. plus that music – love it!

  • Jahpson

    what the hell? isn’t an advertisement suppose to..advertise?

    where is the product? why all the questions?

    do they honestly think people are going to sit there and read those questions?

    their ads in the magazine is MUCH more catchier than that!!

    where is the color? the elegance? that looks like a bad independent film.

  • QueenMAB

    I liked it, but in this time of TIVO and DVRs I don’t think that the subtle logos at the end would’ve caught my eye that would make me watch this. I do like it’s elegance but they need a bit of flash to catch the customer and I agree that their magazine ads have this and love them. I would’ve fast forwarded right over this unless I knew what it was.

  • gucci fan

    I thought it was beautiful. It was a print add coming to life.

  • Kooba Fan

    If you don’t like LV, don’t buy it. If you don’t like the commercial, turn the channel when you see it.
    It’s a choice you have to make.
    You have to admit it is a nice ad-much nicer than cereal and pop commercials trying to cram sugar into your kids faces.
    Again, the choice is up to the consumer whether or not to buy.

    • dela

      As consumers we have many choices, but there is nothing wrong with critiquing something. I am sure everyone here loves LV and luxury bags in general.

      • Jahpson

        exactly. Kooba Fan expects everyone to have one opinion!!

        watching that commerical doesnt make me want to run out and buy an LV. is that the whole purpose of advertisements?

  • orangeppl

    nice visuals. lame lexical choices. boring.
    perhaps, it got lost in translation.

  • art0fwar

    ohh yay my video got posted!! thxs guys!

  • charzzy

    its boring.

  • Stephanie

    i think the problem isn’t the lack of something, they just took too much time for american audiences. we’re used to 15, 30 and 45 second spots…if it’s a minute or more, we lose interest. i don’t think it will do well with american audiences, but it won’t keep me from buying!

  • Ali

    I don’t like it – the cinematography is nice, but the words flashing across the screen are to tacky and unappealing. I agree with Kaytey, the whole concept of “finding yourself” by buying expensive handbags is perverted, and I think they could have made a more effected ad if they had simply focused on the traveling aspect rather than the “spiritual journey.”

    • Andrea

      After watching the video again I realized that the cost of one LV bag is probably an entire years salary for that older Asian man that was pictured briefly in the beginning. Also the cost of one LV could probably fund an entire year of education for all the Asian village children that were also pictured.

      Please LV, do what you do best. Show beautiful celebs, show fancy cars and luxe furniture. I see that LV wants to go back to their travel past, but honey, those days are over. If you want to show travel, show some swank celeb boarding their jet with LV on tow. Now that would make me more of a believer, not this ‘life is a journey’ metaphorical crap. Believe me, I like my luxury, don’t try to make me think that I can move mountains by caring LV under my arm, move heads…yes.

  • Daniela

    It is boring and totally lacking originality. Could be an ad for a car (they are also usually pretty boring and misleading – showing empty streets and a clean environment), could be for any other luxury item. You have to convince the public that they can lead a more interesting life if they would just buy a bag, a car, a bottle of whisky, some perfume, whatever…. And anyway, one out of two LV bags seen in the street is a fake. I am amazed by the fact that LV still has a reputation for being “exclusive”.

  • vivi

    i, for one, loved it. yeah – so the one liners were kind of cheesy and oversaturated, but i think that it is trying to evoke the feeling of a journey…and the flashes of lv monogram wasn’t so much of a “buy lv and you will find your journey” message so much of a “and let us come with you as you discover yourself.” no? was i reading too much into it?

    whatever, i still liked it.

  • Linda Dobbins

    Maybe I was in the mood for self-reflection, I’m not sure; but the ad caught my attention enough to look for it on the internet so I could write down the content. As for it connecting with LV–I’ll definitely remember the brand because I will relate it to the message–much like the smell of coffee to its taste. Therefore, it’s probably an affective ad, however one feels about the connection of the message and LV. I LOVED the WORDS! Linda

  • tenmosquito

    The fonts used in the ad actually reminds me of an HP commercial… like taking pictures of your journey and print your memories on an HP printer LOL

    I know that is totally irrevelant – but honestly – I think it was too abstract for the general public.

  • Arthur

    I was in my hotel room listening to the television when this ad appeared. It really got my attention. I approached the television and asked myself “What is this?” It was not until the end of the ad that the LV information appeared. I have never purchased an LV product, and prefer products without the brand identification so obvious. However, this ad caused me to view LV with a greater respect. I do not watch much television at home, and in watching the overall programing offered on the television in my hotel room, I was generally dismayed over the quality of the general broadcast material offered on the various stations much of which reflected a lack of civility in our culture. I was appreciative that LV had placed this ad amoungst the overall course, violent, intolerent, angry, insensitive, ordinary, and sick television programing. When I got home, I searched on the internet to learn more about this ad and to view it again. Given my reaction to the ad, what more in the way of a response would a business want? Also, taking the video as a work by itself, the creation is excellent! The music and video footage work very well together. The ad does not attempt to make everything crystal clear. It not clear what some of the video is. Therefore, it leaves a lot to each viewer to bring their own understanding to the ad. In other words, its somewhat dreamlike, and subject to individual interpretation. The video is an excellent piece of work.

  • kittyhat

    Perhaps people are having a hard time reconciling their quest for personal growth with the subtitle on this blog: “Shalllow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged”. I loved the self inquiry in the ad since that is already an important part of my life. The funny thing is I just bought my FIRST designer handbag yesterday – a LV Palermo PM – a thousand dollar present for my upcoming 46th birthday. I think there is a possible balance between self-inquiry and material posessions. The key is simply to enjoy what you have with out believing it is who you are.

  • MarkRight

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  • Nat