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beyonce louis vuitton tribute patchwork

You all thought we would never have to talk about the fug that is the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork again. You all are so mistaken. Come to think of it, I can’t recall seeing someone carrying this bag in public, until now. But Beyonce has a golden ticket; she owns and even carries one of 24 of the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bags. If your body was as bootylicious as hers, would you also carry this bag? Any chance that you think it looks better on an actual person than in the ads?

All I can say is that I am not crying over my loss not owning this handbag. :lol:

More images below! And a special thanks to PB reader Jo An for sending me the pics!

beyonce louis vuitton tribute patchwork1

beyonce louis vuitton tribute patchwork3

beyonce louis vuitton tribute patchwork2

Images via Beyonce World

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  • Angelblake

    I think it’s still an atrocity :shock:

    • Ms. M

      Anyone that is on here saying that the bag is ugly.. and this goes for dumb azz Wendy Williams definatly has no sense of style. The person makes the bag, the bag doesn’t make the person. Who cares about how much it cost….. her bank account isn’t hurting one bit… sooooo get over yourself. Soo much hate in the air over a bag.

      • Jahpson

        I agree with Angelblake, that bag is hideous.

        and the only reason why some people think its cute is because they see a celebrity wear it.

        “Designer Suckers” are what I call people like that.

      • Justin

        All of you thinking this is ugly are probably conservative idiots! Do you know how many sketches, trials and proccesses a designer has to go through in order to create that kind of final product? At least 10 times the number of years that you even live… The designer knows exactly what they’re doing, there is a new concept behind this bag, and it’s innovative and exciting, just what fashion’s about. I hate people who don’t take risks in fashion but think they’re fashionable or don’t understand why designers do what they do. How could you be truly fashioanable if your not risky? Anyone who doesn’t like this or at least can’t appreciate this is clearly unneducated in the industry of fashion. By the way, I think it’s ridiculously gorgeous. Why am I wasting my time trying to inform you people?

  • jennifer

    it’s downright ugly. :neutral:

    • rachael

      ur just jellious cause you dont have enough money to afford it!!!!ha :grin:

  • dina

    :shock: its just a horrible horrible thing they have produced…

  • Lauren

    You couldn’t pay me to carry that…ok well maybe you could but it’s still painstakingly ugly!

  • Paige

    That is still one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. :lol:

  • Steffi

    All of the above plus I think she did get it for free from LV and she’s getting a little something else from them to be seen with it… that’s the only way I would go around with that ugly bag.

  • jada

    I agree with the thoughts above. The bag is atrocious!!!

  • Christy

    OMG! WAS SHE HAVING ON OFF DAY! :shock: :!: this is not like the fab beyonce I know! She looks bad from head to toe! FASHION POLICE ARREST HER! :sad: :sad: :roll:

  • sue

    wow that lv bag is oogly. :oops:

  • fendifemale

    This proves my theory that this girl has no taste unless someone else is dressing her. Where’s Momma Knowles?!

  • Bobbi

    Obviously elegance was not a part of the purchasing decision.

  • keg

    that makes me not want *any* louis vuitton bag. how embarassing for LV!

  • M.A.H

    I don’t know why all of u guys hate this bag that much. I believe that this bag is not an elegant one, but still looks so cool to me. I like to wear funky styles sometimes, and this bag is one of them, but the only thing that will prevent me from carrying this bag is the costly price

    • Jane Doe

      I agree, it’s not very that bad, but it’s not as good as the denim purses and multi-colored ones. (I luv the multi-colored purse)PS Beyonce always carried big bags cause she puts an extra pair of shoes in there :shock: :lol:

  • Hysteric

    If I have the money, I still wont waste it on that bag. It looks like all the left-over leathers have been patched together & sell it.

  • coachwife6

    That is not a good-looking bag.

  • SKelly

    There was an X-Files episode centering around a carnival. One of the characters had a baby twin that lived in his belly and would escape every few days to go and feed then return.

    When I look at this i-dont-even-know-what-to-call-it bag, with its red baby croc splat in the middle, I think of that X-files episode and get sick all over again.

    Sorry. Just as money can’t buy class, IMHO, designers don’t always design “hits” , as we have seen and continue to see. :shock:

  • Elizabeth

    U G L Y !

  • elayna1012

    Definitely not a good look for Beyonce or LV!!!

  • Superqueen

    I’m sorry she chose such a horrible bag :(

  • Katherine

    I just purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag- it’s the Epi Mabillon backpack at their flagship store on the Champs Elysees. I love it but unfortunately I have to agree that the patchwork bag is beyond ugly.

  • Margarita

    Despite the fact that it looks “better” on someone than in a photo, it’s still a car wreck… :cry:

  • EllEffie

    :lol: LV really should not have botherd with that bag and she really should have known better :lol:

  • Leisa

    I think it would make my preschool class laugh…

  • sonia

    Someone referred to this bag as a Franken-bag. I have to agree. I’m not a huge fan of beyonce – so I’m not that upset she’s carrying such an expensive albeit asymmetric bag. What adds insult to injury is that she could probably afford it, if she got it 1. for free, 2. gets more to be seen in public carrying it? That’s just not fair!

  • emememem

    I wonder what happened to the other 23???

  • never_enough_handbags

    Diva Devoured By Demon Handbag!

    …when Marc Jacobs entered rehab a couple of months ago everything started to make sense…

  • Jayde

    i like it

  • teeny

    fashion police please arrest this wiman!!! :!: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  • teeny

    fashion police please arrest this woman!!! :lol: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  • Annie

    It looks like someone’s old closet full of LVs threw up on it.

    • Jane Doe

      lolz :grin:

  • mette

    Actually I think this bag really suits the lady well.She wants to be seen and get attention ,so what a better way than carrying one of the LV´s most commented and a certainly expensive bag.Maybe this bag was just meant for ladies like her. :mrgreen:

  • Jen

    seriously, that bag looks like it came from a flea market. :roll:

  • flo


  • Eva

    bad! :shock: so bad, my eyes hurt!

  • Dawn

    That bag is even uglier on somebody. It’s obvious Beyonce is not known for her handbag style. I’d bet Victoria Beckham wouldn’t be caught with this bag – but she has handbag style. This bag isn’t even so ugly it’s cute. It’s just FUGLY!

  • Conchita

    oh no! if beyonce thinks this is fashionable… i ‘m thinking she needs kickin’ in her booty for some wake up call.


  • BuryTheSound

    Beyonce is fierce, but this bag falls flat.

  • Jo

    Frankenstein bag! It’s like LV roadkill! Ugh!

  • C Naylor

    The thing looks like it weighs 20 pounds!

  • alice

    the idea is cool and creative, but it’s a bit tacky. it looks like the bags from the LV ads were just stuck on a bag in a collage. it’s very messy.

  • human_pudding

    I bet this was just a huge practical joke on the part of Marc Jacobs. As in “let’s make the ugliest bag ever concocted and see how much I can charge for it”. Then he just sat back, watched Beyonce carrying it in public, and LAUGHED!

    Best practical joke ever! I hope. For the sake of humanity as we know it, this better be a practical joke.


    The bag is HELLA UGLY :evil: She’s carrying a car on her shoulders… I wouldn’t be seen with that UGLY bag don’t care how much it cost…….. two thumbs DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikaa

    :shock: OMG. She’s the first person I’ve seen holding that bag. It’s pretty unique and I would buy it =)

    • brownsugarcutie

      I totally agree with you Mikaa when you said that the bag is unique. Ive seen her carry this bag while she was shopping in the louis vuitton store in the galleria Houston,Texas and she carries this bag well so all the others who don’t like the bag are little haters.

  • brownsugarcutie

    ive seen beyonce carry this bag in person and its acually a unique looking bag so stop the hating


    UMMMM…did i REALLY just read on that this LV bag costs $42g????? WHAT!?!?!?! :shock:

  • Tasha

    :roll: This bag is the uuugggghhliest :evil: bag I have ever seen :arrow: …and it has the nerve to be 42000!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: I rather buy a lexus!!lol :lol: :lol:

  • tamara Galante

    I wish I could meet beyonce She very hot for blak women

    • Diamond

      What do you mean she’s hot for a black women? Everybody knows that blacks are the most beautiful race of all. That’s why we are the most envied. Other races stayed in the sun so they can tann. Nobody wants to be pale. I’m pretty sure beyonce wouldn’t want to meet you if she reads your remark and next time learn how to spell before you make a stupid comment.

      • brownsugarcutie

        I sooooo feel you on the dumb comment. Thanks?

      • maria

        funny thing…beyonce just basically said in some inteview that shes mad she aint latina…
        if blacks were “the most envied” i doubt shed be saying that…and i thougth she was a proud black woman.

        im not saying anythin about blacks or any other race…but your comment was just as dumb as tamaras…maybe even a lil more seeing as i think tamara was just pointing out the fact that beyonce is hot and didnt really mean the black thing the way you took it.

      • Shantel M

        There are black latinas :roll:

  • tamara Galante

    what to do to meet her

  • tamara Galante

    :razz: wich to meet her and person

  • LH

    It’s a cool bag that should be kept in the LV museum. B has no style. OK, we get it. you have a huge bank account. but that doesn’t mean that you have style.

  • jay

    I own 2 LV bags. Id think she would picked out a better bag then that. And that tag price 42g.I dont like that thing.

  • N2fashion


  • betsey_girl

    Maybe the other 23 will be ripped apart to make 5 good bags instead of 1 fugly one! One can only hope…..

  • Diamond

    The bag is not ugly it’s just not cute. But she is :mrgreen:

  • Fashion Critic

    I can’t believe she brought this bag. :shock:

    As there were only 24 made I doubt it was given to her.

  • brownsugarcutie

    Oh my god Diamond you are a fool that was so freakin funny girl. You couldn’t have said that any better. :razz: I’m still crackin up. :lol: loved it.

  • Sofieshopaholic

    It costs 280.000 norwegian kroners
    Thats is 50.000 dollars ;)

  • mukend

    :grin: i lv it and i just love everything about her ,if she gave me or you hating bi you know you take it ina heart bit haters stop heating. love young ,you know you the thing ……………. ps out

  • amelia

    it looks like she couldn’t decide which LV bag to carry so she sewed them all together instead… problem solved.

  • monique

    The bag was made to offset those with money and the one’s who don’t. This bag was created so that when your wearing the bag you will standout. There are so many replica’s of LV that you cannot tell the real from the fake. LV designed it in this matter because the very wealthy (10,000,000) or more wanted to stand out from the average. I have to say I agree. Whether people like the bag or not it is for sure to get you attention.

  • anaiah

    if this monstrous thing had been produced by wal-mart, everybody would have denounced it as the creature that it is! just one more example of people with money having no sense of style, and following labels like lemmings when they should watch the women in the street for examples of real sartorial splendor. it’s also another example of the rich trying to ensure they maintain their lofty class prerogatives by encouraging LV to make a bag so pricey, and so freaking ugly, that only the super-rich would buy it and sport it, ostensibly as a sign of their wealth and exclusivity. if these folks had any real personal style, they wouldn’t need the crutch of a purse…

  • lina

    the above comments are so mysterious,,it looks like a bunch of group from a copmpetitor company focussing their whole day on trying to effect on the Louis Viutoon Brand’s image ..this is soo funny,,
    the bag is a peice of art & to me it looks like an award bag to the Louis Viutton for long years of success in Fashion bussiness world wide & no one can ignore this,,,let’s be realistic.they have done a limited edition & ofcourse should be bought by people who can afford the amount spend & those who are Louis Viutton fans & have great taste in fashion,,
    so don’t kill your self with these expressions..
    Louis Viutton always ROCKKKKKKK… :lol: :lol:

  • Lynn

    This has nothing to do with Beyonce. This is about ridiculous excess. Please tell me Louis Vuitton is giving all profits to some worthy cause, because this is the most disgusting, ugly bag ever created in the name of “fashion.” Louis Vuitton, please admit that this is a cruel joke on those who have far too much expendable income, and that you made these bags out of scraps off the factory floor — and that you’re giving the money to fighting a terrible disease, childhood poverty, education… you name it. Please just end this travesty.

    P.S. Any woman with a sewing machine can make something just as “funky” or “fun,” with a lot more taste.

  • Sharon

    The bag is elegant! I like it very much. It is very unusual you got to have a sense of style to accept this work of art and unsual creativity and trained eyes and mind for exclusive touch.

    Go Louis and do your thing bey.

  • the one

    That purse is so dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn ugly.
    She should have given her money to the homeless
    b/c that bag looks like it came from the thrift shop.

  • Melissa

    If you think this bag is attractive you are either blind and enjoying all the tactile stimulation it offers or you lack all taste. I give Beyonce credit for the name she has made for herself … but this as so many else have said is just FUGLY. :shock:

  • Hope

    She could be paid to carry that ugly and sorry lookin’ bag or she has the money to waste.

  • Carl Oliver

    poor Byonce… she had to carry that HORRIBLE thing around, just to please LV… funny as can be.. the ugliest thing ever created !

  • Roxanne Russell

    :!: MY EYES, MY EYES!!!!! :!:

  • Aaminah

    OMG that bag is so ugly jay z does’nt even want to be seen wit her ,please fashion police come get her :roll:

  • Feity Zeng

    ugly ugly

  • Alexandra

    I needed to laugh today. Appreciate it!

  • bagfreak

    That bag looks like LV just had like half of each purse left and decided to stick it together and sell it for more than the average YEARLY income!!!! :lol: I would sooooo rather by an alligator birkin :grin:

  • Audrey

    since the first time i saw it, i fell it love with it :)

  • NOIR

    i’d wear it.i think it’s creative.if i was beyonce i’d buy it too just to say i have one.

  • Meli

    I think this bag is ridiculously priced, but it’s not atrocious. It’s one of those things where you have to able to make up for the ugliness/unusualness with your own gorgeousness, and obviously, Beyonce has that; as somebody else said it, the person makes the bag, not the other way around. On the other hand, it is just attention-getting fashion statement, but the real shock its price!


    The bag is awful. Even if I could buy it, I still wouldn’t. It looks like a goodwill leftover. LV, you can do better, funky is great but this looks cheap and cheezy….. It belongs in the dumpster.

  • Jeanie

    Finally LV has found something to do with the scraps on the floor.

  • MissLoveChanel


  • Anna

    :shock: OMG! Even if I can afford this bag I wouldn’t buy it! My personal shopper here in the LV shop in Manila, Philippines told me that bag alone is very heavy! What more if you put a lot of sutff in it!!! I’d rather buy a Hermes Birkin Exotic instead! :grin:

  • jui jui

    that is one ugly bag. not surprised that beyonce owns one; she has no class in anything she does.

  • Esla A

    I was speechless for a couple minutes when I saw that bag. Its ugly and absurd. Was a ‘homeless bag lady’ the inspiration? I’m passionate about bags and Art & design and this is really one of the worst design ideas I’ve seen. Also I’m a fan of Beyonce’s talent and she’s inspiring, but this bag is her worst mistake — may be she was in a joking mood and laughing along with the designer? I’m not really into Luis Vuitton bags, but this one is an atrocious ‘pieces’ of crap and nothing redeeming about it. The person who came up with the design should be flogged and checked into a psychiatric ward.

  • jamilah

    phahhah to hell with what ya think this bag is HOTTTTT!!!!!! beyonce is killin it n soo wudd i if i was famous like her n cudd aford that baggg ….but to whom ever is on they fly shyt trust n believe this bag is the bomb straight live
    jamilah aka ms See MORe KiiITTy

  • mazzy

    that bag is ugly. even if there was a replica on that bag i still wouldn’t buy it. but i guess when you are stinking rich you’ll buy anything that lets people know that you can afford it even if its fugly.

  • logan :))

    this bag is frikin sexyyy ..i love it and im getting it… its not that expensive …

  • loxi

    i think it’s kewt

  • Anneeee!

    WOW that bag is sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo UGLYYYYY. I can’t even look at it… Well ok. I wouldn’t have seen that it was UGLY if I didn’t look at it. But realy I HATE it. How can you walk around with that bag. I mean serieus!…

  • Beck

    This bag is unique, different and extremely funky.

  • BoyBooty16


  • em.

    that bag is gorgeous, i think it looks expensive and stylish!!

  • diana

    i think the bag is beautiful as long as it matches my outfit i’ll wear it.

    • KK.bird

      its kool i guess

  • Jordyn

    Some of you Bitches are fucking HATERS! Shut the fuck up! Beyonce is a fucking TRENDSETTER lol. Get with it, Majority of you chicks are OUTDATED. Gone head Beyonce!

  • lv_rookie

    eye sore….lv could have made a better patchwork bag than this..i wonder how heavy this bag is…Beyonce just made a wrong bag choice,but her music is still great! Lv,please make up for this mess….

  • smile

    OMG EWWWWWWWWW!!!! sooo ugly

  • Sophie.C.W.

    Who says she is ugly? Well you idots have a quest.A quest tof what Sophie? A quest of what .TO TAKE THAT BSCK.Are you 2? When you leran that she is pretty look at her picturess and her viedos read about her.Amrica sings.Come back and see me.

  • erica

    I love it! If they made more than 24, and if it wasn’t $42k, i’d get one.

  • WANIE1

    I don’t believe for one second that Beyonce paid for this bag, I’m sure it was given to her by LV!!!

  • Lorella

    I’ll think the bag is very Diva.
    And that’s what Miss Beyonce Knowles is.
    A Diva !
    So he fits her very well.


    Beyonce style louis vuitton tribute patchwork.. OMG! :)

  • adiva

    hi beyonce where did you get the bag i jwoulkd like to Buy one it is lovely

  • adiva

    Beyonce I am from Africa and I love your style

  • Beyoncé.

    The bag was given to her personally by Marc Jacobs. It’s a limited edition $50,000 Louis Vuitton patchwork bag. Given to her. For free.

  • Pajamas

    I love LV but hate what Marc Jacobs has done to it.