Anna Kournikova does Louis Vuitton

On with our Celebs week! I have decided to feature an athletic woman. And who better to do so with than the ever beautiful Anna Kournikova. Tell all your boys out there peering over your shoulder to quit drooling: she is not a model, she’s a tennis player (although I swear men forget that). I must admit that I really do think she is beautiful and she wears this Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 30 like it is her job. If I were the bag I would not want to leave her perfectly toned and tan arm either, or the arm of her boy toy Enrique for that matter ;-)

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  • chemlex

    I’ve seen Jessica Simpson carry this bag around, and I think Anna looks a billion times better with it. First of all, everytime I see Jessica carry LV, the bag has no shape to it and it flops around like a cheap knockoff bag. Second of all, Anna is rockin’ those heels not slouchy cowboy boots that JS favors.

  • designerbaglady

    I think her bag is fake… the colour of the logo to the top right of each LV should NOT be the same colour as the colour of the LV logo!!!

  • Megs

    I don’t think her bag is fake. Why would a celeb like her buy a knock-off LV bag? It would be something else if she were not toting a designer bag, but I can not beleive that she would buy a fake LV bag?!

  • chemlex

    It is very possible that a celebrity could end up with a fake bag. Most of them do not do their own shopping and rely on stylists and publicists to get them their designer items. These people aren’t always the most honest people in the world and could try to pass a fake bag off to a star, especially if the bag was difficult to get a hold of.

    Some of the LVs that I’ve seen Jessica Simpson carry around look like such crap, I am almost sure they are knock offs.

  • Megs

    I may be wrong… but the way I see it is that because celebs are in the spotlight all the time, why would they have a fake bag? It would be a scandal. Not to mention celebs do not get put on wait lists like the rest of the world- if they want a bag it is theirs. I may be wrong though- but I do beleive this bag is authentic.

  • chemlex

    I understand why they would never want to be caught with a fake bag. But there are “AAA quality” fakes that cost hundreds of dollars because they look like the real thing. Only by close inspection can you tell they are fakes, and you definitely can’t tell by a paparazzi snapshot.

    Unfortunately, many celebrities get taken advantage of by their entourages. If their accountants and managers can rob them of millions, I’m sure a personal assistance can sneak a knockoff into their closet.

    I don’t think Anna’s bag is fake in this picture, though.

    • eva

      where can you get a louis vuitton that looks just as real?

  • Jean

    I think that this bag is real. why would a celebrity like her be caught with a knockoff bag. that would be so embarrassing ………….

    • tina

      actually the bag shes carrying is fake becuase the real multi colored canvas bag has a red interior, her bag has beige. and the leather on the handles is yellow, not brown.

  • designerbaglady

    her bag is FAKE. i put the pic up in a handbag forum… if you look at real louis vuitton multicolor bags, the colours are not supposed to match up that way.

    i am not saying she bought it fake, or that she even knows it’s fake — the person above is right, they have people buying their things for them. it is possible someone bought it for her either knowingly, or unknowingly. all i know is that her bag is not authentic.

  • Megs

    I need hard evidence to prove that it is fake- I’m sure we would all love to know either way– So tell us what it is you know designerbaglady! I still just don’t see it being fake.

    And yes, I am sure celebs are scammed into lots of things, but I do think many of them do their own shopping too.

  • designerbaglady

    I am not really sure what you mean by “hard evidence” but here is a link to an authentic multicolor speedy (found on the ONLY site authorized to sell louis vuittons online):

    As mentioned before, you will notice that the colours of the flowers to the top right of each LV symbol do not match the colour of the LV symbol but in Anna’s bag, the colours do match (they are NEVER supposed to match – that is one dead giveaway that the bag is a fake).

    Anyway, I have sent this link to other people that are part of a handbag community and asked them to comment on whether they think the bag is authentic or not…

    Hope this helps!

  • stefanie

    i dont know what hard evidence you need to see that her bag is fake, but how about a picture of an authentic speedy from

    if i’m not mistaken, authentic multicolour speedies have 33 different colors silkscreened on to them. anna’s bag only has 5 or 6. not to mention the fact that the flower above and diaganol to the LV is NEVER the same color as the LV. that is a dead giveaway, if you cant get it from the dull, ugly, and very few colors.

  • Jen

    Celeb or not, that bag is definitely fake. (Not all celebs carry authentic bags – look at Paris Hilton)

    Anyway, here’s some proof that it’s fake:

    – the real bag has 33 different colors (not 5ish like this bag)
    – the real bag does not have red LVs
    – on the real bag, the LV is never the same color as the symbol to the upper right. In this picture you can see yellow-yellow, red-red, purple-purple.

    Those are a few starters for picking out really obvious fakes (like this bag).

    Here are a few pictures:


    fake (with colors like Anna’s):

    Hope this helps

  • Jen

    Ok, first off, the LV should NOT be the same color as the fleur cadicorner to it.
    Second, the handles are too long.
    Third, the handles look plasticy.
    Fourth, there are NO red LV symbols on a multicolore piece.
    Fifth, real multicolores have 33 colors. This one has six.

    I have the real bag from Eluxury, and it looks nothing like that.
    This is not even a good fake at all. Yuck.

  • Megs

    I see what you all are saying now- the LV multicolor is always hard to decipher between it being authentic or fake. The picture isn’t fully clear but I did know that the authentic one was 33 colors- let’s blame my bad judgement on old eyes and age ;-)

  • Queli Callarossi

    Hello – I’m the published author of the book “The LV Guru”: How to Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton on Ebay. The bag you see Anna holding in the above picture is absolutely counterfeit. The handles are way too long and thin. The interior of the bag pictured above is beige. Look carefully. The correct color of the inside of ALL white multicolor Vuitton bags is red (ie: rasberry alcantra). The colors of the monograms are completely wrong on the bag Anna is carrying – there are 33 colors on the authentic Murakami Speedy 30 and her bag very obviously doesn’t display 33 colors – hers has 8 at most. In an authentic multicolor Vuitton bag there fleur to the top right of the “LV” monogram will NEVER be the same color. Now look at Anna’s bag. See the yellow “LV” monogram? Look to the top right. It’s yellow too. See the purple “LV” monogram on her bag? Now look to the top right: purple. See the RED “LV” monogram? There are NO RED “LV” MONOGRAMS ON ANY MURAKAMI VUITTON PIECES. If you are still in doubt, I suggest you call Vuitton headquarters at 1-866-VUITTON

  • Queli Callarossi

    Also, I just wanted to note that Jessica Simpson, although I’m not a fan, does have ALL authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

  • All of you LV autheticators are awsome! I’m sure everyone appretiates the valuable information. If I were a celeb I would never be caught dead sporting a fake- but that is just me. I guess that is why it was hard to see the evidence poiting against the bag being real.

    And yes, eLuxury is always authentic and the way to go!

  • chemlex

    Damn. . . that sounds like a lot of “hard evidence.” Everyone jumped on it really quick, too.

    The Purse Police have really nailed Anna against the wall.

    Next week, you should have a “Celebrities Caught With Fake Bags” week.

  • Megs

    You all are the best purse police out there!! Anyone know about other celebs caught carry nasty fakes??

    I learned a great lesson today- never assume just because they are a celeb that they are carrying the real deal. Shame on me and props to my readers!

    Chemlex- I don’t know if I could come up with enough evidence of celebs with knock offs- have any pics or help there?

    Or is there another topic you would all like for next week??

  • CrankyBiscuit

    I see that I’m getting in here late in the game, but when I saw that pic the first thing that came to mind was “FAKE!!”

    The easiest tell IS the red LVs. Authentic ones do not have these, even though the pic on eluxury has them. There has been speculation that LV did this to throw off counterfeiters, or that the picture were taken before the bag went into final production.

    As an aside, the worst offender in terms of carrying fake LV is none other than Paris Hilton. Even Nicole Ritchie has been spotted carrying a fake.

  • Lauren

    paris hilton has been photographed carrying around a fake multicolor papillon (LV doesn’t even MAKE that style in multicolor).

  • designerbaglady

    Megs – as you can see, there are lots of enthusiastic LV lovers out there with trained eyes :) The only other celebs I know of that have pix carrying fakes are Paris Hilton (fake MC Papillon) and Ashlee Simpson (fake Balenciaga)… I am not sure if three are enough to make an article?

  • Megs

    I myself got here late in the game! I’m not the biggest LV fan so I will have to have my readers keep me in check! Sorry for the blunder! And thanks for all of you being so damned smart about LV!

    Now someone explain to me why a celeb would carry a fake? Like Paris Hilton- She has more money than most of the world combined and she carries a fake?! EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!

  • Sara

    Haha.. Anna has an ugly fake bag!! And just to let you know, Megs, not to sound rude, but the LV Multicolore is the easiest LV to spot if it’s fake. Seriously, I don’t think I can spot fakes if it isn’t a Multicolore without inspecting it myself. Top right hand star & few colors = DEAD GIVEAWAY

  • Megs

    Sara- None taken. I am not really a fan of LV, so I did not pay close attention to the bag. I think LV bags are made into fakes the most typically anyhow. I just made a stereotypical assumption without thinking twice. Definetly my fault! :-)

  • Rhiannon

    Geeze, I can’t even decifer these colors in the photo, red, yellow or what. *squinting*

  • chemlex

    I think celebrities have just as good of a sense of what something *should* cost as normal people.

    LV charges a ridiculous amount of money for their bags that are CANVAS. They are lovely bags, but $2000 lovely? Even if you have all the money in the world, the fact that they charge that much can be offensive and off-putting. The Suhali collection, however, is priced fairly and if I had that kind of money to throw around is the first place I’d go.

    I’ve heard that LV says they have to charge that much, and keep raising the cost of their bags because of the counterfeiters. By continually going higher and higher they are just creating more business for the knockoff dealers.

    But then again, I’ve seen street vendors sell knockoff Coach and D&B. People will pay $50 for something they can catch on sale for around $100. I think it’s just human nature to be frugal.

  • chemlex

    Oh, and and I forgot to mention that most celebrities are worth as much as we think they are. And most aren’t liquid-rich (meaning that their money is tied up in all the other stupid crap they buy.). Managers, agents, the government and other leeches take a cut from their paychecks. And if they’re music stars, the record companies take everything they can.

    Why do you think so many celebrities will show up at the opening of an enveloped if there is a gift bag involved?

    And the classy Paris Hilton – before she started making money off her porn movie, and lousy reality show – she was making no money. Her grandfather is the Hilton with all the money, and bad news for Paris, he has a lot of grandkids. Her inheritance is only a couple million (and that’s before estate tax).

  • ginny

    i think its fake…I looked up ALL the LV bags that were shaped like that, and NONE of them had the LV’s like that……

  • chemlex

    Designerbaglady, can you please post a link to the community that you are a part of?

    The way they scurried over here to play handbag detectives really impressed me, and I can’t wait to see what else they have to say.

  • Tuesday

    Another way to easily spot fakes is uneven stitching, as in, the canvas isn’t perfectly lined up. You can tell on the sides of a bag towards the bottom when you see all of a “LV” at the left side and only part of the “LV” (in the same row) on the right side.
    Also, I was told that authentic LVs NEVER sew or cover over the LV symbol. (Although, the bag shown on eluxury does have LV sybols covered)
    Anyone know about this?

  • designerbaglady

    Hi chemlex

    The community is on and called “handbag_fetish” —


  • capi

    hello all, I have an authentic speedy 25, purchased in 1990. And now, 15 years later, it is in excellent condition and well worth the $375 I paid for it back then. The ‘canvas’ is trully scratch/tear resistant – I believe that was the idea – that the canvas be extremely durable, for travelling, I think the luggage/steam trunks came first? anyhow, the conversation was very interesting…

  • Zippy

    WOW! Classy bag, classy look, classy player. What IS the problem??

  • Oriental Barbie

    Anna’s LV bag is fake.

    I’ve seen Paris & Nicky Hilton with fake LV bag as well.

  • Brandie

    May I just ask everyone how you’re supposed to discern all 33 colours of the Multicolore on the side view of a bag? Thanks!

  • MEME

    Any pics of the hilton Sisters with THEIR FAKES? be interesting to see!

  • Jazmisara

    Just the fact the interior is different to every single authentic one would be a give away, why would they make just ONE authentic one with different interior?! Plain obvious its fake… LV MC is tacky anyways so it really suits her…

  • suni

    Who cares if it is a fake, knockoff or real. She is carrying it because she likes it. I think “real” bags are an overpriced form of advertising for something. I proudly carry fakes and I don’t give a tinkers damn if someone doesn’t like it.

  • tash

    just wondering, can someone tell me if this bag is fake:
    i’m not thinking of buying, but i was reading all of your tips on how to tell a fake from the real dreal, but to me this seems real and follows all your guidelines. but since it’s on ebay, i automatically would assume it’s fake. so yeah, just wondering what you guys thought. thanks

  • harajuku girl

    suni, i agree, people are intitled to have fake bags, you guys are critisizing because your’e jelous, i bet some of you also carry fake bags and don’t even know it. not everybody can afford the REAL thing, even some celebrities don’t have the money, so i think you should let it go and face the fact that there is a fake bag inside of all of us. and i bid you good day

  • billyjoe

    wow….this fight is long…

  • CrankyBicuit

    tash- that bag is fake. It’s a pretty good fake, but the lettering of the Louis Vuitton is wrong, the symbols don’t align properly on the seam, the price is ridiculously low, and worst of all the seller has private feedback. Fake.

  • matilda

    The auction you referenced is definitely fake.

  • matilda

    harajuku girl ~ You might want to do some reading as to what you’re supporting when you buy a counterfeit bag. One of the major issues I have is that it supports terrorism. I could go on and on with other reasons, but that should be enough to stop anyone from buying one.

  • kojiko

    I think Jessica Simpson carries real authentic bags. She was really into LV (and most LV bags when used get saggy). Anna K. should have just carried her lovely Hermes Birkin. (Maybe get it in 25 colors and she’s good to go!) LOL

  • melissa

    What’s funny is no straight male on the planet would look twice at Anna’s handbag, yet some 50 of us will whinge on about her fake bag–Jesus! She’s stunning!

  • Caroline

    Why pay so much for a bag that isn’t nice looking. LV was originally a luggage co. and their purses/ handbags have that kind of look

  • lori d

    100% FAKE! colors are all wrong can spot that a mile away! THe thing is I could SWEAR I saw her carrying a real one about 2 years ago – so maybe she’s making some sort of statement with this – cause this is STRAIGHT OFF CANAL STREET – not even a GOOD fake! WOW!

  • Lumi D

    hers is most deffinately a fake LV!! colours are ALL wrong…

  • Curtis

    People her bag is the most ulgy LOUIS VUITTON i every seen.
    And why would she carry a fake she is rich. But the bag is a definet FAKE.

  • me.

    it IS a fake.

    red lv= fake
    also the coloration pattern is off, the pink is too light and the hardware looks wrong too.

    how tacky.

  • liz79

    does any one know how to spot a fax black LV speedy 30? what are signs any colors it doesnt have?

  • Ms. L
  • finetrophywife

    Regarding the whole, people can’t afford the cost of the authentic designer bag, so they buy fakes. Isn’t that obnoxious really?? I mean these bags are atrociously overpriced, but that’s because a certain discerning individual wants to own that quality. Aren’t people who buy fakes trying to be or emulate something they’re not?? So, don’t try to be something you’re not, fakes suck!!!!

  • cybasistagirl

    This girl may be able to afford Vuitton, but she can’t buy TASTE!
    Ok Anna, stock up on the bleach for your “BLONDE” hair, and take your toned ass to a WARDROBE STYLIST, God knows you need one!

  • Tammy

    I think it’s funny how celebs don’t do their own shopping. (Though I DO know for a fact that Paris DOES do her own shopping when it comes to Louis Vuitton. (Don’t ask, long story) I do it too. But as for the design on her bag. The only part of a murakami bag where there are consecutive colors is yellow. It has a yellow “LV” to its upper-right, another yellow (More pale) and below the “LV” another yellow (More mustard-y) LOL anywho, that’s all for me…

  • Eleka

    Yes, that is a fake you can tell right away by the protruding front pocket, its suppose to be flat. No need to even check the colors.

  • Eleka

    its not red inside either

  • Michelle

    soooo fake. The bag looks like its the size of a speedy 25 which lv downt make not a 30. on the side there are only two rows of lvs, on the real one there is 3 that bag is too small and the colours r not correct and the interior is not correct ew

  • elle

    For everyone that says the real lv in the white multicolor doesn’t have red lv’s, you are sadly mistaken. Go to the http://www.eluxury website. Everyone knows they sell real lvs. On the white lv they are selling for over $1,600, you will see red lvs. Does anyone know what they are talking about?

  • kc

    eluxury sells fakes dum dum real louis can sell for more than $25,000, $1600 could still be a fake, and no there are no red LV’s go to ooh la louis

  • Melinda

    i hate to break it to you but eluxury is more reliable than ooh la louis

  • classwhore

    Ok. I need to ask you people what credentials you all have to authenticate bags when even the ‘authentic’ sites have conflicting information?

    Even the people who CLAIM they are ‘published authors’ (The LV guru? Queli Callarossi?) are nothing of the sort. Try googling that author and that book, it only comes up in EBAY, or on this site. Amazon? Nothing. Barnes and Noble? Nothing.
    It just annoys me to no end when people have the nerve to anoint themselves “experts” or “published authors out of their asses.

    You can’t tell anything about the colors from a faded amateur snapshot.

    The only way you’re gonna know is if you drag your bag to one of the actual stores and ask an experienced salesperson, and god-knows-why none of them have documented their experience considering the value of their expertise.

    Look, you people just ought to be careful when you get your bags off Ebay or anywhere else not authorized, because the fakes ARE getting better as time goes on.
    Think about it: Coach, as ghetto as they are, have all their manufacturing out of China. It’s not too far of a stretch anymore to have an extremely well-made counterfeit.

  • kennedy

    Ladies REALLY!!!!!! Stop IT!!!!!! It’s ghetto to shop on ebay anyway, you never know what your getting. So, why debate or complain about it? Just go to the mall and get it!!! At least you know what your getting and if your complaining about the price, certainly you must be living above your means. If your buying a fake, why? Do you and stop trying to keep up with the Jone’s.

  • carla

    yes her bag is fake!!! the interior should be red NOT cream!!! and it is one of the point and laugh fakes….

  • preppygurl

    hell yeah that is fake interior is not red thats spells FAKE

  • fake hater

    ummm i know 4 a fact that that is fake cuz my mom has a real one and thats fake sooo eww anna get a real 1 u can afford it

  • Giada

    What do you ladies look like? Anna is gorgeous. So what if she has a fake! I would love to look like her and carry a fake LV. Ugly women need all the props they can get. Do you think men give a damn about a real or fake purse? Wrong ladies, they look at the the face, tits, and ass. I hope you old maids have fun cuddling up to your purses, cause no one is going to buy you ugly broads anything. Stupid Bitches deserve to be sliced up.

  • christine

    Anna is a fugly bitch

    • Rhonda

      How cruel! Is there a little jealousy in your tone?

  • meep

    Some celebrities can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake bag. If they haven’t seen the real thing before, that leaves out the comparator. Vice versa for only having the real thing — who collects two of the “same” bag?

    I also doubt that jet-set celebrities have little time for scrutinizing the validity of each handbag they receive, like those who are vigilant with receiving their money’s worth (I’m one of many).

    Therefore, if they buy them off the street, knowing the bag is a fake, which is plausible without feeling a responsibility that fans and observers believe celebrities should accept with their social status, they perpetuate the ignorance that comes with buying fake bags.

    On the other hand, if you don’t have the money, and you want a bag that looks so very much like a popular one that costs too much, then more power to you.

    However, if you’re always in the limelight, being scrutinized by loyalists, you’d best be prepared to explain yourself, or be prepare to eat crow.

  • Tiffany Kirby

    I think that if I can get away with a fake LV bag, I can fool a lot of people. I have a speedy 25 that I paid big bucks for and I know it’s real. I would buy from canal st.

  • Toni

    Another give away is the brass hardware on the corners, they’re too small. I just can’t beleive she would be seen with an obvious fake rather than authentic or even mirror image which only an expert would tell the difference, so if you’re going to buy faux, buy mirror image, not canal street fakes. The cost is about $200 for a good fake. Or do what I want to do and save up for a real one, especially LV – they are timeless. To justify the price, here is what I would do….take the price of the bag divide it by the # of times used: If you spend $1000 on a bag but use it once or twice, it’s money thrown away, but if you were to use it everyday, then hey go for it! My theory is shop for clothes at a place like H&M which make trendy affordable clothes and save your money to buy a real LV and you will look like a million! :)

  • Em

    hmmm…do u guys happen to have lives by any chance?

  • Lexi

    uhm…that disheartens me harujuku girl….we are supposed to envy celebrities and what they have…if someone especially anna k. cant afford a real LV then thats really very sad…so we might as well put the girl down the street with the kmart bag on the cover of US weekly and envy her “rare” find…..shame on anna

  • Christina

    Well ive just taken my sweet time on reading all your guys comments, so much drama over a bag. Although I must say why would you buy a fake, and why would they invent a fake bag that really bothers me, Real authentic bags make me happy i still dont know how to tell the diffrence between the brown ones, and to think that some person could be reading this thinking hmm so the real ones dont have the same colour “LV’s” they could just go and make that right now. Also, can anyone tell me how acutally you can tell a real bag, most girls carry around fake bags these days..

  • Nina

    poor anna, she probably thinks this bag is real.
    this is a purse blog, and of course people who go here are passionate about their designer bags. It takes some learning and experience to tell an authentic bag from a fake one. But after a while it becomes natural. People who love accessories are into details of the big picture. That’s why it soon becomes natural to notice a lot of fakes in a glimpse. Each detail is remembered. I’m sure a lot of people who read this blog can relate to that (its a purse blog, hello!). counterfeit bags are illegal, and it has been said that its one of the businesses that create funds for crimes and terrorism.
    Some people take pride in their ipods, laptops, houses, baked stuff, make-up, here in the purse blog, it’s all about bags my dear. :) i, for one, love spotting fake and real ones. it’s like a game to me!

  • baby

    chemlex nd any1 els shut up about jessica simpson, she is stunnin and shes lovely. nd if her bags appear fake to you wel… most likely ther not with the million dollar tv show contract she has nd the fact she is a well known celebrity with record deals nd photo shoots comin out of her ears i really do not think her bags would be fake. nd above all of that on newly weds shes always shoppin at louis vuitton so tht kinda indicates ther real. so HaTeRs BoUnCe!

  • Rosie

    hey guys…! i’m in love with the multicolore speedy! but i cant decide on getting a white or black one…!! some comments on that would be really helpful! =) thanx….

  • Bob

    Hi All,
    All you Purse Police are a little off the wall. What difference does it make if it’s a knock-off? NONE. I say SO WHAT!! [a statement, ot a question]. There is a problem with groupies, they expect perfection. I’ve seen LV knock-offs in China that are just as good as the real thing and cost $55.00. I’m sure the LV people would be able to tell the difference but the people that buy the KO’s will most likely never be in the company of the “LV experts”.
    So in ending this rant, CHILL OUT. BTW, is there anyone on this forum play tennis as so as Anna? I leave the good looks question out for now.

  • Bao

    So yeah. I’ve just spent like the past 30+ minutes reading this whole blog. Interesting. You know…some people have a purse thing…like in my life, I don’t ask people to understand why I’m tickled by designer purses…I just say…”It’s my thing…let it be.” And quite luckily, I do have a husband that may not fully understand it…but accepts it and allows me the blessing to own a few. To be honest…we both think that fake Louis Vuittons suck. Cause…we feel it depreciates the real ones. Like when I carry around my Multicolore Pochette Accessoires, I feel like people are just thinking…”FAKE!” cause I’m a minority. But you know…whatever. More power to the girls with the fakes and are proud of it. I was thinking that I’d get a fake Louis to use as a diaper bag…you know…get poop on it…don’t care. haha. But I’m about to be getting my 2nd Louis, the Speedy 25…so I’m hyped. Also, I feel bad telling these girls in town that their bags are fake but I finally did. I mean…come on!…they paid like $50 for it. They couldn’t believe it was fake, too. They were kinda shocked. And one got a terrible looking black Multicolore Pochette Accessoires off Ebay. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her cause she was so proud. The studs were too big, so on and so on. Well, I’ll leave it at this. Just my little blog to add to the blog. =))

  • Bryson

    ok you all are stupid. its SO FAKE. on an authentic mc speedy there are no RED lv`s. on top of that there are 33 colors. not 8. yall are stupid and dont know what your talking about. its slouchy because its supposed to be. that has shape because its plastic. YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN ABOUT LV BECAUSE YOUR MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AND IDIOT…

  • Sam

    i am a louis vuitton expert and i can tell you that this is replica “fake” bag it is not the real louis vuitton speedy at all!!!!!!!

    why someone with her money would have a bag that cost about 60USD when the real one is 1700USD is above me

    the 2 studs are to big Louis Vuitton have inpressed studs on all studded bags

    the monogram is not a colour Louis Vuitton would ever enteraian

    this bag is a terrible FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Louis Vuitton bags do go a honey colour in time but never orange i have had my louis vuitton speedy now for just over 2 years and it is just a little bit darker colour handles as the day i brought it

    this is a outrage to her wheather she was doing it as a prank or what it is a very stupid thing to do!!!!!!!!!!

  • missbabydolce

    yes it is a fake… thats been stated..

    But.. the reason why i am posting is above people said they are proud to carry fakes…

    DO you know that fakes are illegal? you are proud to be breaking the law by buying a FAKE bag? yes it is illegal because they are putting a registered TRADEMARK (TM)& copyrighted name on a piece of pleather and canvas just to imitate the real one?

    if you like it but cant afford it then buy something like it… not something off the street for 50 bucks that says the name on it..

    i mean i have real bags (mostly chanel) but when i wanted the hermes birkin and couldnt afford it .. i got something that LOOKS like it..

    and last…

    eluxury’s pics ARE supposed to throw off counterfeiters because they are pics of prototypes made 4 months in advance of the actual mass-production of the bag.

  • Vanessa

    I’m sorry girls, I know this is off topic, but I LOVE her heels!! Does anyone know what kind of shoes she’s wearing!? I love them to death x_X

  • lisa

    This women is wearing fake
    LV, I could see it at the first sign, I have sold LV in Sydney for serveral years and have seen LV bags all those years. Too bad a celebrity as rich wearing a FAKE bag:(

    1. Handles too long
    2. Interior wrong color
    3. Print wrong color
    do I have to mention more?!

  • marcus

    You people who buy fakes are retards, buying fake Louis vuitton is so scabby, if you can’t afford the real thing than your not good enough to have it obviously. Buy the authentic bags and wallets the joy of having then makes other people with fakes look stupid.

  • tammy

    Yep, it’s fake. The bag on Eluxury is the prototype, the bags were changed when they went into production. No red LVs. I suggest mypoupette for tips on buying real LVs. If it’s not at the boutique or on eluxury, check with mypoupette before shelling out so much dough for a bag. A few tips to remember, LVs price tags are hidden on the inside of the bag, LV doesn’t have tags with a little plastic circle and price tag hanging off the handles. And they don’t use fabric swaps either. Also, just because there’s a reciept doesn’t mean it’s real, they knock those off too. I wonder if Anna knew any of this. But hey, that’s her only flaw, something tells me she can live with it!

  • Aliana

    Im 13, and I own a Keepall 60 Canvas, and a Pouchette(sp?) Accessories in Multicolore. The one Anna is carrying looks kinda fake to me, but we could be wrong.
    Yeah the multicolors are easy to knockoff because of the color order. My mom prefers to buy the Canvas, Cherry Blossom, or even the Epi leather line to make sure its 100% authentic Louis Vuitton.

  • LParisV

    The bag is fake! That’s all that’s need to say, as people commented before me have given evidence that indeed this is not a Louis Vuitton product.

    Oh and one more thing, Aliana, give me a break sweet heart your comment is as fake as Anna Kournikova’s bag. If you knew anything, your mom COULDN’T buy the Monogram Cherry Blossom designed by Takashi Murakami in 2003. It was a special edition design that lasted 3 months. So if she prefers to to get the Cherry Blossom design for maximum authenticy, then she shops in Thailand.
    By the way, the Monogram Canvas is the most counterfeited design, so why would she buy it to be assured it’s authentic, everyone thinks it’s fake. Grow up honey, you’re pathetic!

  • norcross

    Very Very nice information here… Thanks

  • LouisVemployee

    her bag is fake there are not 33 colors on it like the authentic.
    the straps are to long.
    and there aren’t sopposed to be Red LV’s on it.

    And i AM a LV employee so i would know.

  • Melanie

    It is faaaaake! You can sooooo tell by the colours of the LV’s!!! And the colour of the handle is too light!!! FAKE!

  • Tori

    I know my louis vuitton VERY well,me and my mother have a large collection , i personally own an authentic speedy….. Anna’s is FAKE!!!!

  • Tori

    her bag is definitely fake,and as much as i don’t like jessica simpson,i have to say hers is real. i own an authentic and some other authentic peices,i know louis vuitton very well,and for whatever reason anna’s is not real

  • james

    ok you have to be retarted to see that the speedy is fake

    you should never see red LVs on a mulitcolor or a murakami

  • james

    oops i meant not fake sorry haa

  • David

    Ha ha what a fake LV’s bags do not come with red LV’s, they thought about it but never came into production

  • ally

    this info has saved my life

  • ally

    oh yes i believe the real speedy has 30 ingraved under the flap on the end of the zipper

  • pinkyz24


  • k

    sweety, print out the photo and take it into louis vuitton if you don’t believe us. you say you own lv stuff. if you don’t mind me asking where’d you get it? because if you’ve been in an lv boutique, i think you’d know that annas bag is not only fake, but a really low grade one at that. poor anna, she may not even know that it is fake. Maybe she’s one of those poor ebay shoppers who actually believe sellers who say their bags are authentic.

  • k

    this guide is written by a seller on ebay that actually sells real lvs. a bag identical to annas is used as an example of a fake.

  • Bagfetish

    Her bag is a sad fake,
    Not only is the pocket the wrong size, the handles are too long. AND THERE IS A A RED LV on it .. lol

    The pull leaf is too big, colors are just horrid, far cry from 33 colors on that bag.There should also be three rows of lv’s on the side, not two.

    I dont know why so many are shocked that Anna is carrying a a fake, damn Paris Hilton carries a fake MC pap.. Shocked,.. NOT!

    Money cant buy class or taste.

  • Marco

    Is it even Anna or is it a look a like

  • heaven

    “IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE REAL THING THAN YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGN TO HAVE IT OBVIOUSLY” someone named marcus posted that on here, and i think that is by far the snobbiest comment i have ever heard. because someone has alot of money means they are better than someone?

    also, i wanted to say, about the purses that are the prototypes with the red monograms and like 8 colors (such as the one anna is holding) can actually be real, but they are the prototypes, and the prototype bags are not sold to the public, and are stamped with a faint red stamp of numbers and letters on the outside of the bag that is almost illegible. to obtain a prototype (that will have this) such as annas you must know someone working in the company. i don’t actually know what they do with the prototypes, but i know some of them arent ever shown to the public, they are just ideas.
    i know someone who works at a place where they make prototypes, and i have obtained one (it has the prototype stamp i described above) and everything about it is absolutley genuine to the point, even the numder hidden on the inside “51904” but it is a prototype, which resembles annas.
    so it is possible that it is a genuine LV prototype that anna has – ever think of that? if anyone has any more info on prototypes i am very interested, because it’s hard to find info on them online.

    my “LV” “prototype” purse also has the gold LV locks. and on the handles, also. I have never seen one that is like mine, anywhere. NEED INFO ON MULTICOLOR PROTOTYPES FROM 2004

  • k

    no way, not with that pleather. you can spot that a mile away. even if it were a prototype bag louis vuitton would never put that cheap fake leather on a bag. i see this same bag all the time, exact colors and everything. these are a dime a dozen. maybe anna’s just practical and knows that 1500 bucks for a bag is insane!


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  • Adriana

    I only got halfway down this page but…wow. You people are crazy. It’s a bag, get over it. Personally I don’t like LV at all, real or fake, they are ugly bags, period – but even if it is fake, who effing cares? If you can put stuff in it and carry it around, it’s serving its purpose.



  • Milly Anderson

    THE BAG IS TOTALLY FAKE I mean look at the LV color there is another symbol next to it that is the same color, Louis Vuitton would never put two of the same colors by each other.

  • Milly Anderson

    I would know, because I shop at Loiuis Vuitton alot.

  • Milly Anderson

    I would know because I shop at Louis Vuitton a lot.

  • OS

    Man…A collection of fuckin’ drama queens…Who gives the crap about the bag, fake or not?
    What a waste of breathing oxygen….Go make 6 figures, volunteer some of your time, donate some money for a good cause…Read up and do some research. But don’t fuckin’ brag about your real bags.

  • k

    hey, there’s no need for profanity and name calling. it’s the purse blog!! what do you think people are going to be talking about?! why are you even reading this! and how do you know how any of us spend our money! maybe we do donate to charity, but is this a charity website, no! it’s a purse website, so we’re keeping it on topic. if purse talk doesn’t interest you, go to a blog that has a topic that does!

  • Alana

    Here is a pic of paris with a fake papillon, someone said they would love to see pics of the hiltons with fakes, and there is also another pic of her with a fake Porte Tresor wallet..ha ha. Here is the link to see the pics

  • Anna’s bag is fake and is DISGUSTING. I would be more than embarassed to be carrying that fugly thing. Gross.

  • oxLiDiAxo

    omg! she has a fake?? ewww!

  • k

    fashiontrends is a replica website. hence the words, replica rolex! HELLO???!!!

  • FashionSavy

    Truly Sick. Poor paris, and Anna…..poor things think they have real ones well…..the point is that always buy LV from the stores. never ebay esppecialy with all thoes “super fakes” sad…….just save your money and buy a REAL one. even the ones that have recitpes are fakes too. Well we all know she dosent know. Hopefully she dont show up to the LV fashion show they will confonscate any fake bags.. !!

  • Louis Vuitton Lover

    :roll: apparently ya’ll don’t know louis vuitton. The bag jessica has is called the monogram speedy, its the traditional tan on chocolate lvs, the bag that ana is carrying is the Murikomi monogram lv, the bag shapes are similar put the murakami speedy is a stuctured bag.

  • authenticvuittononly

    geeze, anna has the nastiest fake multicolore speedy ever! at least get one with 33 colors. That is just pathetic. When celebs carry fakes, they get away with it. When a regular person carries an authentic, people call it fake.

  • kristina

    OH MY GOD !!!!! IT´S A CHEAP FAKE !!!! WHAT FOR A BLAMAGE :???: :neutral: :roll: :lol: OH MY GOD !!!!! IT´S A CHEAP FAKE !!!! WHAT FOR A BLAMAGE :???: :neutral: :roll: :lol:

  • Orange

    Hey guys, maybe Anna doesn’t mind using replica bags! Just as you say authenticvuittononly, when celebs carry fakes they get away with it but when its a regular person carrying a genuine LV, people think it’ why spend loads on a real bag when people think it’s fake.Doesn’t make sense. :mrgreen: :lol:

  • victoria

    uggghhh! i hate this bag..wuts the point in showing that its louvis vitton when u can get a much cuter bag from that designer without the annoyin pattern..its just showin off a bad designed purse. i mean dnt get me wrong i love designers i just hate it when people alwayse have to choose the ones with he annoyin paterns

  • jess

    That bag is COMPLETELY fake. I am an authentic white multicolor speedy owner myself and I can tell. The handles on her purse are longer than the real one. Like everyone else has said, the colors look weird. The pocket in the front isn’t supposed to be that thick either. The real one has a thinner pocket….. :roll:

  • jade –

    nice legs but her shoes spoil the whole look. and the bag is discusting anyway, i duno wot LV were thinking when they made this one!

  • Cindy

    Why are we even discussing this…? Have our minds turned to much? this is just so much shallow dribble!

  • Cindy

    Why are we even discussing this…? Have our minds turned to mush? this is just so much shallow dribble!

  • Zendegi Merchant

    :roll: That bag is real…I happen to own it myself and there are no red LV’s that I can see with 20/20 vision….lol.

  • Scott S

    If any of you had actually done your research, you would know that this was a staged photograph. This is NOT Anna Kournikiova, but an impersonator hired by a tabloid magazine. This was done by the same photographer and publishing company as the recent Prince Harry scandal, Radar Magazine. They were also the same ones behind the faux Prince William and Harry Moto-Cross photographs passed off to People Magazine as authentic. So of course this is a fake Vuitton bag, they wouldn’t spend that kind of money for a tabloid shot. Also, the shoes are knock-off Chanel 2003 Spring line.

    Anna Kournikova is a regular patron of Louis Vuitton and a spokeswoman for Tag Heuer watches, She would never tote a fake bag. Paris Hilton on the other hand, is all about what she wants, Vuitton didn’t have the style bag in the color that she wanted, so she had one designed for her – So it isn’t quite a fake. Also, to contrary belief, she was making and upwards of 2 million a year prior to her “Sex Tape and Reality Show” – Has everyone forgotten that she has a unblemished name in the fashion industry? Britney Spears is the one shopping in China town.. But we won’t rag on her, She has enough on her plate!

  • jessica

    I think jessica simpson rocks the Louis Vuitton bags She knows how to dress herself even if shes wearing sweats thats the beauty of these bags you dont have to be dressed up to wear them they go with almost everything :!:

  • nicole

    I just wanted to respond to the comments on “real” Louis Vuitton purses never having any part of the logo covered up. I went to the actual Louis Vuitton website and guess what I found….a picture of a purse…with part of the logo covered up. Go to, click on USA, click on Catalog, click on Multicolore Monogram, click on “Discover the Selection” in the bottom right corner. Look at the Speedy 30 purse. Look where the handles “connect” to the purse. YEP! THE LOGO IS PARTIALLY COVERED UP! So is this purse…on the actual website a fake? How DO you tell??

  • dani

    I never noticed the bag look at them legs.


  • this is gay

    but who cares
    like holy shit fuck
    its just a purse or bag or w/e !!!
    O M G is that reall or fake O M G i think
    we should take this to court
    its just friken material put together with a logo on
    it to put ur things in and carry them around
    like its not even a big deal
    what has this world turned into !?

  • designer_diva

    Her bag is fake. The coloring is wrong, and the inside liner should be raspberry red, not tan. 

  • Fmenrige

    This forum is amazing, Thanks for the tips!