I’ve always loved the Chloe Lucy Bag; it’s luxurious-looking, cleanly designed and classic without being boring. You can wear it on the weekends, you can wear it to work, you can wear it for years to come! The only downside, of course, is the price. At $3,150, it’s far more expensive than Chloe’s other leather bags (the much larger Baylee costs over a thousand dollars less), and the bag’s petite size makes the number feel like even more of a ripoff than it might otherwise.

That’s where the brand new Opening Ceremony Sumi Bag comes in. With its easy, rectangular shape, double top zippers and chain strap, the bag clearly drew some inspiration from the Chloe stunner, but its more contemporary styling and $545 price tag ensure that the difference is clear. If your heart loves the Chloe version more than your financial adviser does, the Opening Ceremony doppelgänger is just about the most compelling alternative you’re likely to find.

Chloe Lucy Bag
$3,150 via Barneys

Chloe Lucy Bag

Opening Ceremony Sumi Shoulder Bag
$545 via ShopBop

Opening Ceremony Sumi Bag

Cozy Season

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