The Loewe Items You Purchased Most in January

Creative Director Jonathan Anderson's designs continue to shine

Thanks to modern-day technology, one of the neat things we can do is see exactly what items you, our dear readers, are purchasing. This insight is like our very own Lyst, showing us the brands that perform best and the items you love at any given time. January is typically a slow month for luxury shopping post-holidays, but it was not a slow month for Loewe lovers.

You all loved Loewe in January, and the bag purchases flowed with some of my favorite designs from the brand. The Squeeze bag was finally in stock long enough for you to make purchases, and coming in a close second was the Flamenco bag purchases (which I love as a bag for its ease of carrying and functionality).

We also saw several charms and small leather goods purchased, which Loewe nails regarding the casual, fun aesthetic. Overall, the fashion world and consumers love Loewe and the growth we see as far as direct purchases go mirrors that. Are you loving Loewe lately, too?

The 12 Loewe Items Most Purchased

Loewe Medium Squeeze bag in nappa lambskin
LOEWE Medium Squeeze Bag in Clay Green
$4,450 via Loewe
Loewe Flamenco clutch in nappa calfskin Donut chain in resin
LOEWE Flamenco Clutch & Donut Chain
$3,150 via Loewe
loewe mini flamenco clutch 1
LOEWE Mini Flamenco in Chocolate
$2,100 via Loewe
Lemur Puzzle Fold tote in shiny calfskin Lemur charm in felt and calfskin
LOEWE Lemur Puzzle Fold Tote
$2,750 via Loewe
Loewe Mini Gate Dual bag
LOEWE Mini Gate Dual Bag
$2,250 via Loewe
Loewe Panda Mini Flamenco Clutch
LOEWE Panda Mini Flamenco Clutch
$2,200 via Loewe
Loewe Flow Runner in nylon and suede
LOEWE Flow Runner in Nylon and Suede
$790 via Loewe
Loewe Stud Flower Charm
LOEWE Stud Flower
$165 via Loewe

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