This Loewe Solid Puzzle Takes an Icon to the Next Level

This monochromatic rendition allows the coveted bag to shine.

When you have a bag as beloved as the Loewe Puzzle bag, sometimes the slightest change can be the most impactful. This season, the Puzzle is reimagined in solid monochromatic colors, from the leather panels to the hardware, to offer an innovative, dynamic, striking take on the bag that already holds the hearts of handbag lovers. This is the Loewe Solid Puzzle, and the experimentation of color and form comes to life in various colors.

The Puzzle Bag is a staple for the house of Loewe, a bag that is easily recognizable and highly regarded amongst the handbag elite. This is Creative Director Jonathan Anderson’s new vision of the Puzzle Bag, a pared-back way of looking at the bag. This bag speaks for itself as is and, in this rendition, removes anything that would detract while allowing you to focus on the initial idea of the bag and design.

Color Theory

The Puzzle Bag received its name from its design, in which each piece of leather comes together to form an interesting pattern meant to emulate that of puzzle pieces in a geometric and distinctive design. The leather on these bags offers structure while also being extremely smooth, with a satin-like finish.

The Loewe Solid Puzzle is a play on color theory that perfectly suits the Puzzle bag. Because of this conceptual approach, the idea of the bag stands out as the focal point, and the array of colors Loewe offers suits this design well, including orange, vintage khaki, aquamarine, black, pecan, and scuba blue.

The Details

The bags are offered in two sizes: Mini and Small, both of which have been given the all-over tonal treatment. From the hardware to the detachable strap embossed with the Loewe name on one side and Anagrams on the reverse, the color you choose is seen in every aspect of the bag itself.

Speaking of the detachable strap, there is also the Donut Chain, a chain strap in varnished metal with a hook fastening that lends an even more fashionable touch. The Puzzle can be carried over the shoulder, crossbody, by the top handles, or clutch carried, making it quite a versatile bag. The zip closure with calfskin pulls leads to the interior, where you’ll find tone-on-tone herringbone cotton canvas lining and an internal slip pocket. Alongside the back of the bag, there is an exterior rear pocket, which I always use for valet tickets or some cash.

While our bags are intended to be functional, they are also meant to invoke a feeling within us, and there is power in a single, clear tone. Jonathan Anderson’s vision under Loewe invokes playfulness with its collections, and Fall Winter 2022 is no different. This collection melds over-the-top elements on Ready-To-Wear and shoes, like very unexpected balloons, with other sharp and vibrant elements.

Loewe Solid Puzzle Group
Small Loewe Solid Puzzle in Black and Vintage Khaki, Mini Solid Puzzle in Pecan

One thing is certain: these new monochromatic versions of the Puzzle Bag will seamlessly integrate into your bag repertoire, garnering attention for all the right reasons.

Discover the Loewe Solid Puzzle Bag now!

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  1. Krissy Avatar

    How can this bag have become MORE gorgeous?!! Absolutely beautiful. I wish the prices weren’t so darn high.

  2. FashionableLena Avatar

    I adore some of the dresses, but I think it’s ruined with the “balloons”. Im not wearing those on my boobs.

    1. Krissy Avatar


    2. Debdeb Avatar

      Hahaha! Right?! Lol🤣

  3. Cher Avatar

    I thought those balloons were hot water bottles! 🤣

  4. SonShownu Avatar

    the vintage khaki color , LOVE IT, especially the hardware with same color. great

  5. Aspen Avatar

    Love it. Now they just have to bring back the feet lol

  6. Antonia Avatar

    It’s a beautiful bag but the price doesn’t match the bag. Should be about 1/2 that price. Then again, that goes with a lot of bags these days-lol!

    1. Daveloeweyou Avatar

      Relax, you’re not their target market.

      1. Cate Avatar

        Why so rude?

      2. Daveloeweyou Avatar

        I’m sorry, but I’m fed up with people who think that Loewe for not knowing her should be a cheap brand. I’m sure they don’t dare to make that same comment from any Hermes bag.

      3. Lisa Avatar

        Dave, that was really just rude. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      4. Jerri R Avatar
        Jerri R

        Enlighten us regarding this “target market”. What exactly is Loewe’s target market?

    2. Daveloeweyou Avatar

      I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend you. Maybe I’m too visceral

    3. Jouyee Avatar


  7. Wolton Avatar


  8. Simbadog8 Avatar

    I own a medium original in saddle and mine is way more gorgeous than any of those—it’s kind of like when Balenciaga went mono–and boring. IMHO of course.

  9. Cate Avatar

    If I want to wear a balloon dress ($8,500) or shoes ($1,200) I’m going to blow up my own balloons. Holy cow!

  10. Kathy Avatar

    I love this bag and have been wanting it, but that price point.

  11. krashb Avatar

    The bag is beautiful in person but that metal chain is really heavy for a purse, imo. I didn’t like how it felt on my shoulder.

  12. Caleb Avatar

    This one I am going to pass. Colored hardware never lasts and it’s prone to chipping! What’s the hardware made of? Will they repair it? It’s a no for me.

    1. daveloeweyou Avatar

      Any Loewe store may help you.