If I may be so bold: being super into handbags is kind of weird, but mostly just in the ways that being super into anything is kind of weird. Who knows why any of us settled on bags instead of knitting or gardening or vintage teapot collecting, but here we are, and like any group, we’ve all developed a little bit of specialized knowledge during our purse travails. As is the custom of the Internet, we’re prepared to explicate some of that knowledge in GIF form.

1. Handbags are clearly the most wonderful part of fashion because they always fit and are rarely painful to use.

Gain some weight? Bag still fits. Lose some weight? Bag still fits. Spend eight hours on your feet at work? Your bag is not going to cut off the circulation in your toes. You bag is here to help.

2. If someone’s too nosy about your bags and how much they cost, you can just tell them they’re from eBay.

I’ve been a bag person for a long time, and nothing shuts up an attempted bag-shaming like, “Oh, I dunno how much it cost. I got in on eBay for a steal.” Look at you, being thrifty and resourceful! Even if that’s not actually what you did. Sometimes, a little white lie is justified in order to get someone to shut up.

3. It is not ridiculous or wasteful to have the same bag in multiple colors, leathers or sizes.

You like what you like, and sometimes you like a big black bag. Other times, you want the same bag to be little and pink.

4. Once you’ve had fancy leather, you can’t go back.

This is true of a lot of the little luxuries in life. Once you know all of your options, it’s hard to go back to enjoying things that are merely average. If you’re here, you’ve probably already jumped down the luxury leather rabbit hole.

5. Good bags require proper care and feeding.

Even if you’re not super careful with your bags, you know that they should be kept in their dustbags in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. If you’re extra careful, you stuff them with tissue to maintain their shapes when not in use. Handbag maintenance requires more attention to detail than regular clothing, for better or for worse.

6. Planning a whole outfit around your new bag is a perfectly rational behavior.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you buy a new handbag and don’t immediately plan an outfit for its debut, you should probably return it because you don’t like it enough.

7. You can actually save money on the rest of your wardrobe by buying nice handbags.

Okay, so the math might be a little wonky, but hear me out: carrying a nice bag automatically makes everything you’re wearing look more expensive, so who’s to say that your Zara sweatpants aren’t actually Rag & Bone? We all have a finite amount of money to spend on our wardrobes, and if nothing else, a bag is a great diversion.

8. People really do treat you differently.

Whether they realize it or not, everyone digests little social cues about status, and they do it all day, every day. Even someone who’s not obsessed with fashion can usually tell when someone’s attire feels expensive and sophisticated, and high-status people tend to get better treatment in stores, restaurants–everywhere. Because bags are recognizable usually carried prominently on the body, they’re a great shortcut.

9. No one’s anti-handbag or anti-fashion arguments are going to change your mind.

Oh, handbags are too expensive? Fashion is shallow? Gee, thanks for illuminating those issues for me, I had never heard anyone say those exact same things before. Your input has been life-changing for me.

Image via Giphy

Image via Giphy

10. The experience of buying a bag is second only to the bag itself.

Giddily unboxing an online order or perusing the handbag floor at a beautiful department store is just a lot of fun, okay?

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  • Liza

    Best article ever! lol My people. Preach!!!
    And to those who will bring the hate. Relax, it’s not that serious.

  • Karina

    Awesome! Couldn’t agree more-especially on the last point about unveiling the treasure;)
    I do work 8 hours on my feet in a hospital setting and don’t agree that bags don’t hurt you-they kill your back! It’s amazing how heavy even tiny cross bodies can get. Please please do a post on lightweight handbags.

    • In extreme situations, I think anything can begin to wear on you!

      I’ll add a post on lightweight bags to our list :)

      • Karina

        Will be on the watch out for this:)

      • Stephanie McTigue

        I know I am tooting my own horn, but…I have a company that sells leather handbags that I design – they are very lightweight, classy, sophisticated, and not crazy expensive. If you are planning on testing out light-weight bags, please let me know and I will send one your way (www.cofileahters.com) – the totes and hobos are extremely light weight and adorable! And, I LOVE this article – so true (especially number 6). It would be very cool to see you write an article taking one handbag and “dressing” it with three different outfits to show the versatility of a bag (just an idea). Thanks for the great article! xo Stephanie McTigue (CoFi Leathers)

  • Rashmi

    I second it by stating that this is the BEST one from Amanda; you sweet silly funny gal lightening up our hearts and prolonging out giggles this Thursday!

    And that monkey snatching the purse I’m pretty sure is in my native country of Nepal in Kathmandu where monkeys hover around temples gave me the laughs!

    What a great article Amamda! You Rock!

  • Yazi

    So true! Especially no.3!

  • Anjum Hameed

    Oh how I love this article! Thank you so much for making me feel normal and ME instead of a dotty old senile lady!!!

  • Vbogaert

    My husband just shakes his head and says “I don’t get it” everytime I’ve got a new bag on my arm.

    • kimmie

      If that’s all he says then you’ve got a good husband.

      • Gina Datu

        My husband said he didn’t notice that ladies were carrying purses until he married me

      • Imgoingbroke

        LOLZ! That’s hilarious!

    • Karisma

      Non bag people just don’t get.????

      • Karisma

        …get it. Forgot that it.

      • Samantha

        I a-liken my passion for bags to his passion for old cars. He still doesn’t get it…. never will i think lol

    • lucky mom

      My husband says the same thing over and over again but he got me a Prada! Said he’ll never understand but whatever as long as I am happy :)

  • Yes what you carry on your arm is very noticeable. I always shop at a high end department store for my bags. I never dress fancy, sweatpants and tops with boots. I had on my arm an expensive longchamps instead of a celine or chloe one day. You would have thought I was a homeless person looking to wash in the bathroom sink the way the ladies in the handbag department treated me. I had never been treated that way in the 20 years that I frequented that store. I sent an email to their complaint department and they righted it for me. Offered me lunch in their cafe and the handbag manager personally offered to help me next time I was in the store. But yes, there are snobs that treat you better because of the bag you carry.

    Truth be told, for some people, a simple little bag from Michael Kors or Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, etc is the best bag they can afford. Noone should look down on them for carrying a simple bag. Heck if what you can afford is a bag from Target but you keep yourself nice and you are personable that is what is important. It’s about the way you carry yourself too. Money does not buy class, remember that.

    • Stina Sias

      I agree, #8 was also problematic for me! I love this post and I think it is likely true. But I have to scrimp and save to buy nice bags and I do it because they’re like art to me- I can’t explain why I like them I just do. I’d rather have them than eat out at restaurants, buy starbucks, or own furniture that ISN’T from Ikea, so I go about getting them by skipping out on these other little luxuries. The idea of being treated differently because i am carrying one- like we live in a caste system- is uncomfortable to me. I certainly wouldn’t want it and I would feel awkward if I realized it was happening- definitely not a plus for me.

      • Carn Waxler

        I agree about a really good bag being wearable art. I love thinking about not only the design but the skill and craftsmanship that went into making the bag. And yes, it does matter, esp for women (like me) over 50 who can sometimes be treated like they’re invisible. Unfortunately, status does count, and a good bag is a bit of social armor, a subtle way of saying you’re not powerless. Sad but true.

        And since an LV bag was the lead photo for this thread and we just had a post about LV being a secretary’s brand due to the monogram bags that are everywhere (most of them fakes), does anyone else wish LV would make the Pallas bag in Epi or even Empreinte? I’d buy one in a flash if it were, for example, black Epi or Empreinte (instead of monogram canvas) with that shot of fuschia at the top. If only!!

      • Stina Sias

        Yes you’re right that this probably is true whether we like it or not.- but I would like to show people that I am empowered because of my character, not my possessions.

      • I agree but the image is the first impression. Character comes next!

      • Gigi

        You’re ever so right. I’m ‘invisible’ to and would have hoped to afford my Chanel or Hermès in my glorious teen years but now I have worked a hell of a lot for them and they make me feel better even if I don’t take them out.
        It’s good to have these luxury bags it’s soul candy.

      • “Soul candy”! I like that. It’s totally what I wanted to say to properly express my affection towards my handbags and couldn’t find the words! Thank you!
        Why do you (and Carn) say that women over 50 are treated like they’re invisible???

    • Olivia Jenkins

      Well said.

    • The difference in the way people treat me in Manhattan when I’m carrying something obviously expensive and from a brand they recognize and when I’m not is CRAZY. I’ve worked retail, it’s not that hard to be fair and courteous to everyone who crosses your path! It doesn’t take any extra energy or effort. It’s a baffling level of pretension, even after years working in the fashion industry.

      • Guest

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  • Dana

    I have a Chanel bag from 1986. It looks terrific, it’s still in style and it FITS. There is nothing else from 1986 that I can make that statement about.

  • abigail

    #7 is my fave

  • Sparkletastic

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! I love this article! Hilarious…yet, so true!

    It kills me when my friends rag on me for buying an expensive bag (that I CAN afford) and then they spend the same amount on something else they love.

    My handbags make me happy. I just bought one that arrived Monday and it was like Christmas, New Years & my birthday all in one!

    Long live gorgeous bags and love to my handbag loving sisters!

  • rodzep17

    Yes to #10 about everything luxury! And #8 GIF is the most relevant in this post ????

  • Karisma

    I agree 100% with all 10, however #1, 6 and 10 are my favorites. We, as “bag people” get this post, totally. I will also say when I see someone with a dirty, beat up bag I have to wonder what else in their life they don’t care about. Yes some may call it frivolous but even the most inexpensive bag can be well-kept and clean. Even if a person has one bag, keeping it in good shape, when possible, shows that your appearance matters. People are judged, unfortunately just like books by their covers. In this case their bags.

  • Lori

    This post is super funny, because it’s super true. I think the only other point you could have added is that we are EXPERTS when it comes to handbags. We know how much they all cost, where they are made, which will hold value through the years and what is the current “it” bag. My friends now ask me what I think when they want to buy a new bag. “Is this a good value? Is this on trend?”. I love it! Bags are most definitely my passion and my hobby.

    • Sofia

      So true! Ever since I got into designer handbags, I’ve learned so much about different types of leathers, different tanning processes, what makes some bag cost more than others, etc. I think my extensive knowledge shocks people because they probably assume I only buy designer handbags based on their popularity, not quality.

  • FashionableLena

    Love this. I didn’t notice that I got treated differently, but my husband did. Unless you’re being rude, nasty, or condescending, I just don’t notice. Sometimes, I feel like a poser because all of my luxury handbags are second-hand because I can’t afford then new. But, I remind myself that I worked hard for it. I just look at it as window shopping for my next second hand treasure.
    I despise Kenya, but I love that gif.

  • lavinia

    Loved this post. It’s “The Post” :)

  • Nancy

    YES to all of these, but especially the first one. I used to weigh well over 300lbs, and I have huge feet and an orthopaedic problem. Bags were IT for me. Now I am at a normal weight, but still have the big feet et al. Bags are still IT for me, even though I can shop for normal-size clothing now.

  • bryologue

    LOL This post is gold. I finally got accepted to the int’l organization I had been sending my application for 5 years, and when they asked an acquaintance/grad school classmate in the same department I’d be working for on what he knows about me, he just replied: “He likes bags.” Thank God they did not take my shallow obsession against me! Bless him!

  • KatharinaRR

    Yessssss I agree especially with that last one. I love my bags. ????

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  • Giselle

    Great article! #4 is my favorite and it’s the problem :D, I can’t go back!

  • Deborah

    My bags are everything for me. I pick out the bag and work that for the outfit. I have a few fantastic to me bags, but I adore all kinds. My daughter is getting married in Play del Carmen, Mexico 5.15.15 and although I’m still hemming and hawing about my MOtB dress I have the bag already found! A lovely, vintage, silver, Davis and Whiting clutch. Mmmm!

    • Imgoingbroke

      Congrats Deborah! Your D&W clutch will be prefect as a MOB bag. Have fun!

  • DB

    This is just bloody awesome….thanks for making me feel a little less crazy :-) Love it!

  • shopper

    Fun post but all the animated gifs are distracting (made me a little dizzy too!). In future can you limit it to two or three animations? Rest can be stills with caption. Thank you!

  • Spot on with all ten! Especially about high quality leather and owning the same bag in different colours and sizes. In the company I work (beausanslogo.com) we concentrate on producing bags with high quality leather. Birkin Style bag is the most popular and we find over half our client will make a new order with months for the same bag in a different colour. #hatersgonnahate can’t stop looking Fabulous! Also can’t believe that monkey :D

  • Guest

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  • Haydexita Ruiz

    I’m a Handbag addict!!! This post is fantastic!!! LOL :)

  • anon

    So true, I’m looking at the Celine section at Neiman Marcus in Chicago years ago and was carrying a YSL Easy bag and the handbag specialist admired it and handed me her calling card for future purchases LOL

  • A.C.

    Number 9. My husband has tried, oh he has tried, but I am not swayed. ;) And a spin-off on number 4…I just can’t with non-Premier brands. There is nothing wrong with Kate Spade, I just know that I won’t be happy with the quality.

    • LargeEventPlanner

      Not true for me. I own somewhere around 50 high quality designer bags including the much sought after Hermes Birkin (which I purchased with a salty event planning bonus). However, I recently purchased a Kate Spade tote and the quality is actually pretty amazing for a $600 bag.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Very funny and I agree with all the points. I have a group of friends that I meet up with 2 times a month for dinner and drinks and they love seeing which handbag I’ll be wearing. They jokingly get an extra chair just for my handbag.

  • SPA

    Loved this post. So funny and SO true!! Thanks!!!

  • Entwere1944

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  • Elisa

    Amen Sister!

  • Casey Jones

    You are totally right about people treating you better when you have a nice hand bag. I borrowed one of my friend’s Medici hand bags and caught a lot of people staring. Maybe I will get one for myself.


  • #6 is totally me every day! :) First I decide the bag and then I match the outfit! :)

  • Mary Eastman

    The love of bags is catchy! http://www.largepurseshop.com

  • Nonna Laloli

    I think number 7 is the wisest – a great bag can cover an otherwise average outfit!

  • mhrgame64

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  • M Naima

    You had me at the first gif. A true LOL moment! All of the ladies from the RHO…brand are perfect candidates for a PurseBlog article. Have you considered doing one just with a gif from RHO…alone? As for #2, I think most professional shoppers convince ourselves of this. Haha!