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Find the Crown Jewel of Your Collection with a Rare Bag from Portero

Everyday bags are, by definition, great. They’re the workhorses of not just our accessories collections, but our entire wardrobes; without them, every part of our daily routines would be different. Good day bags aren’t hard to find, though, and once you’ve got yours in order, the real fun can start. When it’s time for something special, Portero is here to help.

People like to joke about not knowing what to get the girl who has everything, but the way we see it, the answer is simple: a rare, special, conversation piece of a handbag. That can be anything from a classic Birkin with a hint of unexpectedly bright trim to a Chanel runway piece previously available only to important clients. There are as many ways for a bag to be extraordinary as there are for a woman to be. Not only does Portero have a wonderful selection of rare bags, but the company wants a chance to treat PurseBlog readers like the VIPs you are.

Join the Portero list to get three months of complimentary VIP membership, which includes a $50 credit off a $500 purchase, three months of free domestic ground shipping and white-glove concierge service. Not only do VIPs have access to all the rare bags below and more, but concierges can work with you to find the particular piece you’re looking for to complete your collection from Portero’s network of sources. It’s the ultimate way to expand your wardrobe into serious collector territory.

Below, check out some of the rarest bags Portero currently has available, or peruse the site’s full selection via Portero.

Hermès Birkin in Black Niloticus Crocodile with Palladium Hardware, 25cm
$70,000 via Portero


Hermès Birkin in Sanguine Shiny Nilo Crocodile
$64,900 via Portero


Chanel No. 5 Plexiglass Minaudiere Clutch
$13,500 via Portero


Hermès Crocodile Roulis Bag with Leather Trim
$47,500 via Portero


Chanel Limited Edition Black Compact Powder Minaudiere
$10,500 via Portero


Hermès Lisse Lyndie Two-Way Crocodile Shoulder Bag
$15,800 via Portero


Delvaux Brilliant Sellier Bag MM
$7,980 via Portero


Hermès Special Order Horseshoe-Stamped Birkin in Sapphire and Rose Tyrien Leather, 35cm
$28,500 via Portero




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8 years ago

Will keep this in mind for all of those friends who get $7,000++ presents from me each year, 😉

8 years ago

You see these prices and suddenly a $5000 bag sounds like a bargain.

Deanna Lago
Deanna Lago
8 years ago

These handbags give a professional look and goes with the outfits. Usually, I have to attend many corporate events [ and want to buy this type of handbag. Also, want to know the cost of these handbags.

Team Portero
Team Portero
8 years ago
Reply to  Deanna Lago

Hi Deanna! We agree with you, these bags are very professional and will elevate any outfit. If you’re interested in any of these, or any more of our luxury designer bags, please visit us on, or feel free to contact one of our Customer Care representatives at [email protected], or toll free at 1.877.962.2398. Thank you!