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Exclusive: Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

chanel diamond forever classic bag
Image via Forbes

Big news in the handbag world. Chanel has announced the newest limited edition and highly coveted handbag. With only 13 available worldwide, this handbag sits upon the accessory throne as one of the most expensive luxury handbags in the world. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag will debut in December adorned with 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds, 18 carat white gold hardware, and white alligator skin. Five of these ostentatious handbags will be available in the states. The price tag on this number is a staggering $261,000. Yes the price is sky high, but these bags are masterpieces, works of art. With only 13 being made, owning one would be similar to an art collector owning a Picasso.

Let’s discuss: Is this bag worth the price? If you owned it would you carry it or think of it as a piece of art? Who do you think will be one of the lucky 13?

Following up with her first article on the World’s Most Extravagant Handbags, Hitha Prabhakar at Forbes interviewed me again for this article. Article and exclusive pictures below!

It’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday wish list.

Sure to top it this year? Chanel’s “Diamond Forever” tote (pictured left). In December, the company will debut 13 of these diamond and alligator handbags just in time for the holiday shopping crunch. Each is a stepped-up version of the classic Chanel shoulder bag, with the iconic Chanel “Cs” encrusted in a staggering 334 diamonds (a total of 3.56 carats) set in 18-carat white gold. The alligator skin is farmed and treated with a matte finish.

The total cost: $260,150.

While few may actually end up owning this bag, the demand for other high-end handbags has skyrocketed. Online retailer saw sales of luxury handbags (those over $500) increase 11% last year.

“People want to spend their money on frivolous things,” says Pamela Danziger, author of Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need and founder of luxury goods research company Unity Marketing. “[And] handbags definitely fall into that category.”

Scarcity is also driving desire for these totes. Something that is hard to obtain or impossible to find will be more valuable, says Meaghan Mahoney, editor of the daily news and handbag review online site

“A handbag [such as] the Chanel Diamond Forever bag is more of a collector’s item than something you use on a daily basis,” she says. “Like an exquisite car or a rare painting, it’s the limited availability and high demand that make this handbag more valuable.”

Read the rest at Forbes

chanel diamond forever classic bag clasp

A bigger sized picture of this gem attached to the Purse Forum thread linked below!


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  1. Margarita Avatar

    😯 😯 😯
    That HAS to be the most BEAUTIFUL bag I have EVER seen in my LIFE! I would DEFINITELY carry it, but only to glamorous events… 😆 Otherwise, it goes on a glimmering pedestal in it’s own room, LOL. :mrgreen:

    STUNNING. But that price tag… 🙄

    In this case, if you’re one of the 13, you’re SO LUCKY.

    1. BECKAH Avatar


  2. FashionAddicted Avatar

    I’d say one of the more glamorous and elegant bags of Chanel.
    And of course I would wear it out, only to extravagant events.. other than that I would buy a glass case at home and leave it in there for show case.
    and for the lucky 13….
    its gotta be some famous celebrities on there for sure.
    and of course those billionaire men’s wives…lol

  3. Jane Avatar

    My jaw dropped when I saw the handbag! Beautifullll! $261K? If $261K is like $261.00 to me then yes I would buy it.

  4. kemilia Avatar

    Hopefully we won’t see it in Brit’s hand with a can of Red Bull and a pack of cigs.

    A gorgeous bag for sure (I would go to see it in a store, like going to a museum), such beautiful detail. Sigh.

  5. Eunice Avatar

    Wow, SUCH a beautiful bag…
    But even if I could afford it, I would never buy it. I’d be too scared to carry it around anywhere…

  6. william Avatar


    The double C closure looks so tacky encrusted with diamonds, real or not and the chain would look so much better without being covered by croc.

    It’s only worth the value of the materials that is was made with, and whatever labor went into it, but no more, it just isn’t that pretty.

    1. Aidan Avatar

      Totally agreeing with this post. The design isn’t anything special and it’s a complete waste of good leather and diamonds.

      1. er Avatar

        You are crazy!!!!! The bag is wonderfoul!!!!!

  7. missruby Avatar

    GORGEOUS!!! I would for SURE show this baby off if I could afford it…and watch heads turn :mrgreen:

  8. jen Avatar

    I actually think it’s a bit… tacky/ostentatious.

  9. Lynette Ng Avatar
    Lynette Ng

    Oh I’d love to own this bag. Meanwhile I’m still torn between a Chanel Timeless Clutch or the new YSL Tribute Bag. I need help.

    1. prettyprincess Avatar

      Get the timeless clutch I just got mine in black and one in white, they are so classic and gorgeous but the ysl is soooooooo nice too!!

  10. Emily1215 Avatar

    I’d love to own it but it’s not worth the price. Maybe $80,000 to $100,000 but not that much. Ridic.

    1. Gege Avatar

      I agree with you 100%, but I wish they did’nt cover the straps with croc leather.

  11. obfuscated Avatar

    Yeah. Even though I love bags, I will never fork out $261,000 for a bag. I don’t think any bag can be worth that much. It is precisely because we keep buying more and more expensive bags that designers daringly and increasingly price their bags at astronomical prices.

  12. belle Avatar

    I think the bag is hideous. yikes, I feel like I’m cheating on chanel saying that!

  13. poppyluver Avatar

    How much do you think the monthly rate on this bag would be if they had it on bag, borrow, or steal? LOl!!!

  14. D Avatar

    😯 oh WOW..i would buy this bag…put it on a pedestal..and just stare at it!! loool…im OBSESSED with fashion, so much that i started my own blog

  15. TC Avatar


    It is a work of art!

  16. labellabonita Avatar

    i wish they did’nt cover the straps with croc leather. maybe just chains? it seems over. and for that price? outrageously ridiculous!

  17. lisa Avatar

    This bag is definitely for the wife of a billionaire or a lady who lunches. Whoever buys it, I hope they are members of the purse forum and take pics for us!

  18. Tya Avatar

    I agree with you Lisa, I hope one of the lucky buyers will be a member of the purse forum! What a delight. I love the diamonds. Simply stunning

  19. Christy Avatar

    This bag is SOOOO HAWT! The sad thing is someone like Paris Hilton is going to end up with it….And she is only going to carry it like once!

  20. LC Avatar

    Hmmm this Chanel bag disappoints me. (I love Chanel!)
    It screams “LOOK AT ME!! I’VE GOT MONEY”, which is terribly tacky.
    I’m sure that new money or a celeb wanting attention will buy it.

  21. Rose Avatar

    I don’t think we have to worry about good ol’ Brit having it. It seems that she only carries Chanel knock offs these days. I love that bag but I’d have to sell one of my children to afford it. Do you think Angelina Jolie wants another? I’m kidding of course!

  22. kawilliams Avatar

    Love this bag, I would not wear this bag without an armed guard.

  23. michelle Avatar

    I WANT THAT BAG OMG!Its unbelieveable!!!!awesome, but i do like the chain handles better classy touch to it this really doesnt look worth the time and money for it? again ladies were paying for the name 😆

  24. Mikaa Avatar

    holy shiizer !
    that’s beautiful!

    (looks at the price and faints)

  25. Dill Avatar

    That is truly hideous and obnoxious. Wouldn’t buy it if it were for $20.

  26. Stuart Avatar

    OMG!!! That purse…… beautiful. Wow……..I think Chanel has truly outdone themselves……..I love it.

  27. shine-ling Avatar

    the price is sky high, i think i would like to advertise it rather than own it 🙂

  28. Diamond Avatar

    Not just billionaires but multi-millionaires can buy this bag too. I don’t think it’s worth no 261k. Ridiculous.

  29. Tina Avatar

    I don’t care if I was Oprah rich, I still wouldn’t pay 261k for no damn bag. Hermes don’t even cost that much.

  30. jadey - Avatar
    jadey -

    it ok, nothing really stands out about it so i doubt anyone is gonna demand it as such.
    you could buy a house for the price of this bag haha.

  31. Roxana Avatar

    The price is really over the top.. But it is a GORGIOUS bag. I would prefer it also without the alligator on the straps, but that’s my taste. I would only buy it if I was insainly rich and would have at least spend the same amount on worthy charity, otherwise it would be materialism ad absurdum…

  32. rosa Avatar

    The idea is not very original remebering that Hermes has the crocodile birking bag white white gold and diamonds for 148 000 dollars…

  33. andrea Avatar


  34. roxy Avatar

    😕 what a butaful bag i love it but i can never buy it

  35. J'adore Chanel Avatar
    J'adore Chanel

    I think that (idealisticly, of course!) Chanel should go against what’s expected of them and give their bags to normal, (yet chic and fabulous), citizens. Why give them to royalty/celebs who can have whatever they want? Give them to people who will truly value them.

  36. ashley Avatar

    😯 😯 😯 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock: i want one but yah right my rents would flip if i told them 2 get me 1! 😆 ❗ ❗

  37. ashley Avatar

    😯 😯 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock: i want one but yah right my rents would flip if i told them 2 get me 1! 😆

  38. ashley Avatar

    😯 😯 shock: i want one but yah right my rents would flip if i told them 2 get me 1! 😆

  39. Hanneeh Avatar


    This Bag Is Just So Gorgeous!!

    I SOOOO Want One But That Aint Gonna Happen Eh? 😆

    Whos Got One Allready? And Who MIGHT Be Getting One?


  40. anni Avatar

    shoot…more expensive than my bentley 👿

  41. lvlver Avatar

    I love this bag it is sooooo elegant but still stands out. I would use it to go to like the Oscars 😆 but then like lock it in a maximum security vault 😀

  42. lise Avatar

    This is gorgeous, but over the top! 😯

  43. I Love Baggage Avatar
    I Love Baggage

    There are actually going to be 14 worldwide and only 4 of them in the United States (New York, Honolulu, Seattle, & Los Angeles). At $260,150 it’s going to have 18K white gold hardware and over three and a half carats of diamonds encrusted in the turn-lock with the actual construction of the bag being made of the most rare white alligator not to mention the hours required to treat the material, set the diamonds, and the detail required to create the Bijoux chain… in white gold, nonetheless. This, obviously, is not for the novice of Chanel (or any) bag buyer and is very much a piece that will act as the gem in any bag collector’s crown.
    Raquel Zimmermann at the Cruise 2008 CHANEL Runway Show in Los Angeles (Look 36) with the Diamonds Forever… CHANEL Forever bag on her shoulder.

  44. Mikaa Avatar

    If I won a million dollars, I’d rush to get this RIGHT AWAY.

  45. CC Avatar

    this bag is all expense and materials, but there is a complete lack of taste. in my opinion it completely cheapens chanels name as the people who will be able to afford this bag wont want something that looks so tacky. it screams ‘look at me!’ but not in a good way.

  46. muna Avatar

    i wante bays chane Runway Cubes Shopper – $3,750.
    plaese gave me your cond bank or shopping?

  47. IhateChanel Avatar

    I just wanted to say f*ck all these handbag designers. What makes them so special and cost hundreds and thousands of dollars??! It’s so ridiculous. They are made from China, from the same manufactures that made all the knockoffs. It’s a freaking rip-off is all I have to say. To Chanel and all the similar high end handbag designers, you have your bags made from the same manufactures, and then take it to the US and around the world and charge it thousands of dollars. You’re the greediest people, trying to rip people off with your stup*d trademark. Chanel..the 2 C’s are’re not selling people the material, you’re selling a freaking symbol, ripping people of hundreds of thousands dollars. I hate Chanel.

  48. Gina Avatar

    Paris will get this, stupid idiotic mindless heiress. She’ll have it use it once and tah-dah.
    As for the bag, it disapoints me. Its just not right. Chanel isnt usually about this ‘flashy’ new money type-esque and i’m disapointed since Chanel is my favourite brand.

  49. Kimberly Avatar

    W0W 😯 OMG!that’s like the BEST 😛 and proettiest purse 😆 we would definatly see Paris Hilton with one 🙄

  50. Kimberly Avatar

    W0W 😯 😛 and proettiest purse 😆 we would definatly see Paris Hilton with one 🙄

  51. Ki Ki Snaps Avatar
    Ki Ki Snaps

    It’s amazing what people will call beautiful if it has the right price tag on it. If anyone saw that bag at the swap meet it would be called just what it is… An ugly bag! It’s price is completely rediculous and there is no way I would ever pay that much for a bag. NO WAY!

  52. cathealey Avatar

    It is a bit over the top. What would you wear with it? Plain black. I’d feel like I was second and just there to carry ‘the purse’

  53. sara Avatar

    how can i watch the real chanel bags price?

  54. Susannah Avatar

    2 things.

    1. Wow, its the price of a house.
    2. People would only look at the bag and not you.

    Its beautiful… but to me, there are better.

  55. someone Avatar

    To that guy that hates Chanel ,just so you know all the designer bags are handmade with care and high quality material . And if im right most brand earn 30% out of the price soo it not rip off.It a luxuary product .And if you hate design why do you even visit this website O_o >People with no life

  56. haha Avatar

    diputa ina si apo ko sana… lintian na bag…aw mag bag nalang lain na magkaon… buli nindo l kiaton taman kong masusu nindo ina sa diputa na tiyan..

  57. jeffrey Avatar

    id have to agree with some previous comments. If you didnt know all the ins and outs of this bag you wouldnt think wow thats worth 200k. Its not that nice.
    Id rather buy a house with that money or a very cool car…..but a handbag???? please!!

  58. Nirava Avatar

    Bem, a arte merece elogios.
    Agora, se alguém pode comprar uma ou duas destas
    Poderia faze bem para sua coluna e usar carteira.
    Com os trocados que sobrarem, poderia tentar emprestar este dinheiro para quem com seriedade cuide da fome na África.
    O luxo é maravilhoso, bonito.
    É pecaminoso, se a mesma quantia, que serve para alimentar estúpida e ilusória vaidade, alimentar auto-estima menor, que precisa emprestar de objetos a sensação de ser diferente e especial, poderia alimentar bocas desesperadas de fome, necessitadas de um lar decente.

  59. Gisele24 Avatar

    This is the dreamy bag, I may buy 2 of them at chinatown, LOL…

  60. Arewa, Somalia Avatar
    Arewa, Somalia

    OMG!! to think how man mouthhs 261k will feed in Africa or the impoverished nations of the world, where does one person get off splashing that amount of money on one bag…………I can not beleive it

  61. diamond auto glass Avatar
    diamond auto glass

    the white looking bag would really attrach some attention from the ladies but probably another expenses for boys…hahaha

  62. Maria Avatar

    I just got the bag! My dad, got it for me for my birthday! I love it so much! I have a massive party to go to, and cant wait to take it! I love it!!!

    1. Fellowmena Avatar

      Maria stop smoking that shit, because I already own them ALL!!!! by the way anyone has a lighter????

      1. Maria Avatar

        Yeah Fellowmena, it’s up your butT! Stop smokin that junk and watch your ugly mouth, you dog. What are you going to do with that lighter? Snort it like crack? Grow up.

  63. Jan Marinee Avatar
    Jan Marinee

    isn’t that nice?some people say diamonds are girls bestfriend but for me CHANEL is my very bestfriend and the my one only true friend…..

  64. Jan Marinee Avatar
    Jan Marinee

    @jeffrey duh who cares if you’ll just use 200k to buy a cool car or car well i have to say this eat all the house and all of the cool car…..who cares if we’ll just spend our money with that dreamy,fabulous,glam fashionable CHANEL bag

  65. Karindea Avatar

    I’d rather buy a house than this bag lol. But, actually this bag is really awesome 🙂

  66. Christian Audiguare Avatar
    Christian Audiguare

    My mom got that Chanel