Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is ready for summer and surfers

Growing up in South Florida, my friends and I were beach babies. We went from swimming pools to oceans and spent our weekends trying to surf. I say “trying” to surf because there was a long amount of time that I mostly just paddled around on my surf board before I ever even attempted to stand up. After a while, we all got better at surfing and at school we were part of the surfer crowd.

When I saw these two Jimmy Choo clutches pop up on Net-A-Porter this morning, I was immediately taken back to my high school surfer days. The Jimmy Choo Candy printed Acrylic Clutches may be super novelty items, but I HAVE TO have one of them.

From the sunset scene with two surfers paddling out, to the surfer catching the perfect pipeline wave, these clutches have me so excited for summer. A flowy white top with the perfect pair of jean shorts would be my look when I carry this candy acrylic clutch. The Candy clutch has become a Jimmy Choo classic and this rendition is easily my new favorite. Who else is ready for summer and surfers? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $795 HERE and HERE.


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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    It will probably be one of those bags you look at later and say “why did I want this?”

    1. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar

       This made me LOL – you are probably right!

    2. HM-GAP COM Avatar
      HM-GAP COM

       Maybe for a beach bag . . . but these look like evening bags. There is too much oddness here.

  2. 19yearslater Avatar

    They remind me of Wal*Mart swimming suits. You look at it and think, who is this person? What are they doing on my fashion? Maybe for a beach bag . . . but these look like evening bags. There is too much oddness here.

  3. mlle p Avatar
    mlle p

    These seem to me something that would be fun if around 40$ or less, similar to those bags of yore that looked like rolled up fashion magazines.  Cute as a novelty, not an 800$ investment.

  4. Jim1155 Avatar

    I don’t know which one I like more!!!  I too am from S FLA and these bags definitely brought back memories:-)