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Fill in the Blank: “The Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Suede Bag needs…”


Oh, Jimmy Choo.

On a certain level, you have to respect the brand for doggedly pursuing its over-the-top aesthetic in spite of the fact that fur, fringe, embroidery and purple suede, when all grouped together on the same handbag, are objectively a bad idea. I’m not sure if tireless commitment to bad ideas is a laudable thing or not, but at the very least, consistency is appreciated. Whether or not I appreciate the Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Shoulder Bag is a different issue.

At first, I thought that the purple, pink and blue fringe might be strategically dyed sections of fox hair, and I didn’t hate it. It’s been fashionable to put a panel or two of color in your normal-hued hair for what seems like forever, and why shouldn’t your fur bag, if you just insist on having one, have the same indulgence? Then I realized that most of the colorful sections were actually suede fringe, and I suddenly felt less open-minded.

The embroidery on the body of the bag (only the front flap is fur) could also use an upgrade. We’ve seen some incredibly luxurious embroidered handbags emerge for fall, but the details on this one look a bit inexpensive and hippie-dippy instead of intricate and elegant. What do you think? Answer the title question in the comments or pick this bag up at Neiman Marcus for $5595. (Not a typo.)


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  1. KEVINKIM Avatar


  2. Angela Avatar

    This bag needs…a major overhaul.
    I still don’t understand Jimmy Choo’s aesthetic. Makes me think that there may be too many heads working in their bag department and everyone just wants a piece of their idea thrown all over one bag.
    I find the aesthetic very insecure for an established brand such as Jimmy Choo.
    I hope they find their place soon enough in the bag world.

  3. Kathleen Pierce Avatar

    I love this bag…’s different, it’s uptown chic and downtown edgy !!!!

  4. SandiG Avatar

    5595!! Wow I’ll pass

  5. FashionableLena Avatar

    an edit. I mean really. Purple fringe, teal fringe, colored fur, embroidery, suede, and metallic leather just doesn’t sound good at all. And to think that they would charge someone $5600. They would have to pay me that amount to be seen with it.

  6. Jenny Avatar

    “…restraint”. Seriously.

  7. Karin bag4bag Avatar
    Karin bag4bag

    …help ! They need help as it’s definitely an emergency ! I can’t find anything positive to say about them.

  8. pe.riche. Avatar

    Sometimes I wonder if some of these posts “encouraged” by the designers? I mean, really? This bag looks like something that would come out of the stomach of a Teletubbie.

  9. Martha Avatar

    If you use the long handle attachment to the Biker Fox bag, it can also be used as a broom!

  10. Av Avatar

    A broom handle! I love it. $5595! Are you kidding me!

  11. Purseloco Avatar

    Sorry, I don’t get the biker part?

  12. purselady82 Avatar

    Biker Bag? Is a Big NO NO.

    “The Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Suede Bag needs…” -> Total Change.

    not my style.