Zara Terez Handbags

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the West Coast Launch Party for Zara Terez Handbags. In fact, this was my first official event since I myself have moved to the West Coast. As I pulled up to the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd I was beyond excited. Representing Purse Blog, I was invited up to the Penthouse for a private pre-party where I got to meet the talented and gorgeous Zara.

Walking into the penthouse, my eye didn’t know where to look first: at the gorgeous LA skyline or at the table full of handbags and accessories. Luckily the way the room was set up, I could do both. I perused the table of handbags and found countless pieces I wanted to make mine.

Zara’s handbags are statement pieces, bags that will turn heads, receive comments and complete your outfit. Each bag boasts intricate detailing and clear thought and consideration when finalizing the bag.

Brenda Song    Brenda Song

Slowly but surely various publicists, stylists, models and celebs also began trickling into the private pre-party. More than anything I was beyond eager to sit back and watch other people’s reactions. I watched how each person eyed the bags and accessories, how some gravitated to a particular bag while others went towards a completely different look. Yet each person had one thing in common, they found a bag that they loved, not liked, but LOVED. I have to say I was right there with them.

Angel McCord and Rachel McCord   Brittany Flickinger

As the pre-party wrapped up, we all headed to the super posh Sky Bar for the rest of the event. Paparazzi snapped images and grabbed film as everyone filtered into the party. Another fabulous feature had to be the encased Zara Terez handbags that adorned the party area. Lights hit the bags perfectly and continued to catch not only my eye but the eye of almost every other party goer in attendance.

I am honored that I had the opportunity to attend the event, meet the designer AND introduce this fabulous line of handbags to all of our readers. The images below are just some of the many in attendance. Make sure to check out Zara’s handbags and let us know what you think!

Kristen Renton   Lady Victoria Hervey   Eva La Rue   Phoebe Price

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  • wgs

    sorry, not loving them at all….except maybe the one carried by Hervey if i was forced to pick. Otherwise, i’ll pass.

  • Alana

    Totally love them! Good price point and fun designs!

  • THEpurseblogger

    i dont know WHAT “wgs” is talking about…those bags are hotttttt. im obsessed. definitely picking up a Nolita or two.
    loves it.

  • baglover

    LOOOVEEEEE the feathers!! So smart!!!

  • CrimsyMalick

    WOW. Amazing designs. Each is totally unique. Love the 14th Precinct – the Holster, it awesome (just saw it on the website and ordered one). Also Sunset Park, great everyday bag!! Can’t believe I didn’t know about these earlier!!

  • Smash Mouth

    Impressive designs. Nice to see a new brand with originality! Central Park camouflage bag is totally hot!

  • SashaLA

    i love the 14th precinct, i think brittany flick. is wearing it in the picture….beyond cute!!!

  • Emily

    not digging this bag…looks like she is carrying a goose.

  • codi

    This is the one of the most unique bags I have ever seen. Love the feathers.

  • Tara Sauvage

    I will pass..not into feathers.

  • alessandra

    Awesome designs and affordable pricing w an Impressive range of styles. I bought a zara terez a few months ago and have gotten compliments on the piece each time I’ve worn it out. Loves her stuff

  • sarah berkley

    i checked out the website and there are some really amazing bags. the clutches with beading look incredible. it’s really refreshing to see something new from a hot young designer featured on this site. it puts those bigger labels to shame :)

  • Madison

    wow, these bags look beautiful, going to the website now!!

  • Ms. Baglady

    Zara Terez – OMG I’m in love! I already have 3 nolitas and plan and buying many more!!

  • Zara

    I love hearing everyone’s feedback, so thank you all for sharing your thoughts and opinions! I design for you, so I really enjoy seeing the variety of responses!

    Thank you again!


  • Darlz

    I love this line and i already own 3 different bags from a Saturday night clutch to a fringe bag I wear every day! I don’t know what kind of tatse the negitive nillies have but it can’t be good if they can’t find one bag on the zaraterez web site!
    Zara you rock!!!

  • Bar

    Wow! What a great bag line. I just checked out the web site & I am going crazy because I LOVE at least 4-5 bags!!! I going back & buying now. Great write up and thank you for introducing me to this wonderful new bag line ZaraTerez!!!!

  • grace brown

    My favorite for this fall is the Zara Terez feather handbags, wow!…way cool love them all.

  • Xochital

    I love Zara Terez handbags. I own 2 already and gotta have that fabulous feathered friend, for sure. Oh, her big tote a must for my travels this winter.

  • Bag Lova

    I bought a 14th precinct a few weeks ago. I LOVE it and have been stopped everytime I wear it. Not only do my Mommy Friends think it is FABULOUS because it is the perfect thing to wear with a diaper bag but my Younger friends are freaking out over it because it is the perfect thing to WEAR OUT at night!!!! Great job with crossing over demographics and the DESIGN can’t be beat…


  • abigail

    i love everything zara makes…amazing quality and artistry in every single piece. keep up the fabulous work, zara!

  • Marnie

    Feathers very hot, in NYC must have Zara Terez handbags… fabulous featherd bags, too sexy, WOW!

  • Dani

    Wow! These bags are awesome! The designs are so unique and the pricing is great! I’m going back on the website now to buy some!

  • Gabriella

    Absolutely love love the fringe bag and I get so many compliments every time I use it! I plan on shopping for more and am turning my friends on to this line so I hope Tara is blazin successful for many years to come….Go Girl!!!!

  • chioma

    there is something i must say
    i love these bags in every way
    they are stylish, hip and fun
    i am the proud owner of one!!
    that zara girl seems really sweet
    A young designer that cant be beat


  • JustMeAD

    I love the line ~ So one of a kind looking and high fashion. The Nolita Grande is my favorite! Zara Terez Bags are HOT ! Zara you are on your way girl.

  • bruce goodman

    omg…zara’s bags are ridic hot! that girl is sooo talented.

  • Jen McGraw

    Love the fringe bags. Have one for myself and look forward to another piece from Zara’s line.
    Thanks Zara!

  • raspberry

    love feather bags…they always look so chic and whimsical.

  • Mandy

    unbelievable! so excited to see my fav new designer hit the big time. i bought my first zara terez at nordstrom a few months ago and loved it so much i went to her website to buy a few more. her “forrest hills” is my everyday bag and i get stopped on the street every single time i wear it by at least one admirer!!! these designs are only getting hotter!


    Wow, the line looks fun and fabulous!!! I have been looking for a new brown tote bag and the Sunset Park looks H-O-T!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck ZARA…………………….I have no doubt these bags will ROCK!

  • 19yearslater

    Ugh, first fur and now feathers- I guess skinned animal bag is a trend this season.

  • D

    What are all these comments about Feathers. That isn’t the only bag she has & if you took a moment to look at the website you would see that the feather bag(which is a statement piece if you have taste) is only one of 15 different type of bags this company carries.

    I love her line. I discovered it a couple of months ago and I own 3 different type of bags including my favorite which is the Nolita Multi Color. Her line is H-O-T!!!!!! Keep designing because you are awsome fresh and NEW!!!

  • MM

    Zara’s bags are terrific! Her line is fresh, unique and reasonably priced. A must-have!!!

  • Annie

    Weird, so many of these comments seem “fake.”

    1 or 2, fine. But 34 is a bit overboard and gives you away.

  • Lucy

    I saw her bag on another page on this site that is like a holster. Very cool bag and it is probably good to wear out to a club or bar. I will have to check out the web site to see how much & what colors.

  • thevuvclub

    Great bags Zara!! Hot designs!!