andrea brueckner handbags
Andrea Brueckner Handbags

Canadian born Andrea Brueckner has been making waves in the handbag world. But this should not be surprising, as her bags are designed impeccably and come together beautifully. Andrea Brueckner was born in Canada but studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After her studies, Brueckner apprenticed under master-mind menswear tailor, Craig Robinson, learning the art of draping and patern making, which now can be seen in her handbag line. Her debut handbag line was released in 2004, and has been picked up by a slue of stores and online boutiques since. She has garnered a long list of press and many of Hollywood’s girls have been seen sporting her bags, such as Jessica Alba. Below are some of my favorite bags from this hot new designer. Be sure to check out her newly re-vamped website, which sports clean lines and beautiful collection photos! To shop for any of her bags go to Andrea Brueckner Shop section.

Cardiff Medium Satchel
Cardiff Medium Satchel | $545 via Andrea Brueckner

large market tote
Large Market Tote | $398 via Andrea Brueckner

Tierney City Bag
Tierney City Bag | $650 via Andrea Brueckner

Luxembourg Clutch
Luxembourg Clutch | $375 via Andrea Brueckner

vegas bucket bag
Vegas Bucket Bag | $515 via Andrea Brueckner

jessica alba andrea brueckner bags

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  • Chi town Chanel

    Well, I didn’t want to be quick to judge this line until I looked at it more, so I went to the website. I looked at the available styles and their color variations. What I saw reminded me of a lot of stuff that is already out there. The woven bag looks like the Miu Miu posted on the blog earlier (which in itself is modeled after BV). The other bags have some of the same design elements of Chloe and JC. Maybe these bags are really well made? I want to support new designers, but I don’t see anything particularly exciting or ground breaking here. It just seems like these design elements have already been done.

  • mette

    The Cardiff medium satchel actually looks quite calm and easy, the price very reasonable. So the question really is-is the quality ok?

  • william

    I lovvvve the Luxembourg clutch.

  • SereneO

    Hmm…I agree with Chi town Chanel. I personally don’t see anything spectacular about the designs; they seem ordinary and pretty much out there already.
    For that kind of price, I’ll rather a Rebecca Minkoff bag. Her designs are more appealing, but that’s just me.

  • foxyqt

    not my style.. i find them very boring! =/

  • kat

    Do you know what purse Paris was wearing at her pre-birthday bash on Feb 10th? The pink one? The rest of her outfit was hideous, but I;m desperate to find out about the purse, absolutely love it

  • Luna

    IMO, Andrea Brueckner has been on the scene for a while.. and most recently faded out. The saddle bag made her famous after Lindsay Lohan started wearing.. along with a few others.

    I own the saddle bag.. it’s actually a nice bag… but definitely one of those fad bags. Since those, I think I’ve only really liked the Luxembourg bags and the Tierney line… I think her more recent designs are too bland

  • Dini

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrea Brueckner bags. I have the medium saddle, luxembourg clutch and the tierney and I always get compliments on them. They are look great and are functional with lots of pockets in them. I love high-end bags and have tons of them but have to admit that I usually wear AB bags as a default. I can carry my shoes and my work in them – all while looking great. I find prices super reasonable given the great quality.

  • Shiva_pac

    Hey Girlies i Love her bags … i love the vegas bag its sooo chic and unique i do have it in brown and use it all the time but last week my brothers friend got me a black one for my birthday which i have no use for since i dont like having 2 of the same bag ! is anyone intrested in it??

  • Necktie

    Do not immerse in water,use a mild soap like Ivory and a very damp rag to wipe down.

  • Like Free Shipping

    Solid info, Will definitely come back soon.