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Gucci New Jackie Guccissima Shoulder BagLogo bags are kind of five minutes ago, right? They’ve been kind of five minutes ago for a couple of years now. But despite the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of bags with branding all over them, I’ve always had a soft spot for Gucci. I like the pattern that their traditional logo fabric creates, and I like how it looks when it’s embossed into their Guccissima leather. I think it works because even if it didn’t serve as a logo, it would still be a fairly simple and attractive pattern.

And that’s why I like the Gucci New Jackie Guccissima Shoulder Bag. Last season when the New Jackie came out, I wrote about how much I like the functional and comfortable shape of the bag, and that hasn’t changed a bit. When you combine super soft, matte leather with the Guccissima embossed logo, it provides great texture without having to mess with the bag’s structure or premise. The color of this bag seals the deal for me – grey is an enormous, important color for Fall 2009, and this grey is a perfect, blue-undertoned, medium grey that will go with almost anything in the average woman’s wardrobe. It’s mighty expensive for regular leather, thought, which is a major deterrent for me adding it to my wardrobe. Buy through Saks for $3250.

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  • renee

    Here Gucci Gucci Gucci, come to Mama!

  • otter

    Yummy, yummy. Finally, a new Gucci to get excited about again. It all works, the color, the textureof the matte leather, the shape, the straps, the closure, etc.

  • Estelle

    This purse is sooo cute! I love the shape. Gorge!


    this is probably the worst gucci bag from the fall collection. what about the galaxy or the icon bit?

  • Lyns aka outtacontrol

    ugh. this has been done WAY too many times. I want Tom Ford back WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH….

  • Jan

    Love it-but NOT AT THAT PRICE!!!!

  • [coco]

    This is a fabulous bag.
    Anything in guccissima is gorgeous… loving it!

  • Merve

    urgghhh seen it so many times and with that price are they f…..g kidding me?

  • chirpy_gal

    Awesome… its just fabulous :)

  • papertiger

    It looks even better on. This whole fall line is TDF

  • Mandy

    I avoid logo bags unless they are Gucci or LV…to me, the real classics. This falls in that category. I especially love the logo-stamped leather as opposed to the more common fabric. Love, love it!

  • tadpolenyc

    it’s gorgeous, but why is it so expensive?

  • Th

    While I love the bag, but having some not too good experiences with Guccissima, I don’t really think it worth the $$$

  • susan

    Love the shape! I’ve got a what used to be called the “large bouvier”. Same bag, but now it has the extra strap. It’s an easy bag to carry.

  • mette

    This is classic in every way. Everything looks fine a one glance. A really every day, every where you go, bag. That´s why I think that the price is justified.

  • bindc

    I love it. It’s gorgeous.

  • Lysanne

    I got this bag today =D

  • beanyce126

    always have and alway will like the jackie style, top off with the grayish blue color, kick it up a knotch, love it. (ipad)


    nice bag!!