EBay: It has everything! That nail polish that you should have bought two years ago but didn’t, the pillow shams that match your duvet cover for half the retail price, an unlocked iPhone 4 that you shouldn’t bid on because it’s a scam, it’s all there. And now, it has the Hermes Birkin. That’s right – not an Hermes Birkin, THE Hermes Birkin. Owned by Jane Birkin herself, who famously inspired the bag on a flight in 1984. Birkin is auctioning her iconic bag to support relief efforts in Japan. But because Birkin is so very French and bohemian and eccentric, this bag is not without a few modifications.

Yes, those are stickers. And worry beads. According to Birkin, “I always hang things on my bags because I don’t like them looking like everyone else’s.” And if the bag looks a little beat up, that’s also by design – a bag isn’t good until it’s dirty, and Birkin only uses one bag at a time until she wears it out, and then it’s on to the next one. The image above, via Vogue.com, is of the back of the bag – the front is relatively normal-looking. The key word being “relatively,” of course – but if you’re a true Birkin collector and want to own a piece of handbag history, you can do just that while simultaneously helping a great cause.

Go bid! At press time, Birkin’s Birkin is currently fetching over $5,000.

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  • Marianna

    What an amazing piece of handbag history! If I put stickers on a Birkin I think more than one person would beat me with my own shoes!! lol I am just not FABULOUS enough to treat my accessories this way and I can accept that. I am glad to see the money is going to a great cause.

  • YS(-L)


  • seejayluvsbags

    Good cause! The bag looks interesting but I suppose I really am not that familiar with a Birkin because I wouldn’t have recognized it otherwise. I, too, could never, EVER maim a handbag for the sake of individuality. It’s just not in my nature.

  • Cathy Fitz

    It’s wonderful that she’s doing this for charity. But the stickers!

  • kemilia

    I agree with YSL — WOW.

    While I have never been a Birkin fan, that is definitely a collector’s item that will probably bring in a high auction price and for a very good cause. I’m watching that auction!

  • MizzJ

    What a collector’s item! I’m surprised it’s only at 5g!


  • Beth S.

    I’m just lovin’ how casual that Birkin is. Stickers? I wouldn’t ever dare! (As if I’ll ever own a Birkin, hahahahaha…) But, I love taking a piece that is so precious and just working it.

  • mia

    She’s amazing for doing this. no wonder the bag was made after her!

    So, does she go from one birkin to another??

  • mia

    its at 7k+ now and it’s a pretty exclusive bidding. o.O

  • Lulugurl

    Neat bag!!!

  • Marion

    I’m so not a fan of the stickers too but this is definitely a collector’s item for any true bag lover. I probably wouldnt use it if I owned it though

  • Dawne Strehl

    Wow, I mean Wow!

  • Rebecca

    I love that it has Aung San Suu Kyi on it.

  • J

    That’s an expensive bag. I don’t see how women can pay thousands for a handbag. Whatever makes them happy.


  • Stephanie

    WOW, so expensive! So great for charity though!!!

  • Ana

    Just checked the final auction price. Could’ve been mine for only $162, 000. Maybe next time. :)

  • ebecca

    I’m so not a fan of the stickers too but this is definitely a collector’s item for any true bag lover. I probably wouldnt use it if I owned it though.purse hermes

  • Maxwell Scott

    Just stumbled across this old post! Such a great idea and went to an amazing cause too for SO much money! Althought I am not fond of the stickers/modifications she has made to the birkin (you can’t mess with a birkin!!) I do like that she likes the ‘beat up’ look! There’s nothing worse than investing in a great handbag to never use it!! Ciao – Maxwell Scott