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I love a good print as much as anyone in the world, which means that things like’s recent feature on the resurgence of traditional scarf patterns are like crack to me, particularly when they they lead off with a printed handbag. As is likely predictable when the worlds of purses and scarves collide, Hermes is the culprit. As is also predictable with the brand, the price for the Hermes Catenina Silk Bag is astronomical. But at $5450, the number even caught this veteran accessories fan off guard. Is there any way that you’d plunk down that much for a bag that wasn’t leather, encrusted in Swarovskis or some combination of the two?

Hermes prices aren’t worth quibbling with under normal circumstances, because if the brand’s astronomical growth is any indication, plenty of people are willing to pay what the brand asks. And that’s all price is, really: perceived value. But $5000 is well on the way to one of the brand’s signature leather bags, and it will actually nab you some less sought-after Hermes leather designs. So with that in mind, who in the world is going to pay that much for a small silk printed bag? People with more money than sense, I suppose. Or just more money, period. Buy through

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  • abbi

    i love the colour of this bag!
    however i think id continue saving for a kelly or birkin

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Of course the pattern is appealing but the bag, based on this photo, looks a bit on the inexpensive side. The chain strap seems flimsy as well so all in all…..NO!

  • GLOW

    not at all

  • Amy


  • Emily


  • rose60610

    That’s the price of about 15 Hermes silk scarves. Or five Hermes shawls. I can’t see it for one fabric bag. Eeek! I can’t even see the people who I know could afford several with no problem buying one.

  • BagMiss

    No, never!

  • Kathleen

    And I thought I was a little crazy paying $1000 for my Silky Pop.

  • Lulugurl

    not at all, i have a hard time plunking 1000$ down on a leather bag, let alone 5000+ on a non-leather. plus i agree with a poster above about the flimsy quality of the chain.

  • Britty

    No way no way no way!

  • Mila

    That’s really expensive! But it’s cute :)


    I love Hermes and love their style. In fact, I wanna be the Hermes of crochet. But I can’t see myself paying $5k for a non leather bag from ANY house. Sorry.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Never!Even for the canvas one, I would’t pay such prices.If I buy something that expensive is with the idea of passing it away to my daughters.

  • Sus

    Beautiful bag. I love Hermes leather/exotic bags but stop at fabric H bags but for the toile leather combos which can be cleaned so no not for me.

  • Kat

    A big NO on that! I would rather buy their Jige cluthc and have change to spare!

    You can’t even justify the purchase as an “investment” because the fabric won’t, in all probability, age well. So, no, no, no.

  • KellyX

    For this price. I believe I can get another bag in exotic leather from another designer right.say Nancy Gonzales or something

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t like this at all. Even if it were a print I wanted no freakin’ way would I pay that much for nonleather from any brand. I don’t think I’d pay that much for leather, either.

  • Graciella

    I agree on the crazy price, and I don’t really care for the pattern, but the overal design is nice and classic. Perhaps the chain is solid silver (i.e. like their Farandole necklace)? That would partly explain the ridiculous price.

  • carrie

    Don’t think so.

  • Oliana


  • Chels K

    Oh no.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    As a matter of fact , my present dream bag is a Ralph Lauren Collection green clutch I saw in the last issue ( august page 46 ) of american Bazaar…Anyone knows where can I find it, right now?Please let me know.

    • Ralph Lauren Collection doesn’t retail its bags through many third parties, I’d suggest contacting the Ralph Lauren Collections flagship store in New York, which can surely locate the clutch and have it shipped.

      • Fiona-Brasil

        Thank you very much Amanda.I will do as you suggest.

  • Shakeandbake

    I really like this bag, but I would much rather buy an Evelyne which is leather for just over half the price.

  • Stacy

    No! I would never, (and yes I did actually say never, lol), pay that much for a non-leather bag. I like most of what Hermes does, but this does nothing for me. Sorry.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I love the body of the bag, and how the print on the flap matches the body. And the chain detail on the flap is lovely.

    The chain strap, as mentioned above, looks very flimsy and cheap. Would not want a bag at any price with that strap!

    I would not spend that much money on a bag by any designer. In fact, for my lifestyle, I would have to keep a bag purchase under $2000 to be comfortable, and then it would have to be leather. But I’m sure celebrities or the wealthy will jump to buy this bag.

  • Mimi


  • pochettelover

    even if you had a lot of money, you’d still be smart with it. The bag is pretty, but it’s not worth 5000 – you’d be better off investing your money with a classic Birkin.

  • sylvia

    Of course, I like the mysterious colors of the Hermes bag!

  • Rashida

    Too much money… And I don’t see the quality

  • CJO Fejeran

    a true Hermes customer would….

  • mochababe73

    I say why not keep saving and get a Birkin. Why waste the money on a non-leather Hermes bag.
    But, I am pretty sure that we’ll see some type of celebrity rocking this bag.

  • harveydent

    I understand that it’s silk and that it’s Hermes, but $5000 is out of control. To be completely honest, I don’t care for the print or the colors. It’s a no for me.

  • Bagluv

    I think it’s stunning. If my dh said handed it to me & said it’s yours, would I ask for something else….no. But, If you are saving for all the beautiful skins hermes has to offer I definitely, agree with others that there are more practical (& very beautiful) leather Hermes to be made & purchased to last a lifetime! :-)

  • Bagluv

    ^oops Not said just handed to me!

  • klynneann

    I kind of ike the print and the chain, but I too would rather keep saving for a Birkin. Also, it looks like it might be on the small side.