Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian caused a bit of a stir when she debuted a brand new (to her collection, at least), super rare, incredibly expensive Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin that might be beautiful enough to wipe that George Condo painted HAC out of some (not all) Hermes lovers’ minds. A simple Google search of “Hermes Himalayan Croc Birkin” will show you which bag-loving celeb got her hands on the bag first, though – none other than Victoria Beckham, the original celebrity Hermes fanatic.

Beckham was the first star to bring this very exclusive bag to the attention of people beyond Hermes consumer circles, and it seems like Kim would be wise to try emulating Beckham’s gradual, years-long transition from tabloid fodder to fashion industry darling. The Victoria Beckham who once wore leather chaps in public seems like a distant memory now, but she used to be something of a joke to designers who feared that Beckham would devalue their brand image if she was spotted wearing their clothes. Victoria clearly wanted very badly to be accepted by an industry that was hostile to her, though, and she made it so by cleaning up her wardrobe, refining her personal style and demonstrating a commitment to fashion done correctly with her eponymous line.

As has been mentioned at Fashionista and elsewhere, Kim Kardashian is currently traversing a similar road, but her destination is still a bit unclear. If she can get her reality show off the air and continue to clean up her wardrobe (her coat game has been flawless lately and no one will tell me otherwise), then she might have a fighting chance. She’s already made a vast style improvement in the span of just a couple of years, and if you don’t believe me, we’ve got a place where you can check out some of her older outfits. Like Victoria, Kim is also wealthy far beyond the spoils of her day-to-day gig, which comes in handy when trying to redecorate your entire life.

For right now, though, we’re just judging what we see below. Who did a better job making her Himalayan Croc Birkin look like all of the thousands of dollars its worth? I’m on Kim K’s side, if only because she so clearly chose the outfit to accent her new bag, and who among us hasn’t done that at least once? (Or every time we get a new bag?)

Victoria Beckham Himalayan Crocodile Birkin


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  • laura

    I love Victoria Beckham’s style but in this case Kim wins. The bag better matches her outfit and I don’t like VB’s dress

  • s

    Beckham all the way.

  • lovesparkles

    I vote Beckham- because since when is it fashionable to have toes coming out of your sandals and a bra strap cutting into your shoulder? Did I miss that memo?

    • Yorkgirl

      And that necklace doesn’t match her neckline, nor does that middle parted ponytail flatter her outfit. Kim’s got a great figure so why does she wear tight, ill-fitting clothes? VB understands proportion and her hair always looks great.

  • kindled

    I think it pops more against the dark color, honestly.

  • Yorkgirl

    It’s all about contrast so the Birkin pops. The matching route is so obvious. Kim has a long way to go to reach Victoria’s fashion status. Victoria wins all the way.

  • Sandra

    I think VB’s dress is too young for her…more suited to a 20 something or younger. Kim’s pencil skirt and sweater are nice…I guess Kim gets my vote…I still do not know why we are watching her, it is like a car wreck and we just cannot turn away. She has made so much money and nobody knows why….if you think about it I guess it is genius!

    • shueaddict

      My sentiments exactly …

  • stella

    Please, kim will and cannot ever be Victoria beckham…she has a sex tape released for the public to see, classless! no matter how much money she has…

    • NYC Fashionista

      He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. I’m sure you might have done things that your not proud of but wouldn’t want to be defined by it. You don’t know Victoria or Kim so you shouldn’t place one on a higher pedestal than the other. Stick to question

  • Ivanka B. Cruise

    I say yuck to both these wasteful spend-a-holics. Poor little endangered species alligator, not that these two give a rats ass.

  • kim

    Back then when Kim K was still no one in the scene she was still a poor lil bitch, victoria already has a big name in the fashion scene, So i think no matter how hard kim tries she will never be on VBs tail even, Lets face reality. So i think to sum up, kim k will never be like VB

    • Ahot

      OMG, THIS!
      Posh was a very very big popstar before becoming a great fashion designer, even if she wasn´t the most talented of her group. & It was always her dream (goal) to become a designer.
      Even comparing both is an insult imo, Posh was never famous for being just famous.
      The only thing they SOMEWHAT have in common is the Birkin, although Vic´s version is bigger & more expensive & comes with diamond hardware. -_-

  • nappy

    Victoria Beckham All The Way, baby! she wears things that ACTUALLY FIT her. instead of worming her way inside of some Herve Leger Bandage Dress 2 sizes too small (well, she had a purple Herve moment where her boobage was poppin out, but the suede purple kelly clutch saved that moment hahaha). She has a signature style that only she can pull off, and very rarely has fashion misses. She has been lauded for her Designs and most often than not wears her own designs, even her bags are spot on. whilst Kim K, as a brand is selling, but do i see her wearing her own stuff? only on paid endorsements, but never in real life where she prefers high end.

    and not to mention, in VB’s outfit, the bag is meant to really pop (i would do so too if the bag has that HUGE of a price tag!) and Kim’s outfit, whilst young and fresh, the color is kinda like Oatmeal, a big MEH. and i think crop tops are inappropriate if your above the age of 21. but that’s just me.

  • Michel

    Why is this even a question?!?!?! Victoria queen of style and class vs miss. tacky Kardashian… this is so not an even fight.

  • Denise

    Victoria for sure!

  • Bir

    KIM not because of the outfit but because im not a fan of diamonds on the HW. and so ………. KIM

  • Lilly

    Neither. Will never understand the craze over a Birkin.

  • NYC Fashionista

    I think Kim is a much better at style, however, Victoria wins this one hands down!

  • Jen

    I was the one that put the thing out on Twitter hahahaha, and I stand in my point, Posh wore it better!

  • LadyBruin

    Kim’s Birkin is awfully small, especially in contrast to her unusually wide body (The clothes don’t flatter the body either) Looks like a grown woman holding onto a child’s bag. VB all the way.

  • Annie

    Victoria Beckham wins hands down. She has impeccable style and always looks a million dollars. Her carefully put together outfit is classy and shows off her bag against her black dress. I don’t really get Birkins worn with gym gear or what Kim is wearing, it cheapens the whole look. She also needs a bigger size to balance out her hips.

  • Maria Urena

    Victoria wins!!!

  • Rashida

    I think Kim looks better.

  • looking4kelly

    Beautifully crafted bags both of them, but clearly the wrong proportion for Kim.
    VB shows a respect for the House which Kim seems to miss as she often just seems to have an Hermes because of what it will say about her. Victoria’s collection of Hermes speaks loudly about how she feels about the brand.

  • wendy lozano

    It’s very obvious that Kim wore it better, I mean yes Kim will never be at Victoria’s level right now in the fasion industry, but in all honesty the dress does not suit her nor the bag looks good with that dress. If we could all just forget Kim’s sex tape and actually focus on the outfits, Kim would win all the way.

  • he did

    the fact that you think victoria won this is CRAZY! kim is way better. its not about who they are its about who wore it better.