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  • BNOC

    I was just in NYC over the weekend and happened to run into Ms. Ecclestone and her beautiful bag at Celine (where I was purchasing my first luggage tote!!) I had just left an all you can drink champagne brunch so I was bold enough to ask her if I could take a closer look at her bag while we were waiting for our purchases to be processed. She seemed a little annoyed but let me check it out anyway.

    • Ahhhh!!! Was it as stunning as it looks?!

      • BNOC

        Yes! Its beauty was blinding. I think my friends were a little embarrassed that I was approaching a stranger and shamelessly admiring her bag, but I felt certain I would never see one of these in person again. Well worth the awkwardness in my opinion :)

  • nnenna1881

    She looks nice in this picture. A good thing since she always has a lot going on. Full head of weave, large false lashes, permanent tan…can you believe she is a mere 28…

    On the bag…gorgeous but I wish she’d try something else…she looks like a kardashian clone…

  • Jane

    I have no idea who she is but that bag is beautiful and I am not one for the patterns of snack skin or crocodile, but this one is exquisite! Thanks for letting me know who she is I had no idea, I think she would be a lot prettier without all that American looking makeup pancaked to her face. I like when women look more natural in their makeup. I would never guess she was British because of all that makeup.

  • TrainerBra

    But ooh, that bad nose job hurts!

  • Mia

    She is pretty but can let go of some of that makeup.