About once a week I visit the Hermes website to pretend I live in a completely different world, a world where $530 beach towels and $85 poker cards are the norm. We all know the exorbitant cost of the Birkin and Kelly bags, but Hermes releases other leather goods to lure you in as well. Majority of those are still out of the price range for most, but I discovered a ‘gem’.

Hidden under the horse riding section I found the Hermes Aline Bag, a Herringbone canvas pouch with a barenia calfskin strap.

Ok, so this bag is actually a pouch. The 11″ x 13″ body is a good size but the depth is only an inch. I am not a horseback rider, but apparently those who ride need a slim pouch bag for… something. For some reason I still like this bag, even though I recognize the absurdity entirely and understand it is not functional for what I need. However, the title of this post is still legit(ish). Buy via Hermes for $720.

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  • jaj

    Ummm…I don’t think so.

  • bir

    well ………its Hermes everything seems a little odd!! i love this brand but fail to see the beauty of this particular

  • Musette

    Oats and carrots. And a hoof pick. But I could do that for $20 from Farm and Fleet – and it would actually be more functional/practical (made of oilskin).

    I love Birkin/Kelly/Bombay but sometimes I feel stupid for doing so…they are just so…..


  • Jen

    This is making me laugh. $720 for a cloth pouch that basically makes me into a human advertising billboard? I’m no sewing pro, but I’m pretty sure that I could make this pouch with a sewing machine, cloth paint, stencils and some grommets.

    • Amanda

      Yeah… it’s a little sick, isn’t it?

  • Sandra Rowley

    Seriously, why does anyone purchase Hermes? There are so many wonderful designers out there that produce just beautiful products. YSL, Valentino, Gucci, Celine, Balenciaga, LV and many more offer the best leather, best construction possible for so much less. So why does anyone pay the crazy price to purchase a Hermes bag? Are we all about status, and if you carry a Hermes bag that sets you apart? If you own a Hermes bag, and you obtained your Birkin/Kelly bag by getting yourself on a waiting list….you need to look at Ebay.

  • 19yearslater

    This is a less useful version of the reusable shopping bag I got at King Soopers for one dollar.

  • MilesC

    I will buy this to ride my unicorn in la la land.

  • Lorie

    I don’t know for sure, but I think I can get my own cow for $720.

    • Renae

      Trust me…you can. (Typed from my barn on a cattle farm in Texas)… LOL

  • Chris

    assuming this is a made of canvas? I wouldn’t pay $50 for a canvas bag, much less $720, leather strap or not.

  • Stacy

    Wow-wee. Hermes charges an arm and a leather strap for their precious name. I like the Thursday Friday Bags a whole lot better than this thing.

  • rose60610

    I’d rather get a couple of scarves.

  • Jackie

    Totally agree! And even eBay prices are ridiculous for this brand. Especially given 40 years ago my mother used to sell these bags and they were around 200. How did they decide to add two 00 to that price in just that time!!! Crazy!

  • Rashida

    Hermes must be smoking that stuff! 720 for that is just too far gone….

  • J Umm

    okay, im not the only one who jumps to attention on hearing of a new hermes, but this… REALLY? 720 for the most simple canvas bag? pfft, literally buying the label than the style… what a joke.
    720!? 720!? …WTF!?

  • louch

    I actually like it. And yes, the price is outrageous but we all know that’s what Hermes is all about. So I’m not sure why everyone is so surprised.

  • Angela

    what a joke indeed

  • mab

    the name says it all but I don’t think its practical

  • Emily

    Sorry, but you couldn’t pay me to wear this bag. I don’t care whether its Hermes or not.

  • Nat

    does it come with magical beans?

  • erica

    This kinda reminds me of the bags you get at GNC, those cloth things. Not sold on it.

  • Bir

    Just one thing to a comment here I do not love this bag but………Hermes is not like L.V and it is not like Gucci . It’s another brand a different quality and philosophy again this bag is not going to my first choice but the fact that it exists does not make me compare Hermes to all the other “luxury brands” I mean vuitton is like the Costco of luxury !!! So in no way is it comparable .

  • Babs

    The rich can keep it!! Fools and their money…

  • ellenbakes

    Really, Hermes? C’mon that looks like a damn feedbag. Yes, we all know the brand is aspirational and the target audience is wealthy; so why bother producing this piece of crap? Hmm, maybe some rich socialite will give away party favors in them…otherwise this thing is no better than the bag a Hermes bag comes in.

  • = =

    It’s an ugly bag. Whole Food makes better shopping bag than this.

  • bwize

    Just to carry a word “Hermes” will cost you $720.00 Seriously, I can easily do it on my own and have shirt printed “Hermes” with a bag that I can customize than this unreasonable overpriced bag. I probably just get a Burberry and I can get a dust bag with printed name Burberry on it. Ridiculous. People shouldn’t buy this Hermes name because of status so they won’t sell ridiculously overpriced items. if you carry Hermes on the street or ride a public transit nobody will pay attention ifyou carry this bag.

  • BStephens

    I worry that people have become so obsessed with being told a brand is luxurious that they are blinded with lust after a fabricated exclusivity. Awaken! Exclusivity does not equate worthiness or even great design. The emperor has no clothes people!

    This bag is just an extension of the overpriced Birkin–seriously about the same mark-up scale but you see it here because it’s more obvious in canvas. Yes the Birkin, the Kelly, all made of fabulous materials–but the price is still unjustified based on materials & craftmanship. In fact, this canvas feed bag is perfect. Here you buy the label without fuss or pretense and good luck to you, I hope you find it gives you self-worth!

    Still shaking my head at the poor gentlemen above who needs to know something he would purchase isn’t at a Macy’s before he feels allowed to think it worthy.

  • Patrícia

    Hi please, does anyone have a clue of how much cost a Kelly Hermès???? I´m just crazy for one, and have been save for a while now.

    Please answer in euros!

  • Lauren

    Hermés? You mean Herpés!

  • Cotswoldjr

    I bought one at the NYC Hermes store back in 1987, for 25 dollars.  They are called brush bags, and you can get a lot in them.   I about died when I decided to buy a new one the other day!