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  • What’s up with all the customized ‘arty’ Hermès bags? It’s plain ugly!

  • Sandy

    Pure class! Why do people watch this kind of show?

  • Guest

    I’ve seen worse. I’m so sick of Hermes worship; it’s a handbag.

    • Anu


    • Joshua

      If a Birkin is just a handbag to you, then why are you on this website??

      • Regina George

        Because a birkin is a basic leather tote. It’s the most simple, boring design possible and if not for the 5 figure price tag, wouldn’t be given a second thought. The false scarcity and high price make it a favorite of the nouvou rich, in terms of design, it simply doesn’t compare to the likes of Balenciaga or Dior.

      • Mya Wilkes

        There is nothing you’ve just written I don’t agree with. Having said that, if I am gifted a Birkin, I would accept it and carry it and love it. If I have to buy though, I’d definitely go for the Kelly instead.

      • Marnie

        Agreed! Love the Kelly, I want one so bad.

      • I do sometimes question myself “Why I am so fascinated with Birkin?” I mean its gorgeous don’t get me wrong but its heavy, super hard to get, super expensive and its not the most practical handbag in the world. But despite of all of that, Birkin is still my ultimate handbag holy grail.

      • Hierophilic

        Because I like to look at pretty things?? Because I have an interest in fashion that goes beyond ‘Ooo rich people have it, I want it!’. It’s just a bag. It’s just. A bag. A really expensive piece of cow. I’d rather have a steak tbh. Bloop.

      • LOL Joshua, agreed. I don’t get the people who go on PurseBlog and get upset at the posts.

      • guest

        LOL ppl like u?

    • Humphries Frosino

      There it is a big discount for celine bags http://www.celineofficialmall.com/ !!!

    • Marnie

      Exactly! I don’t get why its so popular, its quite a boring style of bags. Now the Kelly, I like.

    • Monaco

      The Birkins reminds me of an old lady’s handbag – I personally prefer the Kelly and the Constance. Those are more elegant and classy to me!

  • Gina

    Of course NeNe Leakes joins the tacky, disgusting, vile trend of defacing a multi thousand dollar handbag with graffiti. Nice way to debase a Birkin.

  • uadjit

    I could care less about “defacing” Birkins but the shameless self-promotion is extremely tacky (and the bag looks terrible to boot).

  • Kate

    Not a fan!!

  • Rosa Lily

    Definitely not a fan of the sophomoric messages on the bag which, regardless whether it’s worth $50 or $5000, it’s just a bag and thank goodness I don’t watch those trashy housewives shows!

  • JJ


  • Allen

    I’m baffled that so many people don’t get that this is tounge in cheek. She’s just being funny.

    Also I don’t think drawing on a birkin is anymore frivolous or conspicuous than owning one in the first place.

  • Deborah

    I could cry.

  • SpringandMercer

    I think Nene’s publicist neglected to inform her that truly wealthy people actually do not wander around writing that they are wealthy on their accessories. They don’t have to.

  • Rashida

    Awful… Very tacky. At least can it look artistic?

  • Ago Prime
    • KathyBTurner


  • B

    Looks like she did it herself with nail art pens. I’m thinking that’s not a real birkin.

  • I actually don’t mind what she done with her Birkin.

  • Guest

    Why is the word customized in quotes? Whether it is to your taste or not, the bag IS customized.

  • Meri

    Oh come on. It’s a plastic knock off Birkin, can you see the plastic shine! The fame whor* will do anything for attention…tick tock..

  • Sherry Hendricks Anderson

    Who cares-it’s her bag….

  • sandy

    haha that is so funny

  • TheHappyHarpy

    Omg… finally, a Hermes bag that looks remotely stylish again! It’s so sad to see all of these wonderful brands (LV, Hermes, Goyard) going so horribly middle class, breeding counterfeits, thereby losing their appeal.