Over the weekend we took a trip to Brooklyn to see our favorite Real Housewives of New York couple (look for their feature this Friday on PurseBlog!). After a delightful meet-up, we headed to brunch and then to explore Brooklyn. Here are a few things I learned: spring has only pretended to arrive because I was freezing, Brooklyn is much calmer than Manhattan, and you can see the most amazing views of NYC from Brooklyn. Obviously there is so much more to Brooklyn, but those three things stuck with me the most and clearly the most obvious.

I hopped out of the car to have Vlad snap a photo of me with my black Hermes Birkin. I love this bag. It is the 35cm size so I can really fit a ton of items in there and it the epitome of casual meets chic. This is one of the bags in my collection that works with every outfit and literally can do no fashion wrong.

Here is a view of Manhattan on our drive back into the city.

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  • AshleyG


    • Lulugurl

      I second the drooling! I want your Birkin!!!

  • PhotoGirl

    Simon and Alex!
    OK, this is the one time I’ll be interested in seeing the contents of a man bag. :)

  • Marianna

    I am NY born and raised and there is definitely something special about Brooklyn. Thanks so much for sharing the NY skyline and your stunning Birkin, both captured beautifully by Vlad. I must confess, a Birkin is on my “bucket list”. :)

  • mia

    <3 <3 <3

  • Shopping Lady

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps it’s time to trade up to a Birkin.

  • mia

    P.S. I agree – It’s freezing out there AND it’s worse in brooklyn than it is in NYC IMO because there aren’t any tall buildings blocking the freezing wind. lol

  • KaylaNiche


  • mochababe73

    Love the picture. I so want an orange Birkin. Maybe I should get serious about saving for one.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Love the bag. Love the picture. Perfect occasion to carry it (as if a reason was needed)!

  • ping

    I love Brooklyn too esp Park Slope where the food is fantastic! which leather is your black birkin? (togo or clemance?)

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I love seeing action shots of your bags Megs! Great pics Vlad.

  • 19yearslater

    Great bag, and that NYC shot is breathtaking!

  • Loly

    great photos, great outfit and wonderful bag!!

  • Musette

    Gorgeous (but the chill-hater in me is focused on your leg – tell me that is a VERY WARM nudish stocking you have on, there? ).

    Of course, this is from a gal who is in fleece until June! LOL!


    • I had on no stockings…. so my legs were a bit cold! The skirt is super warm but it has a slit in the back

  • Stephanie


  • Yun

    It must be THE best investment bag you made? :)

  • Jensy

    Obsessed with your Birkin… * Sigh


  • Rebecca

    Wow! How many Birkins do you own?

    • 2 – This black one and a 30 cm Blue Jean Birkin

      • Rebecca

        Nice! Do you still have the clutch we bought for you a few years ago? I remember seeing it in your wedding photos.

      • Jelita78

        but megs, don;t u find it troublesome to carry on the crook of the arm, if u are to stuffed it with tons of stuffs?
        i know it’s to-die-for, but do u have any tips for carrying it?

  • kgirl0909

    What’s the current price of the 35cm clemence leather?

  • magen06

    This is just the most gorgeous!! I’m quite jealous :)

  • Amanda

    Amazing bag!

  • Hadley

    Divine, I am in love with your bag as I own the same bag, but in the Togo leather! My mother bought it for me a couple of years ago for my birthday! I love the classic bag paired with your contemporary clothing!

  • kaine

    please i am in love with this bag,i would want to know the price.thanks

  • manda

    I agree – It’s freezing out there AND it’s worse in brooklyn than it is in hermes so kelly NYC IMO because there aren’t any tall buildings blocking the freezing wind. lol

  • Katinka

    Can you please let us know what the current price of ur bag is.. Love it! Thanks :)