And the luxury leather goods slap-fight continues! Just when you thought that LVMH might be appropriately chastened by its multi-million euro fine for using what amounts to using subterfuge and trickery to compile a rather enormous stake in family-owned Hermes, the French fashion conglomerate, helmed by Bernard Arnault, goes and does it again, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

New financial disclosures by LVMH recently revealed that the company’s stake in Hermes is now 23.1%, up from 22.6% at last disclosure in 2012. While that may not seem like a great deal on the surface, it’s quite notable when you consider both the lengths to which Hermes has gone to protect the remaining stock and the punishments that have been levied against LVMH, which already owns brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Celine, for using shady, all-cash equity swaps to acquire the stock without the Hermes Board of Directors noticing. To continue to amass Hermes shares is, at the very least, an aggressive public statement on the part of LVMH (even if they deny that it is, because of course they’d deny that).

WWD reports that the stock was bought on the market, which would seem to indicate that perhaps the family-run business has sprung another leak. Over 50% of the total Hermes shares were secured in a joint holding once LVMH’s stake in the company became public knowledge, which leaves a relatively tiny amount that are still available to shift, and they’d almost certainly have to come from the inside. Sounds like it’s going to be a rather tense holiday season for one very powerful French family.

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  • londonhermit

    Maybe Hermes should stop giving the Kardashians free bags.

  • Enza

    Maybe you should educate yourself and learn that Hermes does not give free bags to anyone. Hermes has far bigger clients then the Kardashians who pay for each item they purchase. No freebees.

    • lilay

      you shoulda put this in the “reply” section, confused me for a moment

    • jennas–

      honestly, i bet arnault is the one giving all those bags to the kardash-jenners, that’s such a LVMH move…ugh he and marc jacobs are dually the worst

  • Jennie M

    I personally don’t want to see Hermes swallowed up by the beast that is LVMH. If LVMH was base in America they could be probably be served with monopoly charges- federal charges. I believe if a company says “no thank you we don’t want to sell” then the other company needs to respectful of that instead of smiling in your face only to do shady things behind said companies back. If LVMH gets there hands on Hermes the quality and the craftsmanship will go down because LVMH would cut quality in order to produce quantity. Hermes would no longer be about the art and beauty of the bag…it would be over priced, mass produced, over saturated in the market, reinterpreted and no longer the Hermes we’ve come to love and know today. This is just what I think would happen. I don’t mean to offend but this is just plain tacky for LVMH.

    • Amanda

      Very well put!

    • guest

      I hope LVMH will swallow Hermes, really do. My friend and I placed an order for a couple bags in Hermes boutique and we’ve been waiting for over three years now, only to be told that they don’t place orders anymore. I really think Hermes only entertain those who are ultra-elite clients. Yes, I’m angry.

      • Tiara Saja

        hi , I was selling Hermes bag and I bought directly from “them” complete with receipt, message me if you interested.

    • enzo

      could not agree more!

  • Dell

    I feel 1 of the most important factors that Hermes is concerned with is protecting its brand. One would think that LVMH wouldn’t stoop so low to use back door tactics in business but just think who we’re talking about. LVMH is on everyone everywhere. That is the way they want their brand to be known & that’s fine. Unfortunately, LVMH has become over-exposed. I personally would not like to see Hermes follow in those foot steps. Once over-exposure occurs the brand’s exclusiveness fades.

    • guest

      LVMH is a global brand and anyone who is afforded of this product can acquire it. LVMH has boutique even in places such as Ulaan Bator in Mongolia. Yes, even those who use donkeys for their mode of transportations wear LV’s. Places one would not imagine there appear LVMH boutique! Money talks and it’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to money and not surprisingly enough, soon we’ll all find Hermes boutiques in places one would never imagine of their presence. The term exclusiveness is fast disappearing as middle and upper middle classes, millionaires and billionaires increases mostly in Asian countries.

  • Dissatisfied LV customer

    If Louis Vuitton made their bags as good and durable and fuss-free as Hermes did – they wouldn’t need to acquire them. Take that Marc Jacobs and LV! You boast about quality and workmanship – but your hardware is painted and rubs off; when epi is scratched you see “white” underneath; and you put piping around everything and one little bump and piping is ruined. Its about time you make your products so that they can be used they way we live our life!

  • celinephile

    i am really disappointed. after reading this article and all the comments, i’m even questioning the future of celine, my one true love…..

  • Juju babe

    In the scheme of eternity, this is irrelevant.


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