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  • Ruby

    If I were Hermes, I would pay her not to carry my bags.

    • Jennifer

      Hermés does not pay anyone including Kim to carry their bags.

      • Cherryorchard

        NOT to carry being the key word here…getting a little tired of these
        “I’m famous for being famous, take my picture and help me raise a buck”-
        people. Please just stop paying attention to the Kardashians, maybe
        they’ll go away…

  • Lana

    wow look at all those people taking her pictures!

    • Dubs

      I’m sure she pats them to do that.

      • Dub


      • Mya

        I firmly disagree. While you may not like her, sometimes objectivity goes a long way! Kim is one of THE most talked about and photographed women in the world. How this came about isn’t the issue here. The point is that majority of the tabloids (printed and online) want a pic/story of Kim because it has proven (due to the worlds love/hate relationship with her and her family) that she sells magazines. Hell, she has even conquered Vogue! She sure as hell doesn’t need to “pay” the paps, the paps NEED to get pictures of her to be able to sell to these magazines, hence why they hound her. Its actually as simple as that.

      • Spookie

        I just hate her cuz she has a bag collection! : 0

      • Mya

        Haha! im with you on that! Her enviable bag collection and style (for the most part), make me hate her in a good way.

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  • Purseloco

    I forget, Why is she famous?

    • Cherryorchard

      For being famous and hounded by the paparazzi…whom I’m pretty sure she tips off on photo ops.

  • Kaye

    Wow look at all you sad haters. So jealous. She’s beautiful, rich, and happy and can surely afford the many bags that your jealous selves have to work ages for. Stop being a hater. Makes you look super pathetic. Just saying!

    You don’t need to like everyone but keep your gross comments to yourselves. Being a jealous hater won’t get you closer to your dream bags.. Possibly the same bags kim k wears!

    • Chubz

      There’s nothing enviable about any of the Kardashians. No matter how much you envy, you still aren’t going to get what others have, so what’s the point..?
      I’m very happy with my own bag collection and I actually work for my money. I don’t sell myself off to the media. That’s not a job. Even if some people do make a career out of it. But it’s a good thing there are people like you who make that possible…

    • Purseloco

      We are allowed to have our own opinions, so get over it!

  • ElainePG

    May we please stop being so distraught about KK and talk about her bag, instead? I know it’s rare, I know it’s highly sought-after, but with a bag that’s SO very dark, I personally prefer a bit of contrasting hardware. It doesn’t have to be extreme… brushed gunmetal would be beautiful. I’m just wondering if people TRULY adore this bag, or if they aore it ONLY because it’s so rare. Any thoughts?