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Something tells me that you guys will have plenty to say about this photo, so I won’t say much. A few days ago, reality star and attention-seeker extraordinaire Kim Kardashian hung out on the beach in Miami with her bestie Jonathan Cheban, and what did she use to tote her beach essentials? Why, a black leather Hermes Birkin, of course. Birkin as beach bag? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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  • glowingface

    With that ‘Behind’ who will notice the Bag anyways… :)

  • Get your money’s worth? I dunno…could be his too no? lol

  • spoil thousands girls want that bag!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • pepper

    I didn’t realize how short her legs are when she stands next to that bag.

  • it’s her money to throw around as she pleases i guess. but is there no respect for fashion!? 

  • Scoobiesmomma

    Might as well use it…good for her!!!

  • BagLuvr

    I guess she does it because she can! Her bag, she can do anything she wants with it as long as she isn’t hurting anyone haha

  • Fourfinns

    is that really her? Not shy about showing off the backside huh!

  • omg kim’s bottom is not normal!! sorry but the a** is a lot noticeable than the birkin.

  • Ruhee

    When I first saw this photo I was very sure that you guys are going to a post about it!!! Such a shame to see the lovely bag being abused:)

  • I saw this picture the other day somewhere and I noticed that!  Also saw another pic of her coming out of the gym with a Birkin.  Probably another one, of course.

  • Brigitta

    I saw an article about Kim and her closet in InStyle mag.  She has at least 8 Birkins, so I’m sure she could care less about ruining one of them.  

  • A Genuine Person

    She’s a pig…thank God I don’t have to look at her lying, greedy, evil face. Love the bag…not the owner. 

    • PetalsAndPeacocks

      So she’s hurt you personally, has she? Stolen money directly out of your wallet perhaps? My goodness, such spite and hatred for someone that I would bet you have never met even in passing. Now, I’m not for one second saying that I think Kim Kardashian is the next Mother Teresa or anything like that, but it really is a little worrisome to see such venom spouted for a complete and total stranger!

  • Mal

    lol wth is wrong with you people… 1st. ITS HER BAG AND HER MONEY and if she wants to set that bag on fire, it’s her right… you don’t see her commenting about YOU PEOPLES LIVES …2nd of all, it is just a bag .. yes, expensive .. but it’s just a material THING .. which we wont take with us when we die, it wont help us get to heaven, and for those of you who don’t believe in heaven, basically this bag wont help you when you die or alive other than people saying OH WOW SHE HAS A VERY EXPENSIVE BAG .. and people just move on 

  • Jj

    well… she’s certainly utilizing what she has! Hermes Birkin as a beach bag, why not? Definitely use this bag for every occasion to make it worthwhile! If I were her, I would do it too! (only if I can afford one!)

  • Twinkle Tink

    I think it’s fine. As others have said, her bag/her money. I wouldn’t consider this ‘abuse’ at all, so she carried it to and set it down on the beach…it’s not like she was dragging it in the sand.
    Personally, I don’t baby my bags either (including 5 Birkins) and have taken them to some places I am sure have raised people’s eyebrows.

  • Estherinc

    i take my Birkin to beach all the time..get over it! What’s more disturbing is how she takes her a** to the beach…at least the Birkin in pleasant to look at!!

  • Brontski

    Hey…it’s her bag.  She can do with it as she will.  Marc Jacobs takes his Hermes to the beach!…E

  • Lief-kreeftje

    yeghhhh … what a …

  • Lisa

    she is so spoiled and overhyped

  • Kiwishopper

    What bag? I am too distracted by her…behind…

  • ElleOnWheelz

    She didn’t invent big butts or taking Birkins to the beach. Get OVER it.

  • I was thinking with all her money can’t she afford a bathing suit that covers her behind? It is so not attractive. The bag is gorgeous though and she can use it any way she likes..its hers.

    • Kat

      her bathing suit appears to be a completely normal size/shape. not a thong or anything, just a slightly bunched up bikini …

  • yikes

    Proof that she is always airbrushed/photoshopped  (except here of course) She does not have a good figure at all

  • Laura

    Birkins are so part of her everyday life now that it doesn’t matter where she takes them to. Talk about good cost per wear. I would probably do the same if I had one but like everyone else said, it’s hard to notice the bag when her behind is so in your face…

  • SimpleT

    At the end of the day, it’s just a bag. Marc Jacobs did the same thing too, many times. If you say it’s okay for Marc to take his to the beach but it’s not okay for Kim to do so, then that’s not really fair now is it.

    • Twinkle Tink

      That’s right, there were pictures of him doing the same thing.

  • Yikes! I knew Kim was polarizing, but I’ve never encountered comments like these in a Purse Blog post before, some of them mean and totally unnecessary. When did this become about Kim’s body? (which is totally fine, by the way)

  • adm

    well, isn’t one of the histories behind the Birkin that it was designed for Jane Birkin because she couldn’t find a good leather weekend bag? I guess this is just KK following suit by using it in that manner, HOWEVER, I have personal issues with the use of the bag like that but perhaps that’s my personal OCD at work (I don’t put my bags on the floor).  I personally, would never carry such a lovely piece to the beach and I live on an island. The sea is a force of nature that can damage things and as Birkins are investment pieces I wouldn’t want to treat my investment that way. 

    • janet

      very well said, darlin’! an hermes birkin is an investment albeit i’m not really a fan of one however, should hubby gift me with a birkin then by all means it will be well-received. meanwhile, as OCD as i can be, i NEVER put my bags on the floor.

    • chump change

      somehow I don’t think a woman earning $40k per EPISODE on her reality show is thinking of her Birkins as ‘investment pieces’.

  • Marta

    No se hizo la miel para la boca del asno!!!

  • Marta

    No se hizo la miel para la boca del asno!!!

  • Not real, I guarantee it.  She’s not a big person and to have a butt that big is not natural.  Oh, the bag is nice

  • 19yearslater

    I didn’t even notice the Birkin at first because of her naked butt! She needs a bikini that fits. And yeah, another in a line of celebrities that is using a Birkin as a beach bag. It’s weird, when companies like Balenciaga make bags specifically for beach use. She doesn’t need to step out of the designer realm to get something that makes sense for the occasion. 

  • Nia

    Well at least the sand has less germ than the floor …

  • Nia

    Well at least the sand has less germ than the floor …

  • Lady pee

    What bag yall talking about her baggy A** or  the one  on the ground lol !!!!

  • Camilla

    she has the right to do what she wants. She is rich she probably has hundreds birkins! After all, it’s only a bag and she can have what she wants. Sorry but I agree with her (this time)

  • KK buying a Birkin is like most of us picking up a soda at the corner store..

  • e08

    Doesn’t it make more sense to get your money’s worth out of the bag? The Birkin was originally created to serve as a carry all, how can one be upset when it’s used for that exact purpose. As lovely and as coveted as it is, if I had the money to own several, I would use my basic black one for any and everything. It’s not like it’s a limited edition.

  • That is a Bag-Lover SIN!

  • That is a bag lover’s sin!

  • FashionableLena

    I am also of the mindset that it’s her bag, and she can do what she wants with it. 
    With that being said, I would never take a leather handbag to the beach.  I wouldn’t take any of my everyday handbags to the beach.  That’s what canvas (or plastic/vinyl) beach bags are for.  But to each his own.  That’s what makes the world go ’round.

  • I guess since she has infinite money, using a Birkin as a beach bag doesn’t really phase her. 

  • serene

    I don’t understand what this fuzz is all about – marc uses it too at the beach!

  • Reality Junkie

    Amanda, much does that bag cost? And do you think she would even have to pay for it or do they give them to her free? 
    I despise all things Kardashian… 

  • monpetitsecret

    What she does with her bag has nothing to do with anyone but herself. I wish I could do the same thing, just can’t afford it. Her bikini is a regular sized bikini, her bottom just happens to be plump. I never watched any of her shows and don’t know her personally but I do know that I find her beautiful. Being a girl myself, I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of wearing a bikini to the beach.

  • JustSaying

    for us it is Birkins being abused as we cannot afford it. Have you ever taken a min to ponder when you use and how you use your bag, it might be abuse in the eyes of one who cannot afford that! It is just a matter of perspective… …it is same difference.

    • Petitepb

      I agree with the last post. Of course, its her money so she can do anything with it like use the Birkin as a beach bag etc, but what we have to think about is social responsibility.
      You are not a private person, you thrive to be a “celebrity” by exposing your daily life to the world, then maybe use this publicity instead to do more good than just live for yourself and be careless as to show how you throw your money around.
      As it is said, ” to whom much is given, much is expected” . Be more responsible and accountable for your actions. Be aware of the repercussions of each act you make and make life decisions based on a soulful discernment.

  • Birkin

    Dont see what’s wrong with that.. Marc jacobs used it too and he’s ‘adorable’

    • AddisonDewitt

      adorable…I guess so if you like a man who sucks on other guys c9*cks and swallows

  • Marie Martell

    If you have more than one Birkin than obliviously you have enough money to not care and use it as a beach bag… 

  • Rashida

    Well, she has a million of them… she makes sure she gets good use out of the bags lol

  • Jen

    She probably got confused when her buddy texted her, “let’s go to the beach. Don’t forget to bring your bikini.” She must have thought it said birkin. 

  • bagaholic

    I don’t understand why using a birkin on the beach is such a big  deal? A bag is well a BAG. The bag should be fine, you pay the price for quality. 

  • Hannah Yingzi

    I think she really needs to work on her body , actually she does not have that small waist, its her ass being too hugh, that makes her waist tiny….. i am not a hater but she is no where far from the jerseylicious ….

  • thenyonyacelup

    She was probably taking a cue from Marc Jacobs…

  • bir

    honestly not the first time i have seen a birkin at the beach and i think its well its a bag my brkins go everywhere i dont take them to the beach because i like softer huge bags for the beach but….. in all honesty ……… i dont think its a big deal ! and im not a KK fan !! but……… BIRKINS are just beautiful bags !!! but still just BAGS !!!!

  • nafnaf

    Sorry, she just stole the Idea from Mr. Marc Jacobs.. he regularly uses his Birkin as a beach bag on his outings.. a black one too.. so, it’s not shocking or new to me..

  • Mborquaye

    What the f__k is a Hermes Birkin?

  • Cibaki

    Children are dying in Africa because they are starving..hey! did she ever thought about it! A birkin of ten thousands at the beach is too much…………………..

    • Barbosse

       C tres vulgaire en effet!
      et stupide:  le cuir et le sable font tres mauvais menage !

  • BagServant Lenka

    I think something else had more attenntion than the bag. But it would be nice to be in a position to take a birkin with me everywhere. If I had one, I would treated to special occassions or important meetings. although  I have seen a lady with Hermes Birkin ( I could not allocate if it was real) leaving the bag unattended for a little bit. Who put a bomb into this bag, but you never know.

  • Ann53

    She needs to get off the beach and go to the gym.  Her ass is way too big and get that bag off the sand.

  • Yolanda Chiang

    a complete bag sin

    • Dressdiary

      In order to not be hated by total strangers I’m just going to buy one of those Banane Taipei bags that are all over Asia since it’s just over $100, will I not live in sin? And leave my imaginary Birkin at home in the shade…Lol!

  • Dressdiary

    In order not to be hated by total strangers I’m just going to buy one of those Banane Taipei bags that are all the rage in Asia. Since they’re just over $100, will I not live in sin?
    I shall leave my imaginary Birkin at home in the shade…to win more friends in this room. Lol!

  • Inspect407

    Seeing her with the bag makes it look cheap, actually it just takes away the class. The bag used to be special, even peeps with money had to be special.. Now I guess you just have to have money, no matter how you got it.It’s like jay lo in fiat commercials, first of all, like she would drive one, second kinda makes me not want to consider a fiat. Kardashians with birkins, gues I will be saving for the bottega cabot.

  • Babs

    It’s all relative…when you have the kind of money these folks have, it’s not a big deal. They can always buy another one.

  • Benedicte

    Hmmm… who’s to say how another is to use his/her personal item. I believe that it is only healthy to treat even designer goods as such- goods. They are material items, meant to be used and enjoyed. If I had the money, I would love to be able to use my beatiful designer items as normal everyday acessories. There is, however, such a thing as respect for craftmanship. As long as she doesn’t toss is around, scraping is across sharp barnacles, I say enjoy your bag! Love it and enjoy it:) And I think it’s amazing to see voluptuous figures flaunting their stuff in the media… it gives all of us “below-the-radar” chicks some room to breathe and take in some more chocolate;D

  • Maggie AK

    She might well enjoy her Birkin. Anyway, i was distracted by something else to notice the bag 

  • mylifeinbags

    Why not? For the beach I would have choosen another colour ;o))

  • Stephanie

    OMG!  Her butt is sooooo big.  I didn’t even notice the bag.  Gross all around!

  • Sophialee1688

    I’m sorry but that behind is too much. It’s not that attractive

  • She can and she will!!!  Wow at her behind and her skinny waist!  I bet you if you have a body like hers, you can carry Birkin to the beach too!!!

  • Kim galavanting on the beach with her publicist and hermes tote is not shocking, this girl has one in almost every color what is shocking is that her sarong is draped over her head and not covering her massive gluts. Ive taken my birkin to the bar with me if that isnt flirting with the line of dangerous purse behavior i dont know what is.

  • Gigi Matson

    fashion sacrilegious…all that going to say, and please do not compare Marc Jacobs to this girl, have some respect people!

  • Love Kardashians

    she’s a BOSS like that!!!! #TeamKardashian

    • Songbird

      the comments about Kim Kardashian’s body…. wow. Let’s see the majority of you put this bikini on. The average size of the American Woman is a size 14. She isn’t even a size 14, and in person she’s quite petite (5’2). What a distorted view, and you don’t even apply it to yourself because you would fail your own test. As for the bag…. who cares! At least she can afford one! Which I am sure most of you negative talking people cannot do either!!

  • Sophia

    Kim Kardashian should not be allowed to buy Birkin bags! The bag epitomizes class, sophistication, and high fashion, none of which Kim Kardashian has. If I were working for Hermes, I’d make sure to never sell Kim one of these bags.. it really harms the bag’s image, especially after seeing the photo above! 

  • Hotdelta10

    I know that ain’t Kim. Will someone tell her that Bob or Dolvett or Paul Lacoste will help her look better n a 2 piece. Try a all over body suit with a long shirt.

  • Hesione

    Most of the products these celebs carry are sponsored, to promote consumerism so that we (mere mortals) will go out and max out our credit cards to buy them! Hehehe! With all that money, she can do as she pleases, but how about giving a portion of your buck back to charity, Kim and the Kardashians? No, not talking about going to an “impoverished” nation to adopt a child… we have seen the lies regarding that on Borat!

  • jenskar

    Marc Jacobs trotted out to his favorite St. Barthes beach with a Birkin as a beach bag a few years ago — she’s not being that original — he also had great Stephen Sprouse graffiti neon beach towels.  After all, he *is* Marc Jacobs

  • La

    Her Bag, Her money, and her a**!

  • Humphret

    Why should she worry about it. I am sure Hermes will just give her another.

  • AddisonDewitt

    Imagine what that big azz will look like when she’s 55… also ” what shall it profit a man ( or woman) he/she gain the whole world yet lose his/her very soul”

  • Christine

    Hey, at least somebody is putting money back into this economy! Who the hell cares what she does with her stuff….she bought it so she can use it to her discretion. I wish i had that kind of disposable income!

  • Pari

    On point! Ritch people don’t care about it because they can afford it. If it hurt you, mean you not ritch. Don’t buy bag just because everybody in TV show has it, find your own style and don’t cry for bag on the beach. If you have 10000$ bag but you cannot afford to tip in restaurant you look stupid. I have seen it very often in MIami. Such as shame to see girls saving for one overprice bag if they can buy many others…how silly looks if you see a girl with expensive bag but she drives old car or live with her parents. This bag was made for business woman!