Yesterday, a friend of the blog tipped us off to these pictures of Kelly Osbourne, handbag lover and recent Many Bags subject, landing at Heathrow Airport while carrying what, on first glance, appeared to be an Hermes Birkin defaced with all kinds of weird, quasi-explicit patches. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Birkin received some embellishment, but it would definitely have been the most amateurish (and least artful) that we’ve seen in the recent past.

Just when we were all ready to saddle up our rage horses and ride to town, we zoomed in. (Zooming in is important.) When we did, we realized that, duh, this isn’t a Birkin at all. Sure, it looks like a Birkin, and it has all the appropriate Birkin parts, but this is actually a much less expensive bag, made to look like an Hermes classic than had then been besmirched with after-market patches. Based on some of the embroidery, it seems as though Kelly purchased it this way instead of adding the patches herself, but we’ve been unable to locate any wannabe-Birkins with this detailing. In a way, we are thankful for that.

Kelly Osbourne Hermes Birkin

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  • shueaddict

    I like her sense of humor …

  • N

    Zooming in is important, no doubt!… If she buys a wannabe-Birkin why wouldnt I ??
    Nice Post!

  • Lilly

    Will never understand the Birkin brouhaha. I think they’re overpriced ugly granny bags.

  • Edia

    love it

  • ivy

    It’s not worse than the other graffitied Birkins. Better than Kim K.’s “art” bag.

  • louch

    So isn’t this a fake Birkin? I don’t think it’s “designer inspired’ as it looks exactly like a Birkin. i find it a bit hypocritical that fakes are slammed on this blog but here is Kelly with one and no one mentions the “F” word.

  • Eleanor

    Usually I cringe at counterfeit bags, but if no Birkin was harmed in the making of this atrocity, then hooray! Fake!

  • Ella

    Actually looks really nice and unique. Can you find out where it’s from?

  • QuelleFromage

    I don’t know who the “designer” of these is, but they are on sale in multiple at Maxfield in Los Angeles….most definitely were never Birkins but still priced over $2K. Tacky IMO…is that an understatement?

  • Aidan

    i’m just happy that she’s making fun of kim….

  • Guest

    Well, she can certainly decorate her bags — Birkins or otherwise — as she sees fit, but why do we even care about the “fashion” sense of a post-adolescent trust fund nobody with My Little Pony hair??

  • Pete

    I disagree with this blog entry. I think it looks rad, much better than kim’s ugly painting.

  • Hierophilic

    Oh my gOD THIS IS AWESOME. I would most definitely carry this. Lmao, love all the hate tho, stay boring and dusty.

  • Arielle

    Wow!! So happy I spotted right away that it was a fake ….I’m learning the differences

  • Shaun

    It’s from Maxfield in LA. Just saw a similar olive version at the Malibu shop.

  • Julies

    The brand is called Teddy Blake, and they also make Kelly bag knock offs. I hate it when a designer rips off reputable brands and makes it seem like it is an original design. Also, he charges about $500 and for that I know you can find a better knock off that at least has the Hermès stamp.