katie holmes hermes hac birkin Katie Holmes has gone from the girl on the Creek, to the girl with the wacko husband, to the girl who dresses 10 years older than her age. I liked her on the Creek and I also love her chic style these days (though like I said she looks much older than she actually is). And now she is carrying a bag that literally weighs half her body weight, I kid you not.

Katie Holmes has been seen sporting a Hermes HAC around town, though not for travel, for day-to-day wear. The HAC, Haut a Courrois, was actually the original ‘Birkin’. The HAC and the Birkin are indeed different; the HAC is taller than the Birkin and the handles are shorter. The HAC comes in a 28, 32, and 36 cm size whereas the Birkin is available in 25, 30, 35, and 40. The debate is on as to the size of Katie’s HAC. I am sticking to my original assessment, it is a 50 cm HAC, but many members of our Purse Forum think it is a 40 cm. I am taking into account that Katie is very thin and 5’9, and since she and I are about the same height it looks very similar to the 50 cm I have tried on. The next debate is the leather and color. My guess, Fjord in Rouge VIF, but again, there are so many Hermes reds and I can be wrong. What many of us are in agreement on is that this bag is far too large for Katie. In my opinion this bag is meant for travel, not to carry to Good Morning America. What could she need to carry inside the show? Suri? Tom? A space ship? Anyhow, this bag will cost around $8,900, give or take, depending on the size and leather.

katie-holmes-hermes-hac.jpg katie-holmes-hermes-hac-2.jpg katie-holmes-hermes-hac-3.jpg
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  • Chi town Chanel

    Um, I think that she couldn’t decide what to wear on the show and brought several changes of clothes and lots of shoes and other handbags with her. As you can see, she is still wearing her bathrobe… I’m really sorry for her. She usually looks great (although older than her actual years), but this is just a fashion faux pas. Maybe Posh told her that it looked good?

  • Valentina

    Is she serious with this as a handbag, it looks like an overnight bag. It is definitely a beautiful bag, and I would love to own one for my weekends to Atlantic City.

  • mette

    The bag is too big for daily wear and Hermes or not I don´t like the model nor the color.

    • KWittman

      The HAC definitely comes in the 40cm size. There was one at my local boutique recently which I passed on, as I already have a 40 birkin in the same color – no need to have the two bags. The tag was $9100 before taxes.

      I agree, though, unless this is carry-on luggage, this is too heavy a bag for this small girl to carry around as a handbag, unless it’s her work briefcase. Even so, these are heavy!

      • laureen

        Do you really own 40 birkin??? I love designer bags, I have 10 (so far) I wish I could afford hermes, my budget is not more than 2k per bag

      • laureen

        oooops sorry I re read your post, you have a 40 birkin. My bad!!!

  • carol e pitcher

    I think she has both her husband and his ex nicole in that bag!!!-I travel very light so I could use that bag as my only bag to travel around the world but I am not a fan of hermes

  • wgs

    she has her scientology books in there…that bag looks waaaayyyy too big and looks odd on her.

    • Chi town Chanel

      Tooooo funny!

  • karry kasim

    i have been thinking the same thing lately about her…after seeing her on alot of talk shows lately, i just dont like her style, it doesnt suit her…i think she is a natural cutie, and when she tries to hard, it just doesnt work…she needs to let her hair down(literally, whats up with dorky bob?) and stop trying to dress so old and sophisticated, geez, she’s not even 30 yet…

  • sandy

    is this the same red birkin that the husband gave her for her birthday that cost $10000 dollars?!

  • pursecrzy

    So that’s what HAC means! It’s huge!
    Love the colour.

  • pursecrzy

    With that haircut and sunglasses, she reminds me of Anna Wintour.

  • my new bag

    Great bag, wrong use, person etc.
    Love the color, I would take it off her hands in a NYM

  • QueenMAB

    HAC it up – Hermes or not, that’s just WRONG. Maybe she hides from the paparazzi in it when she needs a fast getaway.

  • abilicious

    I so agree with you Pursecrzy! Very Anna Wintour of Vogue!

  • karolynka

    i think the bag is awesome..but i guess she’s too petite for HER (please refer to hermes’ bags as you were speaking of Goddesses)..i agree she looks older in this new look but it’s better than the one she sported in paris last summer or whenever it was..
    :cry: i want her shopping budget :cry:

  • kemilia

    That bag is ridiculous! It looks like “look how much we can afford to spend on stuff!” She used to look so cute and young and now she looks like she’s 40 dragging around a giant Hermes bag (with probably nothing in it).

    • purple_rain

      Maybe she has tons of cash inside the bag to get away from her husband just in case he acts like an insane kid again. :lol:

  • jennifer

    I go back and forth between liking her look and hating it. It does seem that since she married Tom, she has been trying to hard to look like a fashion plate.
    I think the “bathrobe” is actually a coat though.

    • Chi town Chanel

      Jennifer, yes, it is definitely a coat. I was just being sarcastic. :smile:

      • jennifer

        Sorry…I realized that after I made the comment. That’s what too much coffee will do to you at 9pm. :oops:

  • preppycowgirl

    WAY too big for her…Hmmmm, I was thinking it was a bathrobe too…. ****big grin****

    On the flip side, I think she does look much better with shorter hair and fancier duds, but you are right, she doesn’t look her age anymore…she was such a cute tomboy in DC!!

  • Nat_CAN

    I like Katie but this bag is way too big for her.

  • Hot bitch

    Okay, you can spend 10 grand on a bag, congradulations. And the worst part is you know there’s nothing inside of it… because it would be too heavy for her.

  • Otter

    Obnoxious. She looks like a cartoon figure — I’d call her Miss Silly Moneybags. Let them eat cake. Recession? What recession? Credit crunch? Mortgage crisis? That’s for poor people. Now get out of my path.

    She needs to take that bag with her on the spaceship. Right-on Megs. Case of the bag carrying the girl.

  • morebags

    I was initially going to say, if KH wants to cart a big bag around, let her but having seen the photo of the bag, it REALLY REALLY is HUGE. Not only for her but even for a sumo wrestler!! Great looking bag though.

    Enough bagging :wink: of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

  • Anna girl

    Isn’t this Kate Holmes? God, I’m so sick of her face! Too dumb!! And a big red birkin 50cm? She must be soo STUPID!! It doesn’t looks good on her. It looks like she ordered it from Bluefly.com where they sell the Birkin 50cm or less? Moron!


    Anna Girl

  • Christina

    Goodness! That’s huge! HUGE for a daily bag! So what’s next? Ask Hermes custom made a gold plated (or maybe solid gold) birkin?!!

  • anti-fashionist

    Goddamn! That bag is both huge and overpriced – I don’t care if it is a “Hermes.” Tossers!

    However, as long as Katie is happy with it, whatever. :shock:

  • NancyCP

    Love the bag but her style as many people have mention is a little too older than her age. Remember that crazy period when her and Tom first came out? I thought her style there was good and age appropiate but now it seems Victoria Beckham has influenced her look onto her. I do love Victoria Beckham b/c she is never boring.

    Still the bag rocks.

  • SKelly

    She looks like a little girl playing dress-up in mommy’s clothes and handbag…er…soft-sided suitcase!

    I agree with anti-fashionist. Whatever. :roll:

  • ruthie

    Poor Katie….she darling, but the bag has to go…..waaaay to large for her. With all her options….she need to relax and settle into her own style. Too many consultants and advise.

  • janis

    I think she is a stepford wife!!!!

  • MimiDee

    Oh good god! That bag is big enough to hold all the mysteries of the universe. And does Xenu have a dress code that Katie is bound by law to adhere to? She always looks 15 or more years older than she is. Blech! She is so exhausting.

  • tirolia8

    The bag is wearing her. Too big, trying too hard. The color is gorgeous though–it would be better as a Birkin.

  • kalai711

    Beautiful bag, brilliant Color, It sure did made a lot of noise…
    Would love to have one in smaller size! :grin:

  • pinkfashion

    :oops: :oops: :oops:
    SHE IS IN A BATHROBE, what is she thinking :?: :?:
    Love the color of the bag but no way is it meant to be a handbag, the girl needs a keeper to help her get dressed, and I don’t mean loopy hubby

  • pinkfashion

    BTW, give me the Kelly over a Birkin any day

  • Cj

    1) It’s a diversion technique : People concentrate on her bag instead of herself.

    2) It’s far too HUGE for her. You can literally fold her up & put her in the bag :???:

  • Lisa

    I hafta say, this style looks like an overpriced grocery bag, lol. The proportions and handles are like a paper shopping bag (no offense to those who like it, JMO

  • pursechazer

    i totally agree with pursecrzy, she does look like Anna Wintour
    As far as the bag goes, its way too big and as difficult as this is to say (it’s a BIRKIN) :sad: , i really hate the colour.

  • Caitlin

    Um, if the bag is big enough for the carrier to climb inside and sit comfortably, it’s too big.

  • Caitlin

    Haha . . . like Cleopatra making an entrance rolled up in a carpet, Katie Holmes could make an entrance by climbing inside the bag and having someone else carry it!

    Not only would it make an entrance, it’s a great paparazzi deterrent!

  • purseloco

    Is Tom in there? :???:

  • sweetneet

    OMG, that bag is ridiculously HUGE. it looks cartoonish. i don’t like it at all. a birkin looks way better IMO.

  • Candace117

    My husband says this looks like she could say “OMG I can put all my scientology in there.”

    A HAC is not a Birkin, just for those of you that were calling it one :smile:

  • Candace117

    And a HAC can look very classy, they come in smaller sizes and she’d probably look really great with a 32 cm one.

  • MissPriss

    That is absolutely laughable :roll:! The only possible purpose of this is to show how “special” she is – she got a custom-made, super-expensive Birkin without waiting years for it. Problem is, she looks like a candidate for Go Fug Yourself.

    If she had any girlfriends, I’m sure they would be complimenting her lavishly to her face, and giggling themselves to pieces behind her back. It looks ridiculous. And it would take so very little adjustment for her to look absolutely fabulous. At 5’9″, I think she could carry even a 40 cm Birkin beautifully.

  • Dominique

    That’s the biggest bag I have ever seen in my life. You could fit an Olsen in it. Gorgeous though. I’d take it – if it were free.

  • Jackie

    Oh no no no no …. soooo WRONG! I hate that she obviously tries too hard to be like her BFF Victoria Beckham, who is waaay older than her. She was cuter before. The bag is ok, though not for everyday use. :shock:

  • baghag

    thats what you called a coykat.she doesnt have any style at all.what she normally does is to ask her BFF posh for tips what to wear and not what to wear but posh is like an alien even if she wears the most expensive clothes designed to wear.the coat looks like a quilt to start with and the hermes (although its expensive) looks like a shopping bag used by older people.come on katie you can be better than that.i know your married to that eccentric husband of yours which is much older than you but you can still dressed up your age unless you are being told by your bossy welcome to earth husband. :mrgreen:

  • mashaal

    :shock: woooooooooooow
    so so so sooooooooooo cut

  • LVowner

    The poor dear has indeed been spending too long with Posh!The size does look like a 50cm and the colour highlights that this is a size too ambitious for Katie. She should send it to those of us who can wear a bag, not the other way around!

  • Amelia

    WOW! That’s the biggest bag I have ever laid eyes on. It doesn’t do KH any justice. It’s way too BIG. Even a sumo wrestler will look ridiculous with it :cool:

  • Claire


    If I were so lucky as to have a bag like that, which is nearly the value of my car, hell I’d use it everyday, massive or not. Come on. You’d have to get your use out of it x

  • Emily

    You people need to get over yourselves. Sure, Katie changed her style over the years or so, and maybe she looks a bit older but the fact remains that she is still very young and beautiful woman. I think she looks great and maybe the bag is enormous, she still pulled it off. Just leave her alone and get a life.

  • Not more rumours about Katie Holmes being pregnant! Simply because she is sporting baggy clothes may simply mean that she desires to be comfy.

  • Jelita78

    is suri inside the bag?
    eeeekkk.. way too large imo! (ipad)