If you watched Newlyweds back in the day like I did (and I did it without shame, thankyouverymuch), then you know that Jessica Simpson is an inveterate bag lover just like the rest of us. She toted a lot of multicolore Louis Vuitton at the time because that was the hot new thing, but now that Jessica has gotten older (and richer – that shoe line she has is no joke, y’all), she’s made a bit of an upgrade: an orange Hermes Birkin. Although based on the rest of the photo, it’s kind of refreshing to see that Jessica sits around the house in the same pajamas she had back then.

Technically, Simpson’s fiance Eric Johnson is the person who made the upgrade for her, as a gift for her 31st birthday on Sunday night. Although, as gossip sites love to point out, Eric probably bought it with Jessica’s money. But that’s fine, because she’s so stinking rich that it hardly matters where the five-figure layout for this kind of present came from. So congratulations and happy birthday to Jessica – I wonder if this is her first Birkin? If so, what made her wait so long?

Photo via TwitPic.

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  • Kat

    I’ve always liked Jessica. I find her real and honest and very endearing.

    And I wondered at the same thing, why is this her first Birkin? She’s very in to bags and was always carrying the latest “it” bag. I’m surprised, too, that someone as bag-crazy and could readily afford it hasn’t bought a Birkin earlier.


  • LauraJamesJewelry

    Too Funny!

  • gpc

    More proof of how overrated and overexposed the Birkin has become – Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and the likes – need I say more?

    • Ashleyg

      I hate to agree (and possibly sound like a hater) but I kinda do. Birkin was Holy Grail to me basically because it was so exclusive and for a “certain kind of woman”. I mean yes, the quality is impeccable but so are a lot of other bags that cost much less. The list, the wait time, the period of time when only those with a very refined taste (or handbag obsession) actually knew what they were and that they were “kind of a big deal”…*deep sigh*. I miss that time. I like Jessica but she’s kind of tacky and between her and the entire Kardashian crew each having one and making a Birkin rainbow by insisting on wearing them out together- ugh, they are just ruining the effect for me. :/

      • Cari

        To me, the “certain kind of woman” who buys these is whichever woman has thousands upon thousands of dollars to throw at a handbag(not that that’s a bad thing at all). I think these celebrities know exactly what they are: a status symbol that says “this bag is kind of a big deal, because it probably cost more than your car.” I say it makes more sense for people like Kim K., Jessica, etc. than for non-millionaires who often put themselves into debt to attain these kinds of status symbols.

      • bethny

        you R so right … totallyyyyy agree with you

      • Kat

        Well, you have no one else but Hermes to blame for that. They cultivated that image of utter exclusivity and those stories about year-long waiting lists when the truth is that their bags are more readily available than they would want to admit.

        And that’s the thing, because of that impression that they are SO hard to get, everyone wanted one. This includes the people you think don’t have “a very refined taste” but have the money to buy out the full Hermes store.

      • SHinSF

        every woman can own it if they are hella rich, it’s all about $$, once there are enough $$, no matter old or young, tall or short, fit or fat, any woman can have it. hermes is not exclusive, it was made exclusive, of cos they can hire cheap labor to make the bags, but the business strategy is different. And the profit margin is coming from such called craftmanship. The business success formula is waiting list+crazy price+snob aa

  • ninjaninja

    That bag seems huge next to her face…?

    By the way, I’m totally surprised that her shoe line is not crap and a lot of it is extremely comfortable, so kudos for her for not slapping her name on crap.

  • Katie

    Not only do I love her and her goofy ways, I love orange right now and that bag is a BEAUTY!

  • Kris

    The bag is gorgeous especially in that insane Orange (though I love Cobalt Blue) and so is she. She’s so silly and cute!

  • Lucija

    These days it just looks like everyone can have one and the Birkin kind of lost that magic in that way…
    Follow each other? :)



  • Jenn-christine

    Beautiful bag and I love Jessica Simpson and her shoe line too – actually really comfy and great designs too. I think she’s qu irky and fun and just herself.

  • rose60610

    How did she allow this horrible picture of herself to get out? So another celebrity gets a Birkin, big whoop. If Mssr. Johnson or Mlle. Simpson can afford a Birkin, they can afford a hairbrush. Nothing is wrong with dressing casual but I’m so tired of seeing people dressed like utter slobs. Especially those who have publicists and agents. She’s otherwise a pretty young lady.

    • Kat

      Seems to me like she was surprised with the bag at home, probably right when she woke up. Why would she need to be dressed when she’s at home?

      I actually prefer this approach than someone who would get all made up just to take a twitpic.


  • ReneeO

    She’s at home in her PJs, give her a break. No one wears makeup with their hair styled 24/7.

    • mimi

      I love Jessica’s accessories line (shoes especially) !! most of them are made by really nice materials, and they are pretty affordable too !!
      Is that a 40cm? it looks so big.
      Btw, do you think 35cm is too big on a 5’2″ ?

  • Bls

    It’s a bag like Any other. It’s prob. Something she always admired but would never purchase herself. And to each his own. No one tells you how to spend your $ so who are we to say she’s spending hers the wrong way. She gets what she likes (as do i) and that’s all that matters

  • OY

    I loved watching Newlyweds back in the day! I’m still sad that they broke up but hope they’re happy with their respective fiancés’!


    If you look back at Jessica’s handbag choices in the past, they’re rarely structured, simple handbags. They’re mostly slouchy handbags with a lot of detail to them. Perhaps she feels its time to own a handbag that’s timeless and classic.

  • dadang

    you spelled the title wrong :D

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Wow. Such strong opinions today. I so admire Jessica and her outstanding business career. Whether one would purchase her items is beside the point that she has be one successful for usi g HER BRAIN. Furthermore, as far as something being taken away because young stars are purchasing it is downright hilarious. Excuse me, millionaires…..

  • somethingbags

    why a birkin for her birthday? should’ve been something more special and meaningful especially because she can easily afford it and buy it any day

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    Everybody and their mother has a Hermes Birkin! These bags are no longer hard to get like they used to be…you know the exclusivity of seeing someone carrying the bags..sigh* Oh well..I’ve got next!

  • deejah

    I am laughing because he probably bought her birthday present with her money. YAYE

  • FallonLatrece

    I love the color! I don’t care if he bought it with her money, she made $700 million off her accessories line last year. She would be hard pressed to find a man who could match that.

  • Rashmi

    I love it….how much does that bag cost? I live in Canada and wanted to find out how much the tan with gold hardware would cost…need to start saving :)