When most people think of Hermes, they think of the coveted Birkin and Kelly, but the brand offers so many more bags. Sometimes when I want to go off to dream world, I dive into the Hermes website because it’s one of the best-designed and most fun and interactive sites any luxury retailer has put together. While playing on it today, I ran into an inviting look at the Hermes Berline Bag as a slew of them swayed from side to side while bells play in the background.

But enough about their website, let’s discuss the bag, shall we?

Some people might think the Berline Bag is brand new, but it first appeared for Fall 2011. The bag looks like a more casual and sporty version of the Hermes Jypsiere. The main difference from its sibling bag is the strap is shorter, so the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag with a smaller under-arm drop. Also, the front of the bag features an interesting and sporty quilted leather pattern. While every account I’ve read of people seeing this bag in person is positive, many say they had a hard time pulling the bag off. I would say majority of the reason is the short strap, because with a bag this shape it would be ideal to wear crossbody. The price is about $7,150 and the Berline comes in Swift leather (a smooth and durable leather).

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  • Wow! Almost $7200?? That’s insane! I have bought expensive bags in the past but wouldn’t this time!

  • Rashida

    I think it is unreasonable.

  • A

    I know many will disagree, but it looks a little…cheap. Definitely not in the Hermes range. Maybe contemporary, or maybe one of the pleather ‘inspired-by’ looks at a department store. Sorry Hermes lovers, it just isn’t my favorite.

    • It’s a very interesting look – I haven’t seen it in person yet, but I get what you’re saying!

  • Kathleen

    My Hermes SA, rolled her eyes and told me that the bag was not worth the price point. Imagine my surprise as I had commented that I liked it.

  • Musette

    I recently saw a bag at Target that looks similar to this, which is unfortunate, to say the least!

  • webaj

    I look like the bottom of a 1960s car seat to me and the strap is the seatbelt. I much prefer some of the other new bags like the Etribelt.

  • jessie

    My goodness, that is one ugly SCHOOL BAG! I rather get a Seatbelt Bag!

  • gpc

    I am at a loss for words…, but then again, all of their bags are over-hyped and over-priced…

  • bir

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WISHED HERMES WOULD NOT DO ! making the classic HW an icon and then milking it dry,by simply slapping it on any basic bag. the problem for me is that H does not have another iconic staple that has worked on bags the famous chaine de ancre has not worked out well on bags/clutches the classic H belongs on the constance bag and the belts and thats it!.
    so they make a piece of HW their MONOGRAM shall we say,problem about this is it slowly kills the classics that actually show off the HW beautifully and so……… we can see another indication of the fall of a grand house, one that i love but cant help feeling sorry for, since its lost in its own world. and even more lost is the design team behind all of the NEW H. collections……

  • Oliana – starbags.eu

    Hmm, sporty.. sure why not, after all Hermes stands for practical everyday bags. Ok, I’m in! I would choose the bluish grey one. What’s your favorite?

  • Gb

    This bag is gorgeous in person. Sadly the strap is very, very odd and it sits funny on the shoulder, perhaps they will rethink it!

  • Lili

    The bag its fun And young every 1 its u sing Oversize Bags that could be really heavy And uncomfortable , this could b your every day bag … And the quality it’s amazing Hermes didn’t go wrong with this 1 ….

  • Sly

    You can thank the current Creative Director Christophe Lemaire for this Hag of a bag. JPG would have never done anything like this.The Jypsiere is an absolutely spectacular bag.

  • Ella

    What sizes does it come in.